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Winter has the most harsh weather of the year
Autumn season is knocking the door
Malaysia Airlines loses contact with plane en route to Beijing with 239 aboard

Please join us in the celebration of the Chinese New Year-year, the year of the horse

"I can’t get over my cold, because I feel lonely!"

Being Hungry Makes You Healthy: One Meal a Day and You'll Look 20 Years Younger!

Wellbeing information - Why flu injection can harm your health

Angelina’s misleading cancer prevention-- Removing breast to prevent breast cancer is a negative option

Rainbow, sun light and chakra connection

Be smart, adaptable in year of snake

Good attitude and organs health

Introduce a green, natural way of beauty treatment - facial implant acupuncture

The Ecosystem and Christmas love

New clinic-Ning Haven

Chinese Energy Therapy Philosophy

Cosmetic Acupuncture or Face Lift Acupuncture

Make social connection to add strength to your lung energy

Your posture connects to your inner organs dialogue

Shocking Truth--Unbalanced Kiwi: high achiever in sports. Poor in health.

'Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. 'What lessons I learned from Stephen Hawking

Hug and touch can improve your emotional balance and liver health---My dog "Honey" story

Winter has the most harsh weather of the year
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Winter has the most harsh weather of the year. In Ancient Chinese medicine, the winter season is the special time when you need to take care of your kidneys.

Do you know what the most common health mistakes you can make are in your everyday winter life?  Do you know that a few simple tips can protect your kidneys? Keep on reading, because the answer could surprise you.

We are also going to share a most advanced natural anti-aging therapy: facial implant acupuncture. We’ll describe the amazing results and explain to you how it works.

Autumn season is knocking the door

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Autumn season is knocking the door; the air is become fresher and cooler. In Chinese medicine maintain your health at autumn need protect your lung energy. In this Newsletter I will share the tips how to check the level of your lung energy and how to improve your lung functions.

If you have a cyst grown in your body, surgery is an only solution? Read Berne’s case study, you will be inspired!


Malaysia Airlines loses contact with plane en route to Beijing with 239 aboard


We deeply feel sad with Malaysia Boeing 777 jetliner with 239 people on board that went missing last Saturday 8-march 2014. It has been nearly a week of searching and authorities are still in the dark. My thought goes to the family and friends of missing people.

This kind of unexpected disaster can alarmingly help us to value what we have today.

Love yourself, your family, and your friends.   Our prayers wills be with them, best wishes to the best outcome.

This newsletter is worth your reading.Do you like to know why you easy get allergy and how to heal? If you have muscle injury what internal organs could relating to healing?

Find out answer, please read on……

Please join us in the celebration of the Chinese New Year-year, the year of the horse

The New Year's Day is 30-Jan -2014, the celebration ends on 14-Feb with the Chinese lantern festival. This year they accidentally share the same date of Valentine's Day. That is so special because it can only happen once in many years. This also indicates that the west and east cultures will share more in common in the future.

In Chinese culture the horse is symbolic of elegance, power, energy, stability and perseverance, because the horse is a grounding energy, structure and plotting a path in order to reach a destination, or accomplish a task. Also symbolizes personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom.

Best wishes to all Chinerchi friends: may you carry the energy of the year of horse; connect to your own the spirit, moving forward to your destination. Achieve good health and happiness.

"I can’t get over my cold, because I feel lonely!"

get over cold

In Chinese medicine, the human is a 3 dimensional creature: mind, body and spirit. With every physical pain, behind it is an emotional energy block. Behind every emotional block is an injured spirit.
A good healer when facing a patient with health issues is able to see what emotional issues could be related and help patient to recognize and remove them.
Ruby is a beautiful young lady, a second year university student. She is going to be a teacher. The reason Ruby came to visit the clinic was because she was tired of being sick for the whole winter season. Ruby constantly had a blocked nose, sore throat, cough, and felt tired all the time.
Ruby told me: I try doing all the right things. I am vegetarian, I eat healthy, I meditate, I exercise regularly. I can’t understand why I’m sick. I have tried a few natural therapies but nothing really works.
I have checked the list of her food: mainly she eats raw foods. When you catch a cold, it indicates that your lungs have been attacked by cold energy. Your body needs to generate heat to remove the cold. Keeping warm is very important, and she is dressed in smart fashion but not warm enough to heal herself. Ruby agrees to my suggestion and is happy to make a change.
After two weeks of treatments Ruby tells me: for the first time I feel stronger and I get over my cold. I feel happy for her too.
However, at the third weekly visit, Ruby comes with a bad cold again: running nose, bad cough and unhappy.
I ask her about her food and clothes. Did she change anything? She said: I did everything you told me to do!
My next question: did anything make you feel unhappy emotionally?
Ruby said yes, I had a phone call from my ex-boyfriend last night, and after talking to him I feel sad.
I asked Ruby if she wants to go back to him. She said no, but I still feel lonely by myself.
Now I have discovered the answer to Ruby's poor health!
In Chinese medicine, the emotional energy of the lungs relates to your connection with your environment. If you feel lonely, the emotional energy will be drained and the lungs will be weakened -  this is why you get a cold for so long and even after getting better, you get a cold again.
Ruby asks me, how can I not feel lonely when I'm alone?
The most important connection in life is to connect to your own spirit, your own strength. From this place you are capable of connecting with the outside world.
I tell Ruby to do some homework for me: write down the best 10 qualities of her character. It’s an exercise that will help you see yourself as lovable, worthy, and capable of achieving your dreams. The next day ruby sent me an email with her 30 best qualities and a plan for how to achieve her dreams. I was inspired and very impressed.
A week later Ruby tells me that she does not feel lonely anymore and her cold is totally gone.
I ask Ruby, can you tell me how you got over the loneliness?
Ruby told me: I just decided not to feel lonely. I was not valuing myself and was hungry for emotional love from outside of myself, like looking for an apple from an empty table, now I found I have plenty of apples in my own pocket! 


Fruit apple

The last homework Ruby did with me is she has written down why she can accept her situation as a single women

I am happy because I am finally doing what I want to do, I am studying something that interests me and I have a clear direction of what I want to do with my life. I can focus on myself and enjoy doing the things I want to do. I have realised that this life is completely in my control, and I have the power to do whatever makes me happy. I should not let my happiness be under the control of someone who is not me! From now on I am going to remember that I am the one in charge of my life and my happiness, and what is most important in my life is me!

Ruby has gotten over her loneliness and made a healthy connection to herself. The long cold is over. She is in a new chapter of her journey. I get inspired by her and I feel I am more connected with her and myself too.

Being Hungry Makes You Healthy: One Meal a Day and You'll Look 20 Years Younger!

Do you think eating 3 meals a day can help you stay healthy? Now a Japanese doctor has a new discovery of what is the best way of eating. When I read Dr Yoshinori Nagumo’s story and his book, I was having a click: yes!
Famous Japanese Dr Yoshinori Nagumo.  Who is specialist surgeon in breast cancer, is 57 years old but looks 30.

Here is the photo comparison
Left: when he was 37 years old - weight is 77KG
Right: when he was 57 years old - weight is 62KG
Blood vessel age of 26
Bone age of 28
Brain age of 38

What is his secret? Eat only one meal a day.

Dr Nagumo, through research and study, discovered human health issues often relate to over-eating.
Many tens of thousands years ago, humans often had to survive with little or no food. The body has the ability to a use small amount of food efficiently; to absorb nutrients, provide fuel and create fat for stored energy.

Over the last 100 years much more food has become available. Most people over-eat and many diseases have their root in this.

How much food is the right amount? That which leaves you feeling light, energetic, and comfortable. If, after eating a meal, you feel sleepy and tired then you are most likely eating more than your body needs and the food has become toxic.

One meal a day means having the main meal at lunch time. Dr Yoshinori Nagumo has been practising for last 12 years and transformed his health. In recent years he has written a few best-selling books about this subject.

Title of this book: Eat only one meal a day. Being Hungry Makes You Healthy.

If you like know more here is the author's homepage and blog

Maybe you’re thinking: what happens to my body if I get hungry? During the fasting state the body can activate the vitality of the cells and genes. It will start running a scan in through its 50 trillion cells and repair damaged body parts or damaged genes. This process will consistently renew the body and cultivate longevity rejuvenation.

One meal a day implies having main meal at lunch time, when the digestion is at its strongest. If you feel hunger you can add fruit, snacks, etc., so it should not be too difficult to implement.
The benefit of one meal a day:

  1. Activates cells to repair damaged body parts
  2. Easier to develop lean body mass and maintain appropriate body weight
  3. Activates vitality of genes to reverse aging and help skin progressively grow younger

After a few days in this program you will began an inner health transformation:
Body odour disappears, the skin becomes smoother, a thinner physique emerges, the abdomen firms up, and the mind begins rejuvenating!
You need 52 consecutive days to finish your first course: the cells of the body fully restored, a new look from the inside out! You will have true experience of anti-aging! You will feel better and younger than you actually are, your body only needs the right food in one meal a day. Don’t waste money, food and energy to poison yourself.
I truly believe Dr Nagumo’s teaching. I have already put into to my daily life practise and I feel better. (Click here to see my one meal a day food menus) I will design more eating programs and food plans to share with people who are interested in joining this new idea of eating. There will be more information on this in the next newsletter.


Wellbeing information - Why flu injection can harm your health

inserted image

Did you have a flu injection yet? Have you done any research about it?

Here, some of my research could open your eyes.

10 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than Flu! (Click here to read more)

Ten reasons you should think twice before getting a flu vaccine (Click here to read more)

The intention behind the flu vaccine is that by injecting a small amount of the virus into the bloodstream, the body's immune system can learn how to defend against it.

The problem is that whether or not you get the flu is dependent on the strength of your immune systems. Good blood circulation supports your immune systems. A flu injection could cool your blood circulation and drain your energy, making you more fragile.

For example, in summer it is easy to get food poisoning - provided you eat some rotten food first. Maybe in future we will hear that in summer everyone needs a food poisoning shot...

Modern medical science only has been become the authority in the last 100 years. But still how to treat human disease continues to be a mystery.

After decades of work and learning, I believe that what truly empowers healing is to strengthen the immune system and not depend on anything outside of one's own body - these can often be just superficial treatments.


Angelina’s misleading cancer prevention-- Removing breast to prevent breast cancer is a negative option.


Angelina has been on the news for having her breasts removed to prevent breast cancer. She looks like a hero - so courageous, wants to stay healthy for her family, willing to remove perfect healthy body parts.  This action not only affects to her own health, but has set an example that will negatively impact many young women.

If surgery removes a healthy body part, this can prevent cancer. The next question will be:

if you have a brain tumour in your family, do you remove the brain?

if you have a stomach, liver, lung or kidney cancer in your family, are you willing to remove any of these vital organs?

If many young women believe and follow Angelina’s example, hospitals will be busy removing many healthy peoples’ body parts! Having surgery performed on oneself can produce many future health issues.

In Chinese medicine, the body is a sacred vessel which holds our energy from birth. If you open it, you will lose some. That can have negative impacts on your health, on your immune system - even cutting your life short.

From the Chinese medical point of view, cancer stems from a blockage in the patient’s energy flow, a weakened immune system and a body over-loaded with toxins. Cancer cells grow easily in a toxic environment.

Today’s world is an information age. We are confronted with differing health information every day and everywhere. People like Angelina are in a powerful position to influence but her actions are misleading the public.
I often hear patients say:


“There are all these different experts with conflicting opinions. I don’t know what to believe. Who is right?”
I would like to share two simple principles to clarify the answer:

  1. Choose a treatment which gives you energy and has a positive impact on your immune system. Help your body become stronger naturally
  2. The treatment should benefit the whole body. Not be good to one part and bad to the other part!
Regardless of your genetic disposition, many diseases can cut your life short if you choose an unhealthy life style - not only cancer.
This is a major issue of contention regarding the treatment of cancer between allopathic, western-style medicine and holistic, natural healing.
Drastic and invasive procedures - such as Angelina’s double mastectomy - are a relatively recent development in humanity’s quest to be free from disease. Removing a healthy body part does not guarantee you will be free from cancer.
The key point to heal or prevent cancer is to stimulate the body’s energy flow and support the immune system. As the body becomes stronger it can detox itself naturally.
If you have any friends thinking of follow Angelina’s example, consider passing on this article to help them.

Rainbow, sun light and chakra connection


Angela under the perfect rain bow with sun light at the solar plexus chakra.

This photo was taken from the deck of my home on the 24th of April 2013. After a long night of heavy rain the sun came out and a perfect beautiful half circle rainbow appeared in the sky. A friend took this amazing photo for me. Another interesting effect is at my third chakra. The solar plexus area has a square shaped beam of bright sun light.

I don't really understand what symbolic meaning is behind this. I don't have any Religious belief, but I believe in the universal energy connection and I always believe in miracles. These extraordinary phenomena have a special meaning for me. I always love my work, my life and am proud to be myself. This picture is a sign that helps me to recognize that I'm on the right path.


The rainbow is from heaven and sun light is the universal force connected to my chakra. I'm part of the great creation and have been guided to be here to serve humanity.


Be smart, adaptable in year of snake

inserted image

Chinese New Years day will be the 10th Feb 2013 and it is the year of snake. In Chinese culture, the snake has another name, small dragon. By nature the small dragon, like a snake, can live in both water and on land. The snake's symbolic meaning: charming, smart, adaptable, changeable, longevity, prosperity. After the few years of global economic down turn, this year could be a pivotal point for recovery and growth. I wish you all the best in health and happiness with yourselves and your families in year of snake.

Only one week before Christmas, my 10 year old Fisher & Paykel washing machine broke down. Being well informed knowledge and as we're kiwi we know Fisher & Paykel is one of the worlds best brands. It is easy to service and so, almost without thinking, I decided to buy another Fisher & Paykel.

inserted image

One of my friend recommend I should buy "Bosch". I said : "why? I thought is Fisher & Paykel is one of the world best and easy to get service."

" I can insure you. After your experience using "Bosch". You will love it.They wash so clean like hand job done."

Next day I got my "Bosch" and I love it . This machine only connects to cold water, during the wash process water becomes warm. It uses much less wash powder and produces a very clean result, really like being hand washed. Also when the wash is finished, the spin is not too hard and doesn't leave bad wrinkles in your clothes.

Bosch now is my new friend. I love the company's consistent policy of innovation and quality, the principle of sustainability, and thus to the responsible handling of natural resources.

I am impressed. I have had this wonderful experience only because I am open to listening to my friend and open to trying new products and services.

My life and work has been greatly improved by welcoming and accepting the "Bosch"! I sense the smart and adaptable character in myself. I have taken my first steps in to year of snake!

Year 2013 will be offering all of you a rich experience in growth, excitement and fun! Best wishes for prosperity and abundance of life.

Good attitude and organs health

This is the special season of giving and sharing. Loving and forgiving. Do you realize when doing this kind of holiday things that can be good for your health?

In Chinese medicine every attitude is energy can relating to different organs

Heart energy is love and sharing

Lung energy is connection

Stomach energy is respect

Liver energy is tolerance and forgiveness

Kidney energy is faith and courage.

(If you like to learn more about emotional health how relating to your organs click here)

I wish you all in good attitude can energizing your organs and stay in excellent health

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


Introduce a green, natural way of beauty treatment - facial implant acupuncture

inserted image17/10/2012 key notes speaker

inserted image19/10/2012 nominated to be a implant acupuncture association Council executive director

16-18th October I attended implant acupuncture national conference and was a key note speaker. My topic was "how to reduce pain of implant acupuncture, and delivery best results" .That was well received . Many colleges ask the conference Council if they can use my material for training. By end of conference I was nominated to be a implant acupuncture association Council executive director.

The biggest benefit for me to attending the meeting is meeting a lady Chinese eye surgeon Zhang jinxia and discover her techniques - Use new generation implant acupuncture techniques to reduce wrinkles.

inserted imageAfter treatement,17/10/2012, Wuhan City, China

This is a green, natural way of beauty therapy.

Over 50 years of practice. Implant acupuncture have two stages of revolutions. Stage one: the needles become more sophisticated and keep improve the sharpness and thinness, to reduce the pain of during the procedural.

Stage two: the protein threats become more dissolvable and closer to the human body natural state. That helps to reduce pain after the procedure.

I have two treatments by Dr Zhang jinxia in one month 18th October 28th October. Here are the results.

Review of the treatments

When we start to see ageing sign: the facial tissue loose collagen, skin become loose. Implant acupuncture can improve blood flow offer more nutrias to face also protein threats can be help to building new collagen.

inserted image

Before After

My facial tissues start saggy, particularly around the mouth area. make the facial shape looks square and hard . After treatments face shape lifts up & looks tight and fresh.

If you are interesting to have this new therapy clinic here see special offer.

Hug and touch can improve your emotional balance and liver health---My dog "Honey" story

inserted image
I adopted Honey last year in April. She is a pure bread of Maltese only two years old. Beautiful, full of energy, friendly. I love her dearly but I found Honey had not been toiled trained. She went to the toilet inside my lounge, my bedroom and my office. I tried many ways to train her, but nothing worked.
I find she has a restless nature. You can't give her a hug for very long, only one or two minutes. I decided to calm her down by giving her lots of hugs, and when I am meditating or working at the computer she sits next to me. Gradually Honey became calmer, more intelligent, engaging and understanding. Lately I realized Honey has stopped going to the toilet inside the house and she is understanding my commands to pee in the garden.
What works? Lot of hugs!
Hugs help to connect with our emotions. They also can develop a sense of connection beyond language. If you can give more hugs and receive more hugs it will build connection to yourself and other people.


'Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. 'What lessons I learned from Stephen Hawking


The London Paralympics games closed on 9 Sept-2012. The most inspirational moment for me is to watch Stephen Hawking sit in his wheelchair, through computer based synthesiser voice made of opening speech: Recognise that 'there ought to be something very special about the boundary conditions of the universe, and what can be more special than that there is no boundary... and there should be no boundary to human endeavour!'

Stephen Hawking is a living example for going beyond boundaries. By age 21 he has debilitating motor neurone disease and doctors thought he would die in two years. But now he just celebrated his 70th birthday. He has been in a wheelchair since he was 21 and also lost his voice in 1985. These limitations didn't stop him to become one of the greatest scientists' in the 21 century and to have extraordinary life experiences. His has discovered an understanding of universe energy movement which goes beyond Newton and Einstein. His unique achievement has rewritten the history book of physics.

inserted image

Even In 2007, he took a zero-gravity flight which he experienced weightlessness eight times, and he wrote books, starred on TV also became a host for the Paralympics game ceremony.

inserted image

29-august -2012 speech at Paralympics game ceremony

Every person in the planet has problems -health, finance, relationships. These problems can become boundaries to stop us from moving forwards.

Stephen Hawking advice to us: "'Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Be curious". . Stephen Hawking's message is: the universe has no boundaries. The only boundaries are in human mind. London organizing committee chair Sebastian Coe said: "Sport is about what you can do, what you can achieve, the limits you can reach, the barriers you can break." inside every of us, all have a super hero spirit, we want to go beyond the limits, have a desire and want to live your live with fulfilments to discover the potential of yourself. Use your power of imagination, go ahead to live a great life!

Shocking Truth
Unbalanced Kiwi: high achiever in sports. Poor in health.
inserted imageBeach Haven Wharf
Weather starts to warm up and winter is ending. But we are emotionally hot with the Olympic Games moving on. New Zealand won its 100th medal at the Olympics on 10th August 2012. We have won 14 medals to date.
inserted image
We are a small country in size and population but we are big in sports. By population, we are the third highest country in Olympic medals. Top five: Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Slovenia and Denmark. We among the most sporty people in the world.

The original reason we play sport is to improve our health. While we celebrate this sporting success, are you aware that kiwis have the poorest health rating in many areas.

Here are some contradictory information the may shock you.
1.New Zealand has the second-highest prevalence of asthma in the world (after the UK) {click here read more}

2.The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) 2011 reveals New Zealand is fourth in the world in rate of cancer. NZ has about 309 people diagnosed with cancer annually for every 100,000 people. (Click here read more)

3.New Zealand women had the second-highest rates of cancer in the world (click here read more)

4.OECD data shows New Zealand has the third-highest rates of obesity in the world at 27 percent of the population(Click here read more)

5.Kiwis among the worst for rates of depression. Among the 10 high-income countries included, New Zealanders ranked second for people experiencing a major depressive episode in the 12 months before the survey and fourth for people having suffered a depressive episode in their lifetime. (Click here read more)

6.NZ one of the laziest, fattest nations in the world. Research published 9/07/2012 in the medical journal The Lancet rated physical inactivity by country, and placed New Zealand 27th on a list of 122 countries. We having higher levels of obesity and alcohol consumption, and lower levels of physical activity, with nearly 50% of the population not active enough, according to a new study (click here read more).

7.New Zealand has one of the highest proportions of ecstasy and amphetamine abusers in the world a United Nations survey has found. The global survey, said New Zealand and Australia were second only to Thailand on methamphetamine abuse.(click here read more)

8.Young New Zealand women have the highest rate of suicide in the OECD although suicide rates, figures released August 17, 2011 by the Mental Health Commission show that Kiwi women aged 15-24 top the list, followed by Japan and Finland. (Click here read more)

When I am sitting here tapping down these figures I feel a chill up my spine. These pictures seem too dark, too cold. Can that be real? All this information comes from The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World United Nations survey. Most of this information has been announced on TV and in the NZ Herald.

I work in the natural health field. My life-time mission and responsibility is to heal people from disease to health and happiness. The first step of healing is to educate people to be aware of these health issues. Then anyone can decide to make a plan, to take action and to make a shift.

What is Olympic spirit? Athletes challenge the human body's limits, they keep pushing the boundaries and raising the bars, to develop and discover the strength and potential of the human body. Whether athletes win an Olympic medal or not, simply by getting involved they are super heroes. We enjoy watching the exciting moment, because we share the sense of adventure, we appreciated behind the glory is hard work. We are spiritually inspired.
How can we adapt the Olympic spirit to our daily lives? To build a nation that is balanced in sports achievement and in health. We are all part of this big dream and vision. Every person should take care of their own health. "I"need to take care of myself.

Here is my suggestion:
1.Make a plan, be active in your daily lives.
2.Get a health analysis at Chinerchi Clinic. Be aware of your own health state, get treated before you get sick. (click here )
3.Attend a Chinerchi self healing workshop and learn a few simple Chinese ancient healing techniques to heal yourself and others. (Click here)
I am looking forward to seeing you all at Chinerchi Clinic and Chinerchi self healing workshops!

Your posture connects to your inner organs dialogue
24th May 212

bad posture

If you walk along the street and look around you easily see about 90 % of people have bad posture. They do not stand straight. Are you one of them? What is the reason for you not standing straight?  Do you think they have health issues or they have attitude issues toward themselves? May be both?

Bad posture is bad for your health. When you close your chest, your heart and lungs can't be opened to breathe. When you hold your head down, the blood takes longer to reach your brain and to supply the oxygen. Bad posture also weakens your muscles and pressures your cartilage, and does damage to your natural body shape and function.

In Chinese medicine every organs the physical and emotional function as one.

Your posture is a mirror of your inner organs dialogue

Good posture from strong bones- kidney energy- identity. Self-assurance.

Strong muscles - stomach - self respect and acceptance.

Open chest - lung - expresses your individuality and connection with the environment, also heart - self-love and knowledge of the direction of your life.

Stillness and flexibility -Liver - free to express emotions and serenity.


The lung meridians run from chest to index finger

      The lung Meridians

When you close your chest you put pressure on your lungs you have issues with breath and expressing your individuality. 

The governor meridians are supported by kidney energy. They run from your neck to your tail bone.


The bladder meridians    The governor meridians    

When you bend your back, all your spine and Spinal Cord are under pressure and get squeezed. That does damage to your sense of identity.

You may ask a question: Do I have negative inner organ dialogue first or do I have bad posture first? The answer will be in this planet - do we have egg or chicken first?

You have the power to change your inner organ dialogue and to improve your posture with the best health you deserve to have. If you want to learn more about your inner organ language come to Chinerchi Self healing workshop  or book an appointment on Skype. Have a one to one session.


Make social connection to add strength to  your lung energy.

30th April 2012

In Chinese medicine autumn is the season to take special care of your lungs.

At autumn the weather changes from warm to cold. Many people easily get flu or cold or other breathing problems, because the body is not able to make the adjustments.


Who are the most vulnerable people to catch the flu or cold? The answer is the people who have weakened immune systems. Why do these people have lower immune system? What can we do to strength the immune system and lungs?

In western medical education the answer will be: exercise, healthy diet, good rest, vitamins. All these are good ideas, but something important is missing. Because people who go to the same gym, eat the same food, work at the same office and result could be different, some of them get flu and cold and others not.


How can this happen? What is the real secret to strengthen your immune system and lungs?

In Chinese medicine all of your organs have physical and emotional functions at the  same time .the Lung energy represents your individuality, make the connection to the universe and your social environment.

If you don't feel connected with your environment and you can't speak your own voice, you will feel depressed and lonely, that can lower your immune system.


At Saturday Apr 14, 2012 NZ herald published a interesting article "Eat with friends and live longer"

"A Long-term survey of nearly 1000 seniors by University of Auckland researchers has also revealed Maori who keep close to their culture enjoy a higher quality of life. Elderly people who eat with company and hold better memory is likely to live longer. (Click here read more)

Look at the people around you, who never get a flu or cold, they are normally well grounded and connected with themselves and others.

"When you're always trying to conform to the norm, you lose your uniqueness, which can be the foundation for your greatness." Speak your voice and make connection. You will have healthy lung energy.

If you haven't realized that making more in-depth social connection can strength your immune system and your lungs energy, try it now and see the benefit.


Chinerchi self healing workshop teaches you how to talk to your inner organs to empower your health.( click here find out more)


The Ecosystem and Christmas love

20 Dec 2011

Christmas is time to give, to love and to celebrate life. No matter what your belief system is, you will take this opportunity to do Christmas thing.

What is the reason behind the season? I have a new discovery: from reading books about energy and finding this amazing model of Ecosphere. I was deeply moved by the miracle of how natural law works.

This glass globe is a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world. With two shrimps, algae, filtered sea water and a spring of gorgonian the non-living, branch like material hermetically sealed inside. The plants make oxygen only when there is light. When it is dark, the animals, the bacteria and the plants all consume oxygen while none is being produced. Oxygen is stored in the EcoSphere in the air and in the water during the day. The shrimp eat whatever they can find in the EcoSphere, feeding on the algae and picking bacteria off the walls of the sphere.

If you put shrimps alone in a sealed glass, he will die. If you put the sea weed alone in the sealed glass, they will die too. Because these two species live together, they are providing food and oxygen for each other and they both receive light from Mother Nature. In difficult living conditions the net work can help them both to stay alive!

In the modern daily life we are often too much focused on independence privacy, individuality. We enlarge our own personal importance and build boundaries for ourselves. We can easily forget how much we are relying on each other and how much we have been receiving from others. That can make us selfish.

By looking at this beautiful model of Ecosphere, I am not only learning the wonders of science, but also the essence of spirituality. The planet earth is a big Ecosphere system. Unconsciously humans, nature, plant and animals all share to stay alive. We are deeply connected. Selfishness can not help us to survive on the planet.

Also from healing point of view: the whole body is also an Ecosphere system. The heart, lungs, liver, spleen and kidney never function independently to function well. They are interrelated.

You can not have a sick heart with healthy digestion; have arthritis with a healthy liver. The liver energy supports the heart. The heart energy supports the stomach and the lungs energy supports Kidneys, kidneys energy supports the liver. 

Deepak Chopra said: what is love? That is consciousness of the wholeness.

If you care for your own future, show gratitude to the people who have been providing for you.

If you care for your quality of life, take care of your whole health. Be conscious of what you eat or do to raise your energy and what to eat and do that depletes your energy. 

Christmas is the time to remember: we are in one Ecosphere system. Connection and love is in very deep of our nature. Heal yourself and others.


New clinic-Ning Haven

1 Apr 2011

           House Name: Ning Haven


            House warming party

On 19th March Saturday afternoon Chinerchi Clinic  invited all trades men  and some old friends to have a celebration party for the new beginning and also to say thank you for all   the people involved in making the clinic function in the new place. Chinerchi Clinic at 86 Hadfield St also has a house name- "Ning Haven" which was announced at that time.


To explain the meaning of the House name:

Ning Is Angela's Chinese name, meaning 'peace' in Chinese language

The Chinese characters depicting Ning Haven are made up of four picture: the roof of the house, heart to love, pot to cook food and have people around. All these four elements make peace in our lives.

Haven means a place to rest and retreat. We are located in Beach Haven. Chinerchi house name has a Chinese spirit with kiwi flavour.


Chinese Energy Therapy Philosophy



All health problems has two things in common:


The body has no energy to effectively function and is overloaded with toxins.


3 keys in healing: energy, detox, and the treatment of the whole body.


No health problems are incurable, because the health problems = energy blockage and toxins.


If the energy is flowing and the toxins are removed, it is to heal any difficult disease.


Every person will have unbalanced energy in some part of their body, and could accumulate a certain level of toxins.


Chinese Energy therapy can help people with chronic health problems, also it can help you improve your health and youthful appearance and maintain your wellness and longevity.


You are never too healthy, too beautiful, too energetic, too young, to have Chinese energy therapy, regardless of your current health condition or age.

You will benefit from Chinese energy therapy.


When you experience this therapy, you know this is the best gift you can give to yourself or some one you love. Try it!


Any question, click here to ask Angela

Cosmetic Acupuncture or Face Lift Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical healing art that has been practiced for 3000 years.
The secret of acupuncture is to help the body energy flow and to remove all toxins so that the body can function well.
In today’s world, keeping a youthful appearance, maintaining longevity and good health is a common desire shared by a growing number of people developing their awareness of healthy well being.
Many cosmetic surgical procedures and injections, and skincare and cosmeceutical creams have sought to provide services to meet this market. However, there is an increasing concern about the unnatural nature of these procedures and the longterm effects of some of the cosmetic ingredients in current use, some of which have the potential to damage your face and body.
Can we find a natural therapy to achieve a face lift or cosmetically improve our appearance, including face and body? Is it possible?
Implant acupuncture is the answer!
Implant acupuncture is also called permanent acupuncture or long term result acupuncture.
We use a special instrument to insert the surgical protein thread to your acupuncture points.
This protein thread is foreign to the human body. The body’s natural reaction is to try to remove the foreign material and consequently it generates energy during this process.
This opens many energy channels and toxins are removed promoting natural bodily healing.
In the last 3 years we have practiced implants with many patients with remarkable results.
Most patients can see the appearance improvements in 3-6 weeks time. The success rate is 95%.
You can read many testimonials and view a number of before and after photos to see the great transformations.
Why could this happen and how can we make this happen?
Improve your energy, detox the body and treat body as whole.
How do you know your face is unhealthy or aging?
The whites of your eyes becomes yellow or red and you may have phlegm or lumps growing.
There may be the loss of sparkle in the pupil.
  • Wrinkles, skin marks or pimples may be present.
  • Face shape changes with sagging skin and / or loss of muscle tone.
  • Droopy eye lids.
  • Puffiness under eyes or around chin area
  • Facial colour changes. Skin can be too pale, too red, too grey, too dull or there is a loss of natural glow or rosy look.
How facial appearance relate to our inner organs?
In Chinese medicine,
  • The eye is window of your liver and the liver purifies your blood.
  • Stomach energy gives muscle strength and firmness.
  • Heart energy is in charge of circulation and gives face a rosy colour.
  • Lung energy helps your breathing and keeps skin tight and smooth.
  • Kidney energy is in charge of release of water
  • Wrinkles indicate stomach and digestion energy not flowing.
  • Saggy and large pores of the skin indicate lung energy not flowing
  • Liver spots or marks on face indicate liver has too many toxins.
  • Puffy eyes and a double chin indicates water retention and kidney energy not flowing.
  • Murky looking eyes with yellow lumps or red growth indicates liver is overloaded with toxins.
If you are not satisfied with your looks or wish to improve your appearance, before you consider undertaking cosmetic surgery which could involve considerable risk and which only improves the visual effect without healing you from the inside, you are welcome to a free consultation with Angela at her Chinese Energy Clinic to find out about an alternative treatment which heals you from the inside, in addition to improving your appearance naturally.

Chinese medicine and body timetable

Chinese medicine works on body energy field. The human body has 14 meridians 365 acupuncture points, related to 12 important organs. The Chinese ancestor has discovered the human body has a close connection with nature. When the sun rising or sun setting, body energy with flow differently, in the morning, we feel energetic, in the evening we feel sleepy and need a rest; When the natural season changes, the human body energy flow has changed too.

Meridians opened on different time to match the nature. The important organs have an energy time table:


• Liver (23:00 -1:00)

• Gallbladder (1:00-3:00)

• Lungs (3:00-5:00)

• Colon (5:00-7:00)

• Stomach (7:00-9:00)

• Spleen (9:00-11:00)

• Heart (11:00-13:00)

• Intestine (13:00-15:00)

• Bladder (15:00-17:00)

• Kidney (17:00-19:00)

• Blood vessels (19:00-21:00)

• Lymph (21:00-23:00)


The liver and the gallbladder energy time table is 11pm to 3am, they are work for detox the body. If you haven’t rest before 11pm, the liver will not able to restore the energy and can’t achieve detox work properly, likely you will have liver damage and developed liver related health problems.

The colon energy time table is 5-7 am, this is a natural time for body have bowel movement. If you have to have a bowel motion before 5 am, or has bowel motion few times a day, or has a bowel motion every few days, that are indicated your colon not functioning in the natural states.

Lung energy time table is 3-5 am. If you have chronic lung and heart problems, you likely find difficult to breathe at this time. The highest time for death is around this time.

Heart energy time table is 11am-3pm. In Chinese Medicine, heart and small intestine is a network. Digestion and heart function is closely related. 12 noon is a peak time of the heart also a peak time for digestion.

If you like to look after your own health, to understand and follow the Chinese Medicine time table, you will see the great benefit.


If you have any questions, Click here to ask Angela.