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Moxibustion revolution –Introduce Fire Dragon Therapy


Angela Ning Zhang

 Chinerchi clinic

1, what is Fire Dragon Therapy?

2, Fire Dragon therapy and Mosibustion similarity and difference

3, which health issues will be benefit from Fire Dragon therapy?

4, Success cases with photos

5, Secret of healing –improving the capillaries blood flow and the lymphatic system circulation

6, unique way to Practice Fire Dragon therapy technique in Chinerchi therapy

7, Fire Dragon therapy history and Morden time recognition

8, Fire Dragon therapy safety and professional training



  1. What is Fire Dragon Therapy

Fire Dragon Therapy is a development in moxibustion.

Therapy is to use wet towel with methylated spirit light up an open fire; in results provide effective heat to the patient’s body in short of period of time. This therapy can help remove dampness, water retention, and blood stagnation. It can also release muscle aches and pains to a certain degree.


       2. Fire Dragon therapy and Mosibustion similarity and difference

Similarity- use heat to treat healthy issues

TCM philosophy is to view the human body with yin and yang balance. The most health issues are related blood circulation blocked and the toxins over loaded, the vital organs function out of the balance.

The similarity of Fire Dragon therapy and Mosibustion they are both provide heat to warm up the body improving the blood flow at internal organs and allow body to heal.



The difference



Fire Dragon therapy





No odor


Odor stay with patient for long time


Treatment areas


Can treat big area of patient body


Only threat small area of the body


Time and labour


Take 15-20 mins


Take half one hour or one hour




  1. What health issues will be benefit from Fire Dragon therapy?

All health problems relate to microcirculation deficiency. Then toxin will be cumulate, using Fire Dragon Therapy can improve the microcirculation and remove stagnate toxins.

For most effective results:

Chronic frozen shoulder, shoulder and neck pain

Chronic diarrhea, digestive problems and weight loss.

 One of the most interesting, Fire Dragon Therapy can be very effective for extreme cases of diarrhea. Seems help regulate the large intestine's resorption of water immediately.

Chronic low back pain and various types of arthritis.

Chronic insomnia and headaches.

Some diseases with immune and metabolic disorders.

Fire Dragon therapy can help to improve the following health disorders:

1, Blood circulation issues, depression.

2, chronic muscle pain or muscle injury.

3, Skin and breath issues- asthma or exanthema

4, fear, panic attacks, kidney dysfunction- pass urine not flow and low sexual energy, female health problems such as menstrual cramps, irregular periods, and infertility.

5, bone deformation, joint inflammation, Post-menopause syndrome, vertigo, nerve inflammation (sciatic nerve, neurological disorders, etc.).  Wide range of humoral disorders.

Also, Fire Dragon therapy on abdominal as life centre can be important to maintain youthful energy, flatten tummy and reduce wrinkles.


  1. Success cases with photos.

1-967    2-660-90

         Before and after

The patient has chronic pain for 3 months not able to lift her left arm after a Chinerchi therapy with fire dragon therapy she is free from pain and can lift her arm.

11-19  22-609

         Before and after

The patient was allergy from massage oil for a month; she had lots of other therapies but no results. Chinerchi therapy combines with fire dragon therapy in her abdominal area. After 3 visits the skin was healed.


         Before and after

This patient has hair loss issue. Chinerchi therapy combine fire dragon therapy work on her abdominal and kidney, spleen meridians. After 6 sessions her chronic diarrheas disappeared and have quality of sleep. When the hair grow thick the patient was surprised and happy.


         Before and after

The patient has chronic digestive and sleeping issues also sore legs. After 3 months with 12 Chinerchi therapies combine fire dragon therapy. All of her health issues have great improvement and her appearance has changed dramatically.

More cases study


  1. Secret of healing –removing blockage from capillaries and lymph circulation

TCM philosophy is work at acupuncture points and meridians from skin level, to improving blood and chi flow.

I find an easy language to help patients to understand TCM and to be positively cooperating with treatments:

From western medicine point of view: All chronic diseases are internal vital organs dysfunction relating to microcirculatory and lymphatic circulation insufficiency.

The human body circulatory system that includes:

The cardiovascular system (blood circulation) and the lymphatic system (lymphatic circulation). The lymphatic circulation is an auxiliary part of the blood circulation.

 The lymphatic system is a one-way traffic that assists body fluids return into the circulatory system. It absorbs the tissue fluid to form lymph fluid. Finally assembles into left and right lymphatic vessel openings in the vein.

For all health issues, the most common symptoms: body inflammation and the water retention.  The language of TCM is cold and damp. It can oppress organs and forms a vicious circle.

Most important key for healing is to improving circulation, reduce water retention and restore good health.

The fire dragon therapy heats the body surface to promote the microcirculation. influence  the whole body blood flow and lymphatic circulation , when the water retention removed , body can effectively eliminating cold, reducing inflammation, swelling, burning fat, relieve pain and fatigue,

During process allow the nutrition and oxygen to deliver to the body cells and can repair the vital organs, and has immediate benefit.


  1. unique way to Practice Fire dragon therapy technique in Chinerchi therapy

Chinerchi fire dragon therapy is different from others; it has integrated into a therapeutic technology system. It plays a role in coordinating and strengthening other therapies.

Chinerchi therapy is developed by Angela Ning Zhang. Chinerchi is a comprehensive Chinese physical therapy. It is including electro-acupuncture, fire dragon therapy, plum blossom needle and detox cupping four techniques. This therapy use TCM philosophy as guide line and noun intrusive. It has been well received by many westerner patients.

  1. Fire Dragon therapy history and Morden time recognition

Fire Dragon therapy was originated in Tibet.

In the 8th century AD, the famous Tibetan medicine practitioners co-edited the “Dept of 4 Medical Codes,” which wrote the chapter “The Essentials of Fire Moxibustion” and record fire therapy in detail.

Fire therapy was popular in the palace of the Buddhist Institute and serves the nobles and upper lamas. It has become an important part of Tibetan medicine.

At Tang Dynasty, (AD 618-907 ) about 1,100 years ago.The emperor Tang wish to make peace with Tibet, send Princess Wen Cheng to married a Tibetan leader “Songzan”

“Tibetan Imperial Fire Therapy” method was introduced Central china and once flourished at the Tang Dynasty

Sometimes late a war starts between Tibet and china. China government has banned many Tibetan cultures in Tang were and include “Tibetan Imperial Fire Therapy” than can only find a few words from the vast literature. Due to historical reasons, they were not popularized again.

About 50 years ago, China into a new revolution and economy has fast growth; many of traditional culture have been recognized. Last 20 years Tibetan culture has entered the hall of modern civilization, and “Tibetan Imperial Fire Therapy” has entered the central china and moved toward the world.

But till now Fire Dragon therapy was most practiced in health care service use as relaxation technique. In Chinerchi therapy we are use as treat serious health issues and have very effective results. Also was well received by patients and recognised by the public.


Fire Dragon therapy was appeared at NZ herald

Summer Herald: A mild learning sensation   5 Jan, 2015

Angela Ning Zhang uses fire therapy on Steve Deane. Photo / Greg Bowker

Also at medical journal-medical daily

Man On Fire: Chinese 'Fire Therapy' Sets Patients Up In Flames To Cure Chronic Illness, But Is It Safe?        

Jul 8, 2014



  1. Fire Dragon therapy safety and professional training

Chinerchi therapy combine with Fire Dragon therapy has been practice for last more than 10 years .That has been proved are safe for patients and practitioner. It is because we have a well-developed working procedures

Chinerchi has a well-designed training course and raising the level of these skills from ordinary health care workers use as relaxation techniques to a professional Acupuncturist use as treat serious health issues.



8, Fire Dragon therapy history and Morden time practice

9, Fire Dragon therapy safety and professional training