How body works?

10 common health mistakes you can make in daily life

The energy in your body is colourless and shapes less. They are visible and invisible same time. But you can feel it. Good health and longevity all to do with good energy. Every day you eat, drink, and doing acuity’s, you want to improve your energy. These 10 health mistakes you maybe not aware of that can depleting your energy. Simply change habits maybe can improve your energy tremendously   

1  Drink ice cold drinks straight from fridge. Eat cold food at winter. Eating and drinking at same time.

Why can be bad for you?

Any food and drink in to your stomach needs your blood to warm up to the body Temperature then the body processes it. The healthy digestion functions request stomach has good blood flow to produce strong digestive juice. When eating with drinking will dilute the digestive juice. Also eating or drinking cold food will slow down the blood flow in stomach and could reduce your power of digestion. 

 2 Over eating of protein food. Believe protein food is not fat food and gives you energy.Protein is the most difficult to digest food in all food groups.

Why this can be bad for you?

The nutrition expert pointed out that excess protein is linked to degenerative disease

In terms of metabolic combustion; excess protein in the diet does not “burn cleanly.” It has been associated with creating an over-acid system due to the accumulation of toxic wastes such as uric acids in the tissues.Over eating protein “contributes to the development of many of our most common and serious diseases, such as arthritis, kidney damage, pyorrhoea, schizophrenia, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and cancer: and that a “high protein diet causes premature aging .

3  Eating big meal at evenings and eat dinner very late.

Why can it be bad for you?

The best digesting energy  is at lunch time. Eating  a bigger dinner  at evening is when  the body will lack  energy to process it. The undigested food can become wasted  and also toxins for  the human body 

4 Exercise at evening or night.

Why can be bad for you?

Human body is part of nature; morning is time for energizing energy so is best time to excise. Evening is time for restore energy so is best time to rest.

5  After exercise have a cold shower.

Why can it be bad for you?

Exercise opens the body’s blood circulating. Cold water carries cold energy which effects some inner organs blood circulation and can do damage to the body.

6 Over doing sauna

the poppers of sauna is to open improve your blood circulation to remove the pain and build up your immune system for healing.Sauna also can make you sweat. In Chinese medicine the sweat is liquid from heart . If you are a strong and healthy person, the sweat can be good for you .If you have chronic health problems too much sweat could make you very tried that indicate you are losing energy.

7 Believe more herbal medicine and vitamins always good for your health.

Why can be bad for you?Everything you orally take in though your month needs your stomach to process and your system to absorb. If you have digestive problems, more stuff you take puts more pressure on your body also your liver and kidney too.

8 Believe more sexual actives are a healthy sigh. When you feel lack of energy or sick still force self to having sex.

Why can be bad for you?

Sexual activities rely on your kidney energy. When you over use it your energy tank could be lower and that can affect your inner organs function. Like heart and liver and so on. When you have health problems, your own healing energy is draining. Sexual activities push the limitation even further.

9  Winter time wearing open v neck line clothing and short skirt or shorts.

Why can it be bad for you?

Your neck and chest is a important part of your body close to your lung & heart’s location when the cold energy attacks  through your skin to your organs you even you didn’t feel cold at the time.The liver and kidney meridians at legs, when you wear short skirts shorts in winter it is likely to cause blood circulating block then produce arthritisand kidney problems.Quite often the patients who get cold, brochettes, asthma, frozen shoulder, arthritis have tendency from not wearing enough warm clothes.  

10 Values the privacy & be independent more than social connections.

The truth is human is a social animal and needs to be socially connected .Feel needed and wanted with other people or community to feel alive. Privacy may offer you short term of conveniences but cut of the energy flow between people. Deep emotional connection is a best healing therapy.

Your Body Works Like a Clock?
by CHAN LEE PENG, Oct 3, 2007

Understanding your body's timetable is essential to lead to a healthy life. Do not do anything that against to your body's clock. How much do you know about the functionality of your body's clock?

The Chinese Meridian Blood Circulation reflects "a real clock" in our body. Ancient Chinese practitioners used this timetable to prescribe medicine for their patients. It also represents how efficiency our organs function in certain periods. Hence, it is a good guideline for human to achieve optimum health.

The timetables below show the organs and their respective times.

  • Liver (23:00 -1:00)
  • Gallbladder (1:00-3:00)
  • Lungs (3:00-5:00)
  • Colon (5:00-7:00)
  • Stomach (7:00-9:00)
  • Spleen (9:00-11:00)
  • Heart (11:00-13:00)
  • Intestine (13:00-15:00)
  • Bladder (15:00-17:00)
  • Kidney (17:00-19:00)
  • Blood vessels (19:00-21:00)
  • Lymph (21:00-23:00)

Based upon the timetable, a large amount of blood is concentrated in the liver at 11p.m to 1 a.m. The flows of blood into the liver will help to enhance the breakdown of toxins and the secretion of bile. This secretion is then stored in the gall bladder. Hence, the best time for the efficiency of liver should be two hours earlier than that of the gall bladder. We will get tired easily during the time when the power of the liver decreases. The body's fatigue may further cause diseases linked to the liver.

To ensure that our liver rests well and gains its power, we should sleep before 11p.m. At 11p.m., the liver can take up good nutrients from the blood. According to Chinese medicine, the liver is closely associated with wood and plants and thus consuming green vegetables are good for the liver.

Between 7 to 9a.m., a large amount of blood flows into the stomach to help enhancing the digestion of food. Also, the blood is concentrated in the pancreas to assist the breakdown of complex food into small molecules so that they can be absorbed easily into the bloodstream through the small intestine and transported to the entire body cells. That is why 7a.m will be an ideal time to have our breakfast as the next two hours are the best time for the stomach to digest food efficiently.

At 5 to 7a.m, the blood is concentrated in the large intestine. At this time, the large intestine works efficiently to secrete the feces. If the feces are not digested properly within 24 hours, the toxins in the feces will be reabsorbed with the water in the large intestine. This is a major reason why most people are suffering from constipation.

According to the timetable, blood is concentrated in the lungs at 3 to 5 a.m. This is a good time to rest and to "recharge" the power of the lungs. Thus, the lungs should have enough rest to enhance its efficiency. The fact explains why at this time the blood circulation is the slowest and the rate and frequency of breathing is minimal. Otherwise, the ability of the lungs will decrease when they do not have enough rest. So, make sure you avoid doing any activities by this time.

In short, do not do things that are conflicted with your body's natural instinct, otherwise your body may collapse one day.

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How Chinese Energy Therapy (also called CET) can improve youthful appearance and maintain beautiful skin?
The aging sign is wrinkling and sagging of skin of the face, making you look more tired than you really feel-the lips, the eye bags fallen down eyelid, double chin and multilayer neck, sagging cheeks can show the beginning signs of aging as they lose volume and deflate rather like a balloon.

vineeta before.jpg
lam 1.JPG
Before treatment 1-05-07 Before treatment 9-06-07

The modern cosmetic treatment using Allergan and Botox to replace volume in area it has been depleted, often is overfilled with products in these skin areas. Because they are trying to remove all lines and pump up the lips or sagging areas can make patients look out of proportion and unnatural. This kind of treatment can only improve your appearance in skin deep and in the short term, also have a side-effect, but not enhance inner health for the long run.

According to Chinese medicine, wrinkles and sagging can be a result of weak qi (energy) or low energy, that is a result of overwork, stress, fatigue, and poor digestion. The meridians of energy that flow towards the face that normally provide a lifting influence become deficient in energy.

CET Treatment can tone the muscles of the face, and it can encourage the production of collagen in areas that normally succumb to wrinkling. It can reduce lines on the forehead, reduce crows feet, and reduce smile and frown lines surrounding the mouth. It can minimize double chins by toning the muscles in the area. The beneficial effects of CET is not merely skin deep. Beneficial effects of CET can include increased energy along with a sense of deep relaxation and well being.

CET is also very effective in addressing problem skin. People with acne often respond very well to treatment with CET. This is especially true when they make appropriate nutritional and lifestyle changes in conjunction with their CET treatments. Acne is usually seen as a sign of traditional Chinese medicine call “damp heat” which can result from a combination of eating too much oily food and spicy food along with too many dairy products. The condition is also exacerbated by stress.

Skin rashes and acne are often treated by using herbs and acupuncture points that help to detoxify the body as well as cleanse the liver. Bitter cleansing herbs are used to cleanse the liver and reduce impurities in the blood. As these impurities leave the body, the quality of one’s skin improves. Dandelion, forsythia, and honeysuckle are herbs that are often used to treat both acne and skin rashes.

Fatigue and low energy can have a detrimental effect on the quality of one’s skin. Proper nutrition is necessary to create any significant change in the condition of the skin.

CET can treat many different dermatological and cosmetic conditions naturally, helping to rejuvenate one’s complexion and skin tone without surgery or harsh chemical procedures, and with a deeper beneficial influence than synthetic products that we often use to no avail. It can also make you feel younger, more relaxed and rejuvenated. The latest technology in our therapy will smooth wrinkles, deeply hydrate by plumping up your skin and improve circulation.

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After treatment 26-05-07
After treatment 30-06-07