Chinese Style Physio Therapy - Acupuncture without Needles
Combining Fire Dragon Therapy & Detox Cupping to Achieve Effective Result  

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Chinerchi therapy is one of the best natural therapies and can help you to find the cause of your health issues and treat the cause without medication. We will restore your health naturally and effectively.

Chinerchi combines ancient Chinese medicine wisdom to work on your body's energy channels. By using
traditional and modern technology we empower your internal organs to heal themselves.
Why healing can be simple

A healthy body is one where energy flows. There are only 2 reasons for disease in the body: energy level and toxicity. Therefore there are 3 keys in healing: improve the energy level, detox; and treat the whole body

Finding The Cause
We use the ancient chinese face-map reading to analyse the health of your body. Each of your 5 major organs has a window on your face. Your eyes, nose, ears, lips and tongue tell the story of the functioning state of your internal organs.


Chinerchi Technique

We use hands on physical treatments, with no oral supplements. Treatments include Electric acupuncture, Fire Therapy and detox cupping. We also offer Advanced Implant Acupuncture and Liver Detox.


Treating The Cause

Your external body health symptoms indicate any damage existing with your internal organs which, in turn, indicates any
 body health issues. Our treatments restore the energy levels of your Heart, Lungs, Spleen Liver and Kidneys and help them to function at their best.
Healing without Medication by Acupuncture, Cupping, Detox and Other Natural Healing Treatments
Do you have chronic health issues? Are you tired of medication? Do you have serious health issues facing a surgery or radiation?  Do you have complicated health issues whereby you have tried all kinds of therapy, with no satisfactory results? 

Chinerchi therapy could be your answer! Read the testimonials and watch the videos. 

We are unique from other natural therapy techniques: no supplements, nothing to orally take.
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Chronic digestion issues
Chronic digestion issues
Chronic Headaches
Sports Injury
Frozen Shoulder
Sleeping disorder and depression
Achilles' tendon injuries
Sore back
Shoulder anxiety digestion issues
Knee injury
Muscle and Back Pain
Asthma and Arthritis
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