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Chinerchi Therapy Philosophy is that there are just two reasons for all diseases:
  1. Natural energy is depleted, and
  2. There is a toxin overload


Treatments I offer a range of Treatments under three main techniques:
  1. Energy Treatment (Electronic Acupuncture, Fire Dragon Therapy, Detox Cupping)
  2. Implant Acupuncture (Reduce chronic pain, anti-aging)
  3. Body Detox (Colon Cleanse, Liver Detox)
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Health Analysis


Your face is a mirror of your health.

Your body has a map and your face is part of the map.
The Chinese ancestors discovered the human body has 14 meridians and 365 acupuncture points and the life energy flows between them and connects to 5 vital organs. The heart, the lungs, the spleen, the liver and the kidneys. Each of these vital organs have a window open in the face. Eyes are the window of liver, lips are the window of the spleen (stomach), the tongue is window of the heart, the nose is window of the lungs, and the ears are the window of the kidney.
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Chinerchi Diet


1. Principals of Healthy food
2. Chinerchi Eating Program
3. Chinerchi Receipt
4. One Meal a day food plan

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Angela's Articles

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Read inspiring stories to make you think about your health. Angela talks about how your posture connects to your inner organs, how making social connections can add strength to your lung energy, and many more articles to get you thinking about your health.

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Work shop for Health Professional Practioner

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1) Chinese Face map reading for health analysis
2) CET Emotional balance
3) Traditional Chinese Detox Cupping

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