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5 common health mistakes in winter could damage your health

How to protect your kidney

How to check your lung energy
How to improve your lungs -solutions

High Blood Pressure – Patient had been on medication for the last 10 years and now he has free from medication
How to treat complicated health problems? Chinese face map reading is a key

Every organ has a physical and emotional energy & How to take care of your liver in spring

Best treatment for the season - Introduction to Tibetan Fire Dragon therapy

Important acupuncture points for winter

Shocking truth about NZ health - asthma and colon cancer connection

When you have a loose bowel, don't eat salad

When you have Chronic dry cough you need no meat at dinner and goes to bed early
Food can be poisonous

In Chinese medicine spring season is time to take care of your liver

Protect your kidney part three

Protect your kidney part two

Take care of your kidneys in the winter season

Eat a light dinner or stop eating dinner can help weight loss and anti-aging

Say "No" to low cut tops in autumn winter and wear scarf

Year of Dragon and your health tips

Eating to improve your energy .Treat yourself eat light and drink less.

spring season health tips-Keep warm.

Health tip for winter: Kidney tips

Eat only 75% full of your stomach

Winter health tips-No bear foot at cold floor

Autumn Health tips - take care your lung and colon

Autumn season health care for lung

Summer solstice health care for your digestion part two

Summer health care tips part one

Sexual energy protection in summer

Green tea is unhealthy with empty stomach

Eating cold food at hot summer night is bad for your digestion

Health tips - when your bowl motion is loose, salad could be bad for you

The ideal time to go to bed from ancient Chinese wisdom

Health tips-deep breath from your nose to your heel.

Spring season health care for liver.

10 Health mistakes people make in the Modern western world.

Universal mystery number 0.618 how can it relate to your health?

Spring care for healthy liver

hug and touch can improve your liver energy

Ancient Chinese medicine believe

The Kidney is the most important organ need protection in winter, In TCM kidney give born strength, support brain function and sexual humus. kidney likes warmth.   
1, necked neck could catch a cold . not wear scarf , cold wind into your neck and lungs
2, eat raw food or salad, raw food has cold energy and winter season body needs warm energy when your bowel  motion lose, that  indicate the body not able absorbing neutrinos .
3, shower too often, winter time you needs to keep your skin pose closed to preserve your energy when you shower will open the pose and body can lose energy easy catch cold and getting tired.
4, sexually over active cost energy, weakened the immune system.
5, exercise too much sweat too much easy to lose energy and getting cold.

Winter health mistakes

         inserted image

  1. Drinking icy cold water from the fridge or at a restaurant or party; or eating a raw salad. The coldness in the food and drink can steal your warm energy from your stomach, negatively affecting your digestion and your body’s immune system.
  2. Showering too often. It can open your body’s pores and expose your skin to cold air, which can lose energy and make you feel weak; the result is that it’s easy to catch cold.
  3. Wearing lower-cut tops; the cold air can attack you through your uncovered shoulder and neck. This can cause coughing, running nose, sore throat and lung inflammation.
  4. Overactive sex life; since sexual energy comes from the kidneys, you can weaken them.

How to protect your kidney

  1. Do not eat protein food for dinner - feeling light in the stomach area helps you to have a good sleep.
  2. Go bed before 11pm to restore your energy.
  3. Reduce sex life and the frequency of your showers.
  4. Keep your feet and neck warm. 


Kidney health check list 

Do you need to get up at night?

Do you pass urine in good flow?

inserted image

Do you have deep sleep?

inserted image

Do you have cold feet?

Do you have a dry mouth?

Do you have good hearing?

inserted image

Do you have good memory?

Do you have a healthy sexual energy?

inserted image

Can you stand straight? 

inserted image

How to check your lung energy

In Chinese medicine: your nose is widower of your lungs. Your lung and your colon are twin organs. Whey are work together for to transfer the oxygen, release extra water and toxins through  breather ,skin and colon,

Your nose is block?  Running? 

inserted image

Your lung energy is weak and your abdominal are cold.

Your posture: Your chest and shoulder is not open and fall down to close?

inserted imageinserted image

When your chest is shrink indicate the lung energy is shrinking.

Your bowel motion loses like porridge geos a few times a day? Maybe you have constipation?

You colon energy support your lung, this is the root of your lung issues.

Are you snoring?

inserted image

Indicate your body hold extra water, your breathe track is swollen, that could negatively impact to your heart.


How to improve your lungs -solutions

Treat block or running nose. The root is to treat your colon. Keep chest and feet warm.

Wear warm scarf, shoes.

Improve your posture: treat your lungs. When your lung getting stronger. The chest will be open. Regular exercise

Keep your abdominal area warm and eat less protein food. Can be improve your colon functions.

Keep your lung and colon healthy, the water retention will release and  your snoring will reduce and stop.

High Blood Pressure – Patient had been on medication for the last 10 years and now he has free from medication


Graeme is a 59 year old businessman. Who runs a medium size company and has lots of stress from work. He has a lot of drive but lacks energy. Graeme has a high blood pressure and has been taking medication for the last 10 years.

In August 2013 Graeme started Chinerchi Therapy. After about 12 treatments he has blood pressure of 140/80 down from 160 / 100. Graeme has now been free form the medication and sleeping better, eating healthier & feeling happier with good energy for work. Graeme does not have to get up during the night which gives him a better continuous sleep, ready for the next working day making him feel more relaxed and less stressed.


Review of the treatments

 High blood pressure patients don’t have to take medication for life.

If you look Graeme’s photos before and after to compare, you will notice that before treatment the face is deep red in colour.   This indicates a lack of oxygen in the blood and high levels of toxicity. The saggy chin indicates water retention and low energy.

 The wrinkles are caused by a lack of collagen in the dermis which lies directly under the skin.  This indicates that the body is not absorbing nutrients.

The photos taken after the series of treatments show that the face shape has lifted, the skin has become tight , the colour is vibrant, the saggy chin and wrinkles have disappeared.  These results have been achieved because the blood has an increased capacity to carry oxygen around the body.  And in turn, all the organs of the body are able to function better, allowing Graeme to feel more energetic and healthier.

High blood pressure is a symptom of your blood being too thick, or the blood vessels being too narrow. If we don’t treat it, the blood vessels could become blocked or burst causing a stroke or heart attack.  In western medicine, to manage high blood pressure, medication is prescribed for the remainder of the person’s life.

Chinerchi therapy works on the heart and liver energy, making sure the body can detox the blood and allow the circulation to flow better.  This makes the blood become clean and lighter, causing the pressure to go down. Medication becomes un- necessary.

The secret is to strengthen the internal organs. Your body can clean its own blood making the healing process simple.

Click here see video of this patient's testimonial 

How to treat complicated health problems? Chinese face map reading is a key.


How to treat complicated health problems? Every natural therapist understands the principle of holistic healing. Why can only a few of them can deliver the effective results? The secret is to know where the starting point is.  Recognize what the key issues are, and   there relation to further health issues.

For example, Judy came for open injury in the foot, the wound had not closed for a month; her high blood pressure was the contributing cause.


 A good healer need have two skills:

One: to recognize the connection between the symptoms and internal cause – in Judy‘s case is the high blood pressure ned to be treat first.

Two: Correct treatment techniques to deliver healing. Reduce water retention through the whole body, and build up blood flow.

Over the years of research and practise Angela has developed the unique technique for health analysis through Chinese face map reading. That is very effective and accurate. A power tool helps her to achieve the successful healing work. Angela likes to share her knowledge with people who interesting to learn.

If you are practitioner running your own clinic, get training course of   Chinese face map reading technique could improve your skills and change the face of your business. Find out more clicks here


1, Every organ has a physical and emotional energy

Heart is love and direction

Stomach is clear thought and taking action

Lungs are honouring your creativity and connecting with your environment

Kidney is ambition, drive and courage

Liver is wisdom, adaptability and flexibility
If you would like to learn more, click here for more information or you can book for a training course click here

2, How to take care of your liver in spring


Read the liver signals

If you have dry eyes, watering eyes, shakiness in any art of your body, dry skin, varicose veins, stiff joints, high blood pressure, high l cholesterol – these all indicate a liver not functioning at its the best.

What can you do?

Reduce protein food and fatty food. Can reduce work load for liver.

Go to bed before 11pm. Liver blood needs to restore energy at this time.

Be gentle and wise. Remain calm with people when they disagree with you. Anger drains energy from your liver.

Best treatment for the season - Introduction to Tibetan Fire Dragon therapy


Fire applied to the front: effective for Fire applied to the front: effective for colds

colds with stomach issues with chronic back pain

This therapy is from Tibet and came to China around the time of the Tang dynasty about 1500 years ago.

All health issues are partly the result of poor blood circulation. Any form of healing therapy need to improve the patient's blood flow. Tibetan Fire Dragon therapy is most effective for this. Especially useful in the winter season.

If a patient has a bad flu the cold energy is centred in the chest and stomach. Fire applied to the front of the body can remove the cold almost instantly.

If patients have chronic back, leg or arm pain the blood flow is poor - this leads to inflammation where body cells can't re-build the tissues.

Fire therapy helps the blood supply, thus the body can reduce the inflammations and heal itself.

Fire and cupping is the best combination of energizing and detoxing the body at the same time.

Do you have a cold? Cough? Or back pain?

Ring us for health analysis. We can find the best natural healing solution for you.


1:  Important acupuncture points for winter


Center Point between breasts
1: Ren 17 is a crossing point for the Spleen, Kidney, Small Intestine, and San Jiao channels.
2: Ren 17 is known as the “Sea of Qi.”
When you are tired or getting a cold, this point easily gets blocked. This will affect your ability to absorb oxygen and also diminish your energy level
When we do the detox cupping treatments at this are ,often we can sucking out a lot of water! becuase the toxines was buit up theye!

Picture of cupping ren17 with water

You need to massage this area often, even on a daily basis. Also, keeping it warm can be incredibly effective to help the energy flow.

2:  Watch your colon health in winter


Salads and fruit are healthy food - but if your bowel movements are more than 3 times a day this indicates you are not absorbing the nutrition and your colon is not able to process the food. Not only is the food you have eaten wasted but it is also draining energy from your body.
What can you eat?

cooked food

Eat warm and cooked food
Chinerchi Healing techniques introduction

Plum needles can remove water retention incidentally 
A swollen hand

Photos before and after

Patient Linda is a food factory owner in here 50s, every day dealing lot of hard work. The right arm and hand was in pain and swollen for a week, even she can’t sleep.
After Chinerchi technique- use plum needle and detox cupping, the hand swollen was go down instantly  and her pain was much released and water retain has been shifted. These photos take last Saturday.  For the whole week Linda has more energy and her arm and hand was no pain.

Shocking truth about NZ health - asthma and colon cancer connection

NZ has the purest air on the planet but we have the second highest asthma rate in the world. NZ has the best quality of meat, yet we have highest rate of women's colon cancer in the world. Why? Is there any connection between these two?

Asthma is the entire lung system getting water retention and becoming swollen, the air can't get through.


Colon cancer is the cancer cells madly growing to take over in your colon.


In Chinese medicine :The lung and colon are pair of a twin energy network. For any patient with lung issues I always treat colon and conversely, anyone having colon issues always needs to work on the lungs.

Water retention weakens blood circulation. The best way to improve circulation is to keep warm at chest and feet. As blood flow increases the water retention will be go down.


NZ has a strange culture and belief in that wearing less clothing is fashionable. I often see patients heavily coughing yet still wearing low cut tops, shorts and bare feet


Cancer only grows within polluted environment and where there is lack of blood flow. The heart is the only organ that does not get cancer. Never drink anything cold from the fridge but eat warm food and treat irritated bowel issues as early as possible.

There is a very common belief that meat and salad are healthy foods. If you have any bowel issues then both of these foods are not right for you. If your bowl motion is loose this indicates your abdominal area is cold and is not able to absorb food. Don't eat meat and salad.

When you have a loose bowel, don't eat salad.

inserted image

Lately I had a female patient in her 50s who was very health conscious. Though active and eat healthy she had chronic diarrhoea for a year. The bowl motion could go 7-8 times a day.

My first question: what do you eat yesterday? "Salad".

Salad is a nutritious food but is not suitable for diarrhoea patients.

No salad. Why?

When your bowl is loose it indicates your stomach being cold having no energy to process food. If the food goes in through your month and straight out from your colon, your food intake is wasted and drains energy from your body.

You need to eat warm and easy to digest food like porridge.

Chronic dry cough

inserted image

Last week a lady in her 40s had a severe dry cough for two months. She has been to the doctor a few times who prescribed medication which didn't work then suggested another which did not work either. This issue affected her life badly.

After one session of Chinerchi therapy she is 80% better.

If you suffer from a chronic dry cough which is not related to a virus or cold, that could indicate lower energy in liver. When the liver is not functioning well, toxins build up, the blood becomes hot and thick can impact your lungs. This can lead to a dry cough.

Chinerchi therapy can be one of your best answers.

If you try to help yourself.

1, no meat or protein food at dinner. This can help you to reduce heat in your body.

inserted image

2, go to bed early at 10pm. Deep and restful sleep can restore your liver energy.

inserted image

Food can be Poisonous

What are we doing during the holiday season? Praying, Eating, having fun and loving.

Right amount of good food can give you energy, but over-eating, can be poisonous.

1,Do not over eat protein food because unbroken down protein is toxic to your blood.

inserted image

2, When you have a bowel motion which is loose like porridge, it indicates your abodomin has no energy to absorb the nutrients; you need to stop eating salad, because salad is cold food and your body has no energy to process it.

inserted image

3, If after eating cake, you feel sleepy, it indicates that your body is not able to break down sugar, that is an early sign of diabetes.

inserted image

In Chinese medicine spring season is time to take care of your liver

What unhealthy habits may be could damage your liver?
1, over use your eyes. Eye is window of your liver. if you spend long time in front of computer, draining energy from your eyes , lose energy from liver.

inserted image

Solution: take time to stop, & get out to exercise .

2 stay up for late night sleep. Liver time is 11pm to 3am. If you not lie in bed by 11pm, your liver can't restore your blood for detoxing.

inserted image

Solution: go to bed 10pm.

3, keep all your emotion to yourself, never open or free to express your emotions. Liver character like a tree, need to be free to grow to stretch.

If you are emotionally stiff or stuck. You're liver energy can't flow likely cause your liver health issues

inserted image

Solution: find a good friends share each other's emotions.

Special offer for christmas:

Facial implant acupuncture $660 for two

Normally $450 for one

Hug and touch can improve your liver energy

inserted imageinserted image
The figure shows a three-dimensional representation of a typical model state (an individual lobule) of the 3D liver model a few hours after intoxication with carbon tetrachloride. An increasing number of cells in the center of the lobule (brighter) are becoming necrotic due to the intoxication. Red color shows the sinusoidal blood vessels and blue color marks the position of the portal triads. (Credit: Graphic by Drasdo/Hoehme -- (Click here to fond out more)
In Chinese medicine spring is for growth. Our liver organ has the power to renew itself. Science has discovered the liver can renew itself every 5 month. When surgeons remove 70% of a liver from a patient it has been found that their liver can grow back 100% in two months. The liver is known for its amazing capacity to repair and re-grow itself thanks to its rich blood supply. If you have liver issues spring is a best time to treat.
How to heal your own liver?
In Chinese medicine liver emotional energy is serenity and flexibility. To give and receive hugs is one of the most powerful recipes to heal your own liver. If you have liver health issues or you feel restless and emotionally stiff that could indicate your liver is hungry for a hug and you are lacking emotional connection with yourself and others. You are in need of some free expression of your emotions. Can you imagine through the simple exercise of hugging you can grow your liver back or you can heal your liver!


Universal mystery number 0.618 how can it relate to your health?


I am Inspired by Stephen Hawking, I want to learn more about universal energy how it relates to health. I found this golden ratio number I am sure it will amaze you.

The Golden Section is also known as the Golden Mean, Golden Ratio and Divine Proportion. It is a ratio or proportion defined by the number Phi (= 1.618033988749895… )

While the proportion known has always existed in mathematics and in the physical universe, It appears that the Egyptians may have used both pi and phi in the design of the Great Pyramids. The Greeks based the design of the Parthenon on this proportion.

inserted image inserted image

The interesting part is in the Human body we have the Golden Ratio points:

inserted image inserted image

Third eye.


Tummy button.

Knee and elbow

These points are crucially important for your life you need to take care of them.

Golden ration in healthy life style

1 Age . If you live to 100 years of age. . Proportion 0.618 = 62 is the age your health will go down.

38 is your life peak time

2 Sleep time: night is 12 hours Proportion 0.618 is 7.5 hours .this good time for you to rest.

3 Body temperature is 37 . Proportion 0.618 is 23 . This the best temperature for human health

4 Eating habits. Eating 62% full of your stomach Proportion 0.618 can be the best for your health.

5 Work and rest: be active mentally, and physically 62% of your time Proportion 0.618 and give yourself enough time to rest.

We are part of the natural world .The golden ratio is a universal code. We respect the universe and we love our body. We need to follow the code to Consciously empower one self and live a healthy life..

Spring care for healthy liver


1. Free to express your emotions

inserted image

Liver energy character is wood like a tree needs to feel free to stretch, free to express your emotions. People with depression can get severe symptoms in spring.

2. Stretch your body

Winter can give you excuses not go outside to exercise. Liver energy restores your joints , get up early be outside to activate your liver energy.

3. Keep warm

inserted image

As the blood circulates through the lungs, red blood cells will collect oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide.

At Spring time all viruses can start to be active. When you body lacks of blood circulation the immune system can be fragile. Keeping plenty of clothes on can help the blood flow. Also if you get a cold or flu, have a hot bath or a Sauna, or Chinerchi fire dragon therapy can effectively remove the cold energy to make a quick recovery.


protect your kidney part three

In Chinese medicine winter time is a special time to take care of your kidneys.
How can you analyse your Kidney energy? Here is a list:
1. Feels cold especially at knees and elbows
2. Lacking of sexual energy
3. Insomnia
4. Lower back and foot pain
5. Wheezing, shortness of breath,
6. Frequent night time toilet visits
7. Dizziness and tinnitus
8. Constipation.

Who is likely to develop kidney energy weaknesses?
1. Those that frequently smoke and drink
2. Lifestyle without regular patterns of eating and sleeping.
3. Over worked and over stressed
4. Over drink coffee
5. Work in front of the computer for long hours
6. Chronic health issues
7. Lack of physical activities
8. Sexually over active people;
9. Over taking supplements can over load your systems
10. Elderly people with lower energy

How to improve your kidney energy
inserted image
1. Be physically active
2. Before you go to bed, use your own hands to massage your lower back kidney area every night 100 times till you feel warm
3. Reduce sexual activity in winter.
4. Mediate every day for 10 minutes to improve your sleep.

protect your kidney part 2

19th June 2012

Two years ago in a acupuncturist's  social party I have meet a acupuncturist in his 40s with his 3 children  aged between  2-8 and his young wife in her 30s is pregnant  again sat next to me.. After have some conversation. I realise he is 55 years old. I ask him: what is the secret to keep you looks 15 years younger? Here is the recipe:  Close your eyes, clench teeth and hold your breath when you pass urine, to maintain your kidney energy.

After I did research I realize this is an ancient practice from Tao teaching. 
Also I fund other two tips from Chinese kidney disease experts to improve kidney health.

1.close your eyes knock your teeth every morning and night 36 times   and improve your teeth strength and your face and brain blood flow.

2.Use warm water to brush your teeth to maintain a constant Oral temperature. Teeth and gums have a temperature of about 35 degrees in order to carry out normal metabolism, so sudden cold and heat stimulation to the teeth and gums may lead to various diseases, so that the teeth shortened life expectancy

3.Use cold water washes your face.

Use the Cold water to wash your face in morning can be refreshing the brain function, instant get rid of tiredness, boost alertness. Also can stimulate the facial and nasal blood vessels, promote the facial blood circulation, improve the nutrient supply of facial tissue, to enhances the skin health and strengthen the whole body's resistance to disease.

Take care of your kidneys in the winter season

24th May

In Chinese philosophy human is part of nature and in ancient Chinese medicine different seasons will effect to different organs. Winter is kidney season. Because this is the coldest season of the year, all creatures on earth will restore energy for re-growth in spring. The humans should do the same.


Tip 1:To restore energy here is three suggestions

1.Reduce the time of shower to avoid getting cold or tired

2.Reduce the frequency of sex life to save energy.

3.Reduce outdoor exercise to avoid getting cold.


Tip2:Keep your head cool and keep your feet warm.

Your brain function is related to kidney energy. For the best performance it needs to be kept cool. Use cold water to wash your face as this can build up your immune system and stimulate blood flow.

Use hot water to have a foot bath. This is a traditional Chinese way to maintain kidney energy in winter.

The feet are farthest body part from the heart; the most vulnerable to invasion of cold, keeping the feet warm is very important. The kidney's meridians run from the bottom of your feet, through your legs to your back. When you have sore feet, which indicates that your kidney energy is blocked or running on negative.

When your feet are exposure to the cold weather, that can affect your internal organs, cause the epigastria pain, diarrhea, irregular menstruation and pain, impotence, lower back pain and other illnesses. Keep your feet warm and you will have countless health benefit.

Soak your feet at warm water- bestto soak formorethan20 minutes until you feel little sweaty.

What is the difference from have a shower?

If you are tired a shower can make you more tired and you can get a cold.

A Foot bath can make you relax and stay warm.

Help you have a deep sleep.


Tip3. Ginger and red date drink

Ginger and red date tea


Ginger3-5cm piece, red dates 6-8

Brown sugar 2 tea spoons. 250ml water

Put in pot, bring to boil- then slow cook for 20 minutes.

Drink when is hot.

The health benefit of ginger date tea:

Ginger can stimulate blood flow can increase the body temperature.  Can  help cold hands and feet and blood circulation related health issues .

Red date scan nourish the blood and help blood deficiency and anemia

These two herbs work together.  They can effectively help anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-influenza and upper respiratory tract infection, Rheumatoid arthritis, and aching muscles.

If you don't have any health problems that can be a nice drink for winter.


Eat a light dinner or stop eating dinner can help weight loss and anti-aging

04 May 2012

You must to eat 3 meals a day is a myth and a habit but not a concrete rock science. If you are seriously want to lose weight To eat a light dinner or stop eating dinner is a key..

A famous health tip from ancient Chinese longevity practice is no food after lunch - You can learn these ideas from many Buddhist temples or Taoism’s philosophy schools.

Many western Science research has discovered fasting enhances growth hormone secretion and improves your health

At evening time having a full stomach will affect the body by reducing Melatonin, which is a hormone that helps you have deep sleep.  Not eating dinner can naturally stimulate growth hormone secretion and anti- aging benefits.

I have read another article: “Study Shows Eating Less Can Keep the Brain Young Supple.”(Click here)

When people are overweight, there are two issues: Body cumulating fat and holds extra water. These excess fat and water are toxics for the body, can negatively affect your body functions.

Eat less; give your body  a chance to release these excess fat and water. You need to change your mind set first and attend a Chinerchi self healing workshop, to learn the ancient Chinese breath technique that can help you to reduce the hunger sensation. Your weight loss dream can become your reality.


Say "No" to low cut tops in autumn winter and wear scarf

05 April 2012

keep warmSay "yes" to this style in autumn and winter

Your neck and chest is most important traffic station between brain, heart, and lungs. Keeping this area warm means keeping a good blood flow in these organs.

Autumn weather changes to colder temperatures and many people, especially ladies still enjoy wearing low cut tops. When your neck and chest contact cold air, that can do damage to your health: flu, asthma, headache, Bronchitis and heart problems can attack you. Often I see patient's arrive in clinic with a bad cold or asthma, still wearing very thin clothing and low cut tops.

noSay "no" to this style in autumn and winter.



Year of Dragon and your health tips

20 Jan 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 at 23-Jan Monday this is the year of the Dragon. I want to share the meaning of Dragon in Chinese culture and this year of energy relating to your health.


The Chinese Dragon is a legendary animal. It is the symbol of the Emperor in Chinese history. Also the Celestial Chinese Dragon is comparable as the symbol of the Chinese race itself. Chinese around the world, proudly proclaim themselves (Descendents of the Dragon).

The Dragon symbolizes power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance, nobility and divinity. A dragon overcomes obstacles until success is his. He is energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent and ambitious.


It is regarded as the Supreme Being amongst all creatures. It has the ability to live in the seas, fly up to the heavens and coil up in the land in the form of mountains. Being the divine mythical animal, the Dragon can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow safety to all that hold his emblem. The Chinese Dragon is looked upon as the ultimate symbol of Good Fortune.


From a Chinese Feng Shui point of view 2012 also is a strong water year. That could indicate that there will be more raining days in the water year. From healthcare point of view: when the weather become too wet, the people who have water retention problems, their health condition could become worst. Because the human is part of nature. Our body can be influenced by nature.

Too wet in summer, easy to have digestive problems, in autumn it can cause more lung and breathing problems, in winter more severe arthritis and sore back.


What can you do to improve and protect your health?

Eat more garlic at summer to avoid food poisoning for stomach health.  Eat more ginger and chilli for improve blood circulation. To keep warm in general. More exercise, more laughter is always good. That can generate more fire energy in your heart to fight against too much water which can damage kidneys.


New Zealand's population today is 4,435,452.  Auckland is the most ethnically diverse region in New Zealand with 56.5 percent identifying as Europeans, 18.9 percent as Asian, 11.1 per cent as MAORI and 14.4 percent as other Pacific Islanders.


If you live in Auckland 1 in 5 people you meet may be involved in celebrating Chinese New Year. I wish the spirit of the Dragon year will empower all of us. We are all on the journey to live with good health and prosperity.


Eating to improve your energy .Treat yourself eat light and drink less.

20 Dec 2011

Christmas is a festival. We are celebrating through eating. Feast often associate eating and drinking a lot. Do you realize that over eating can cause digestion problems and also after eating a big meal you can get tired?


I did some research at Google the total world population is of all living humans on the planet earth is estimated to 6.982 billion

925 million hungry people in 2010.


Digestive Problem affects 30% of Population in developing countries.

In today's world, there is more population with digestive problems than population with hunger.


What causes digestion problems?

Stress, bad quality of food and over eating.


What can you do when you see lots of food in front of you?

Remember your body is a soft gentle living machine having limitations Eating is to celebrate also for healing. You need to be conscious: After eating these foods can I become more energetic, beautiful, sexy and enable you to relax having good sleep or the opposite?

You hold the power to protect your digestive system, Love yourself and be happy.


spring season health tips-Keep warm.

11 Nov 2011

Do not be in a hurry to take off winter clothes; the spring season is always windy.  That cold wind can cool down and slow the blood circulation and the inner organs will be lacking in blood supply.  The results in a loss of energy and strength and then it could be very easy to catch a cold which can then develop into to asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. You need to keep warm - it is the best way to prevent yourself from getting a cold.


Get up early and exercise.


The ancient Chinese culture believes that spring is the best season to exercise and to be outdoors enjoying nature and the renewed greenness and freshness which will be beneficial for the whole year. Because the spring season energy supports new life it is a new birth for the whole natural world. We are human and need to get up early in the morning energizing our own life force to move forwards.


Health tip for winter: Kidney tips

06 June 2011

1, Brush your hair

In Chinese medicine winter is the time to take care of kidney. Kidney energy support bones, teeth and hair. Also kidney energy supports the brain function and sexual performance.

If your hair becomes thin, gray and you are having bad sleep, also you may be easy to felt the cold .That indicates your kidney energy is weak.

To help your hair stay healthy, you can use your fingers to brush or massage your hair 3 minutes each time and 2 times a day. one in the morning and one in  the night.


2, Not have surgery at winter,if you have choices.

In Chinese medicine winter is the season to restore energy that is not suit for having a surgery. Because the winter is cold can slow the blood circulation and effect the healing .Spring is for growth and autumn is for harvest can be best time for recover from surgery.

Consider Sam's story: Sam is a patient having good result from treatment,   3 weeks ago he decide to have wisdom tooth out. After that seems small surgery he has a cold and developed to bronchitis and pneumonia end up he is in hospital. Maybe some people will not make connection between the tooth out and cold and the pneumonia .If you can agree the pneumonia is result in lower immune syndromes and you may see from the different light.


Eat only 75% full of your stomach

Eat only 75% full of your stomach and after food felt energetic. if you eat 100% or 110% full of your stomach than  food could  become a poison  , that can make you sick.

Go to bed 10:30pm is the latest


Winter health tips-No bear foot at cold floor

No bear foot at cold floor, because the cold energy can though your foot to your kidney and your abdominal   area to weaken your digestion, sexual energy also waken your immune systems.


No salad at winter. Cooked meal is easy for your digestion systems. If after eating salad you have a loose bowel motion that indicate you not able to digest the salad you eat. You only waste your food and energy also did put pressure to your body.


Wear long johns for under wear, to keep your body warm more important than looks smart. When you wear warm cloth will help your body blood circulation and protect your immune system.


Autumn Health tips - take care your lung and colon

10 March 2011

Autumn season weakened organs are lung and colon.


Autumn disease: Dry cough, cold, all problems relating to abdominal areas.


Autumn air is cold and dry in nature with deciduous trees loosing their leaves and drying out. Humans are part of nature and we have same response. When the body easily looses fluids, it can make the skin and throat dry.A dry cough is indicative of body dehydration at blood level and the lung is most sensitive to dryness. The lung and colon are a net work, so if the lung been weakens the colon will be effected.


To strengthen the lungs you need to keep warm and go to bed early (before 10pm) and not to eat any food. Too much ginger, chilly, BBQ meat or deep fried food. All of these kinds of food, are likely to dehydrate the body. Choose to eat the food that is nourishing and adds the moisture to the body. Honey is the best food for autumn.


The Stomach energy is mother energy for the lungs. To keep the lung healthy you need to keep the stomach healthy. The best thing to strengthen the stomach is to eat warm food. Never eat anything ice cold and straight from the fridge. Ice cream certainly is bad food for asthma and patients with stomach problems.


Autumn season health care for lung

01 Mar 2011

At TCM human is part of nature. When the season changes and  the human body energy changes.

What health problems most common at autumn season?

Lung and stomach problems.


Autumn season changes from warm to cooler. the body is easy  loose hydration and effect to blood circulation  the lungs ,stomach and skin  will have  sensitive to autumn, asthma and Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Diarrhea and dry skin are easy to happen.


What should you do?

Not eat cold breakfast. 

Most kiwi has habits is eat cold serial or fruit for break first that is not good for stomach blood circulation. When the stomach is colder not help food get digest and body can not receive nutrition and the whole body will be cold and not good for energy to flow. At Chinese medicine the lung energy support by stomach energy to keep lung healthy first need to keep stomach healthy.


Answer: warm or cooked breakfast: toast or porridge is the best.

Drink or eat more honey least once a day.

TCM believe honey is good for nourish yin energy and autumn easy to lose yin energy. Not eat too much chilly and ginger at autumn because will produce the dryness at the lungs.


Get up and go to bed early.


When you excise keep warm.

If you exercise by walking outdoors, it may be time to locate other places you can walk that are protected from sharp winds. Indoor shopping malls are great places to walk. With the days getting colder, take a few extra minutes to warm up your body and stretch your muscles before you exercise.


Summer solstice health care for your digestion part two

26 Jan 2011

At Traditional Chinese Medicine between the summer solstice and autumn equinox, we call it long summer. In New Zealand, long summer is about from 22nd Dec to 20st Mar 2011.


And it is quite different between summer and long summer. Summer is good for nourishing heart, but long summer is for spleen.  It is easy to catch get sick if your long summer spleen is not healthy. Humid weather makes the body easy to catch dampness. To reduce Humid dampness in your body here is some tips to help you.


1. DO drink less alcohol.  And eat less BBQ meat, because in Chinese medicine alcohol and meat accumulates dampness in the body.

2. DO eat less hot spicy, greasy, and high-sugar foods as this produces unbalanced heat energy and could weaken your body.

3. DO drink plenty of water; drink at least 2000 cc per day. Water is the key to good health. It detoxifies, cleanses, and purifies the blood and the entire human body.

4. DO eat some watermelon, to cool your body.


Summer health care tips part one

06 Jan 2011

1.Summer diet is an important part of health, high daily  temperature, which causes  the skin blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood volume, and a corresponding drop in blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract, digestive function and resistance also will be reduced.

Summer, drink plenty of water, do not eat  greasy food, diet  for summer  is more appropriate to light foods, so  eat more fresh vegetables and soy products

Do not drink too much cold liquids Too cold, especially after heavy physical labor will stimulate the gastric mucosa, the secretion of gastric juice, can lead to indigestion, and sometimes cause stomach pain or diarrhea. Therefore, we should drink a small amount   water at room temperature several times as well.


2. In taking  breaks  from  work  Do not  sit on  the concrete ground  like brick, or concrete floor  when it is very hot  or even  try  sleeping outside. The  brick,  concrete cement  holds  cold and wet energy, and this  very wet moisture permeability and accumulation, means  you could catch cold damp, induced arthritis, sciatica and other rheumatic diseases. DO NOT  sleep direct on  concrete or brick floors.


3. Summer,humid hot weather, it is easy to sweat, the exercise  time should  not be long, you should choose gentle, slow movement , such as walking, Tai Chi, and so on. Choose  the time of day  for shade,  and remember   not to exercise immediately after a meal or swim. Because swimming immediately after a meal will affect the digestive system function.

Allow, at least half an hour after a meal to swim


4. Watch  dry skin  from  showering habits, in general shower once a day, in  water temperature 35 degrees to moderate. Excessive showering you should not use soap, especially do not use strong alkaline soap, so as not to cause skin itching better to use  plain water.

Sexual energy protection in summer

09 Dec 2010


At TCM Sex life and food all good things in life could bring pleasure and also could do damage of your health .Sexual of intercourse activity can be modest increases in the summer but you need to pay attention to two aspects. The first is not to have cold  shower  and drink. immediate after a sexual intercourse as the body is doing a lot of sweating, in the most vulnerable state, then rinse with cold water can easily lead to pathogenic cold energy produce  to health problems..  Secondly for some people, summer sex season you eat less, you body weight loss slows, shortness of breath , and if you have too frequent sexual intercourse, it is more likely to result in physical weakness.


Green tea is unhealthy with empty stomach

09 Dec 2010

During hot summer weather, many people like to drink teat to refresh, it does but. Tea is cool energy for the body; too much green tea could affect body yang energy, too much tea could result in period pain, and lack of sexual energy

Eating cold food at hot summer night is bad for your digestion

09 Dec 2010

At summer season human body tries to release the heat from inside so then constitution could be  little weak, the abdominal area could be cold, this is why summer people have more digestive  problems, be careful not to eat meat,  fruit cold drink before you go to bed.


Health tips-when your bowl motion is loose, salad could be bad for you

27 Oct 2010


The fruit and salad are always good for every one of you?


No. Any good food need to be observed in your body help you to get more energy and stay strong and healthy.


How to you know you have observed the food? Watch out your bowl motion. The good bowl motion need to be looks like sausage and move once a day .your stomach like a pot and your intestines like a oven  to process the food you eaten. If your motion is loose that indicate your oven is cold and the food has not been processed properly and just running out from your body. Regardless what enzymes in the fruit and veges, you never benefit from it.




If your bowler loose What you should eat: cooked and warm food, no haven protein food and too much  fat, especially at evening meal. When you able see the sausage shaped bowel motion. That means your digestive energy is better. You can start the fruit and salad you love and you will benefit from it.

The ideal time to go to bed from ancient Chinese wisdom

27 Oct 2010

What time Chinese ancestors say we need to go to bed?



In ancient Chinese calendar every only 12 hours each hour is equals today two hours. From 9-11pm is the last hour of the day and called HAI. The ancient Chinese character is picture .the top line is yin energy and second line is yang energy and that was two people under , one of them with a half circle  . That means HAI time is yin and yang together to go to bed and make baby.


Health tips-deep breath from your nose to your heel

11 Oct 2010

Chinese ancestor believes the breathing deep is sighing of good health. All babies have refine and deep breath. More unhealthy we are become the breath become heavier and shallower, specially the breath-in deep is most important. When a person dying, the breath-in become shallower, till no breath-in can take the life to end.


The healthy breath how deep should be? Ancient Chinese book said: take a deep breath to your heel. Because the heel can connect with earth energy. If you wear high heels certainly not good for health and not help you to breath deep.


Spring season health care for liver

13 Sep 2010

At TCM the season of spring corresponds to the liver and wood is a time especially suited for the treatment or prevention of liver disease. At spring season aggravation of certain conditions strongly associated with the liver, such as hypertension and migraine headaches and .asthma, eczema.


The best treatments for spring are Liver Detox and Implant Acupuncture see link...


Daily routine care for liver: You need to get up early and go to the bed early , keep warm when the weather changes, eating less sour tasted food that is bad for liver and eat sweet food at spring good for liver.


10 Health mistakes people make in the Modern western world

23 Aug 2010

1  Drinking ice cold drinks straight from the fridge it can Cool the blood is bad for digestion  bad  for blood circulation and weakens the immune system especially bad for asthma patients.


2  Over eating protein food, makes the body too acidic and undigested protein can become toxic in your body.


3 Eating big meals at night, it goes against the  bodies natural time table and is bad for digestion and bad for sleep.


4  Over exercising when the body is tired. Good health means good energy when the energy is low exercise will drain energy.


5  When you  are sick or tired an over indulgent sex life can deplete energy not good for healing. 

6  Believing emotional health and physical health are separate from each other.

In Chinese medicine all organs hold emotions. Physical health and emotional health are one..


7  Valuing independence and privacy over family and social connection. The human connection makes us feel safe and loved. This is the best medicine


8  Believing you only need a doctor when you have medical conditions. In Chinese medicine the best doctors treat people before they get sick.


9   Overvaluing  the power of medicine and medical surgery. Not looking at the side effects.


10  Believing anti-aging is reducing wrinkles and improving sexual power.Using creams, surgery and Viagra. The best anti-aging is to heal chronic health problems