Implant Acupuncture

Implant Acupuncture

Implant Acupuncture (IA) is a modern breakthrough in an ancient science. Also known as "long-term effective acupuncture", IA is very effective for improving the immune system and metabolism, boosting energy levels, strengthening inner organs and assisting the body to relieve itself of toxins naturally.

IA works through insertion of tiny dissolvable protein threads into the appropriate meridian points. Meridians are the pathways recognized in Tradition Chinese Medicine as facilitating the flow of Qi - vital energy.

Using IA, the body's energy flow can be stimulated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The threads can take 2-4 months to completely dissolve. This is in contrast to traditional acupuncture, which provides stimulation only as long as the session lasts.

Implant acupuncture is a powerful tool for many areas of health - weight management, water retention, sleep quality and digestive issues, as well as helping to cultivate clear skin, a youthful appearance and longevity.

Facial Implant Acupuncture

This is a form of IA which uses incredibly fine needles to energize the facial meridians with an absolute minimum of discomfort. What follows is an example of the treatment effect this treatment can have:

Facial implant acupuncture can reduce your age about 10 years

lisa with date(copy)-885

Lisa is a business woman and has come for treatment for her serious skin issues. After the skin conditions improved, she is continuing the Chinerchi treatment to improve her energy level.  Over the last two months we did two facial implant acupuncture treatments; there has been a positive transformation in her appearance. 

From the three photos you can clear see her facial appearance changes.

1. In the first photo the whole face is looking overall in a good condition: not too many wrinkles, no skin marks, but looks puffy and flat, behind the skin there is a lack of energy, also a lack of spark in the eyes. This indicates that the blood flow is not ideal in her face, and didn’t show strong vitality in her appearance.

2. The second photo is taken after the first implant acupuncture: a lot of water retention has been removed from her face, the whole face has become smaller, and more energy is visible in her skin and eyes. 

3. The third photo is taken after the second implant acupuncture: the further water retention is going, the whole face has been lifted up, and all features have become more dimensional, the eyes are full of spark; the facial muscle looks toned and full of vitality.

Lisa is very happy with her new look and feels about 10 years younger. 

From beauty profession point of view, we judge a beautiful face, based on 3 ideal conditions

1. The whole face is in 3D’s shape, not flat.

plumness face

2. An energetic face has a V-shaped chin, because when the body lacks energy, the facial muscle becomes loose and saggy, the face shape loses its definition, from the v shape to a more square shape; this is an aging sign.

3. Plumpness in cheeks and a healthy, young looking face, with the skin full of collagen.

When the body lacks nutrients it can’t produce enough collagen and the face becomes flat and wrinkly.

How facial implant acupuncture can make your face look younger?

  1. Water retention is related to unhealthy kidneys; we need to help the kidneys to get stronger to help release the extra fluid in the body. Also by putting implant acupuncture protein thread at certain points in your face, it will assist the long term blood flow and work on lymph drainage continuously.  This will, effectively, improve your facial shape.  
  2. When your digestion function is weakened, the body does not absorb nutrients well   and the face starts to show wrinkles. When protein threads are implanted at certain points in your face, they will stimulate your blood flow and the collagen production. In results you will see that the fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the plumpness and tone is restored.



Aside from looking 5-10 years younger, the aches and pains which had dogged Anita for years also disappeared after a combination of Fire Dragon, Cupping and IA.

Anita's face became smaller and fresher because the treatment provided better blood flow, removed the water retention and at the same time helped the collagen regrow. It may look like a miracle but with insightful treatment, healing can be simple.

Skin anatomy - Reasons for an aging face
  1. Puffy and shapeless - water retention
  2. Wrinkles - lack of collagen and nutrients
  3. Dull colour – poor blood flow 
Implant acupuncture can stimulate blood flow and make the collagen grow thicker again to remove the wrinkles.

What to expect from a treatment

The procedure itself is short with limited discomfort - generally less than a normal injection. In the hours and days after a treatment there is often some pain as the cells adjust to the healing and detoxifying process. Take plenty of time to rest and listen to the body!

Below is a selection of before and after photos featuring patients who underwent IA - including the founder of Chinerchi, Angela Zhang.

Chinerchi therapy shocked US doctor 

In April this year I went on a cruise trip to the south pacific islands for a week. On the ship a cosmetic doctor from the US was running a free seminar for anti-aging. He uses collagen injections to remove wrinkles and he showed a lot of photos from before and after treatments.

He asks me if I want to have his treatment. I replied: no. I come because I like to learn what he does. I’m an acupuncturist and as part of my work I remove wrinkles too.

Can you show me some photos of your work? Doctor asked me.
Yes. I open my ipad photos page, showing him my implant acupuncture results.
“No! You are a liar! This is not the same person! Not genuine photos. These are Photoshop work!
You can lie to other people, not me. I am a doctor.”

His angry response almost shocked me. At the same time I feel encouragement and accomplishment. Because what acupuncture can achieve is beyond his experience.

I love what I do and feel fortunate to be on the right path. Acupuncture and implant acupuncture will continue to be developed and will open up a world of natural healing to improve people’s health.

If you want to have a face-lift, before you go under knife try to work with us.  Maybe the results will be beyond your expectations. That not only will it make you look good but can make you feel good too. The big difference with Chinerchi therapy is that it works through strengthening the vital organs rather than operating on a purely superficial level.

Benefits of Implant Acupuncture
  • Cosmetic or face lifting effects
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Anti-aging and improving wellness
  • Weight Loss
  • Removing acnes/pimples
  • Excellent results for relieving spinal pain including the sore neck and severe back pain