Chinese Face Reading for health analysis

History of Face Map Reading
Ancient Chinese healing art, From the oldest Chinese Medical book - yellow emperor’s classic of medicine, history begins 179 years before Christ, take a few
180 1
hundreds of years to complete the book by many scholars and doctors
In today's world, yellow emperor’s classic of medicine still is authority NO.1 for anyone wish to practice Chinese Medicine or acupunture.

The ancient art of face reading has been used since the time of Confucius by Chinese doctors.The Chinese understand the concept that the face represents the energies, health and fortune of a person and they wish to live in harmony. Chinese face reading is as relevant today as it was in the past and its use is cross cultural. We all have a blend of elements and all faces reflect part of nature’s pattern.

The traditional face map reading is most commonly used by fortune tellers.

Angela has developed the technique to focus on health diagnosis.

  1. The principle of face map reading came from The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine - as the highest authority on traditional Chinese Medicine. Its authorship is attributed to the great Hunang Di, the Yellow Emperor, who reigned during the third millennium BCE.
  2. Angela has had many years of practicing Chinese medicine and has seen many hundreds of patients.
  3. Angela has researched many natural healing sources and has learned and trained with many great healers.

This wisdom has seen a huge resurgence in the West during the past 20 years with the growth of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Feng Shui and Qi Gong,  as an aid to diagnosis and a way of helping their patients. Close observation of the face affords them a deep knowledge of the personality of their patients.

Why do you need health diagnosis?

There is an ancient Chinese saying: "A great doctor treats patients before they get sick. Just like when you are thirsty then decide to dig a well, it is too late."

From a patient's point of view, preventing disease is easier than treating disease. Also treating minor or single diseases is much easier than treating severe or multiple diseases.

How could your face be a map towards your inner organs?

Your face is a mirror of your health.

Your body has a map and your face is part of the map.

The Chinese ancestors discovered the human body has 14 meridians and 365 acupuncture points and the life energy flows between them and connects to 5 vital organs. The heart, the lungs, the spleen, the liver and the kidneys. Each of these vital organs have a window open in the face. Eyes are the window of liver, lips are the window of the spleen (stomach), the tounge is window of the heart, the nose is window of the lungs, and the ears are the window of the kidney.

When the body energy is in perfect flow, these features are in perfect condition. When illness begins, the energy will not flow smoothly, all features on the face, shapes, colors and functions will change.

Your face tells the secrets of your health and your emotions


Can you see any signs of health problems on his face?

We can see his cheek, nose and lips are purple, showing his body is seriously lacking oxygen. This is a sign of a heart condition. His face is puffy, particularly on his eyelids. His chin is falling down. This a sign of water retention. Because the whole body is like an ocean, the water retention will be stored in his whole body ie. in his abdominal area. He will have a very swollen tummy, also swollen feet and ankles. These are signs of kidney failure and digestion problems. The brown spots on his cheek shows toxins in his blood, the sign of an unhealthy liver.

The whole expression on his face shows this person has no appetite and no energy. He could have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He will have difficulty with movement. He could also be in a lot of pain.
Your face tells the secret of your health and your happiness. Because all of your health conditions are related to your emotional balance.