Implant Acupuncture Testimonials

Reduce wrinkles and face lift
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                     06-08                                              19-10
I am 64 years old school teacher.  My right eye can’t open properly for last 40 years. Doctor said the brain at my head has some damage from the surgery I did at the time, This nerve damage has affected my voice, I can‘t talk clearly and the voice very weak.

I have tried many treatments, nothing really works. I stared Facial Implant Acupuncture has very good results. My eye can open widely, my voice come back strong.  To my surprised, the wrinkles on my face and neck have been reduced a lot. I am very happy.


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Sleeping Problems & Weight Loss


Muriel Before Muriel After 4 Weeks After 6 Weeks After 3 months
13 March  7 April  24 April  7 June 
I am 64 years old. Before coming to see Angela, I was waking up 3, 4 times a night, making me tired. All the time I had swollen legs were very sore to touch and felt heavy to move around, stop me to exercise, also I felt out breath, not having much energy.
I am very happy with Chinese Energy Therapy and meeting Angela, I have done 2 treatment plant, 10 treatments.
Now I am sleeping almost though night not having to get up to the toilet, my breath is much better, my legs water retention gone down not soar. I changed to Angela energy diet, I have lost 7 kg, I now have more energy and do exercise 5 days a week, now looking at myself, before after photos. I am very happy with my new Healthy look. I am looking forward to move treatment maintaining my health and well being.

Muriel M from Auckland   06 June 




Implant acupuncture help pregnancy

Jian and her daughter Jiaxin 29 Oct 2009

I am 40 years older professional women. Last year, when my first daughter 2 and .half years older. My husband and I decide to have second child. We tried for 6 month but nothing happens.  I was think maybe I just too older or my job is too stressful has effect to my hormones. I went Angela for implant acupuncture to help myself to lose weight at December, after the first visit, I felt my body so much relaxed. And my sleep was greatly improved.3weeks later, before I come for  my second treatment. I find out I was pregnant. I have a wonderful experience for my second pregnancy. My job is a real-estate agent , I have appointment every where all time, I am able to continue work full time with good energy. No morning sickness at all. My baby daughter jiaxi was born at 26-Augst this year. Now Jiaxi is two and half month older very healthy I have plenty milk to feed my baby and keep lived my busy life. Now, I start the program to lose weight from Angela. Thank you Angela.


Jan Wang  5-11-09

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Type 1 Diabetic, reduce insulin intake
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14 April 2008 03 June 2008 01 May 2008

I am a 45 year old mother of 3 busy teenagers and work as a Principal of a School. I have been a insulin dependant Type 1 Diabetic for the past 23 years. Since the birth of my eldest son 15 years ago, I have been injecting 4 times a day in order to maintain the flexibility my lifestyle requires. I still was able to enjoy sport and physical activities but was beginning to notice radical swings in my sugar levels and suffered aches and pains as a result. Recently my periods had begun to be painful and I suffered from clotting and excessive bleeding. I had always suffered from a sluggish bowel and my motions were far from regular. My biggest concern over the past 5-6 years, had been bouts of 20 – 30 boils at a time covering various parts of my body. These were extremely painful and meant I was unable to play the sports I enjoyed and live life to the fullest. They would occur at any little spot of skin irritation and each one could last anything up to 6 weeks. I had tried everything over the past 5 years to be rid of them but after short bouts of freedom – they would return with a vengeance!

It was recommended that I visit Angela for a bowel cleanse to rid my body of stored toxins. After an initial visit to the clinic, I attended Angela’s workshop then booked myself, my husband and my Mum in for a course of treatment at the Clinic.

My results are easily measureable – I am now taking 25% insulin on a daily basis and my sugar levels have never been so settled. After just 4 weeks, my boils had gone completely and there is no sign of them returning after 3 months. I am sleeping better and I feel 10 years younger. Lots of people are commenting that I look really well and asking what I have been doing to achieve this. Last weekend I played in a squash tournament with no training or lead up after a six month break and I am amazed to say I was full of energy and have no aching muscles as a result. I certainly will be continuing with combinations of Angela’s therapies to maintain this new lease on life.

Sharyn T      17 June 2008

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Painful and Inflamed Breast

[Go Top]Thank you for following up on my treatment in April this year. I found the combination of CET, Implants and Detox helped my overall general health as prior to coming to you I was burned out from working long hours and feeling achy all over. In particular I had had mastitis diagnosed in early 2007. This is a painful inflamed breast and was affecting the left side with noticeable swelling under my left arm pit. I had been to a breast specialist though in late 2007 I was discharged from his care as no further treatment was required. I was concerned however about the swelling and at times pain. After coming to you the pain and swelling have gone.

I am intending to return to the clinic for a second session in July. Thank you for your care and concern and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Carmel. S   11 June 2008

Chronic Low Back Pain for 17 Years

I am 39 years old and living in Hilo, Hawaii for the last 17 years. I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain for the last 20 years and have not had any good long term results from anything with western medicine/treatment. In the last 10 years the pain has gotten much worse. At least 2-3 times a year my lower back would go out and I would not be able to walk for 2-4 days. A few months ago I had to go to the hospital and they prescribed me prescription pain killers which only relieved half of the pain temporarily. I had trouble walking for 1 week and the pain lasted for over 2 weeks. I underwent 3 treatments from Angela, one implant acupuncture and two energy treatments. It has been 10 days since the last treatment and the results are phenomenal. I have absolutely no pain in my back at all. I have been going to work lifting cases of oil and waking up in the morning with no pain at all. I am in awe of Angela's treatment techniques and I recommend an!

None experiencing any types of health issues to give Angela's treatment a try. In my opinion, the results I have received from Angela's treatment is invaluable, I feel like I'm 17 again. Aloha and thanks again Angela.

Ivan Y. from Hawaii 25 February 2008

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Lose Weight

miss hu 1.JPG miss hu 2.JPG
20 March 2007 19 May 2007
After 3 Implant Acupuncture Treatments

I have always been the chubby girl and desired to be slim. I have tried everything (exercise, dieting pills, and starvation) but all ended with no results and sometimes I became even fatter than before.

One day a friend of mine told me about the implant acupuncture treatment can help me to loose weight at Chinese Energy Therapy Clinic, it have changed my life.

I was 80kg prior to the treatment and now I’m 70kg, I have lost 10kg in just 3 months time without doing any exercises while enjoying my favorite foods, and even more my sleeping qualities got much better than before.

My friend said that she had noticed the differences of my size comparing with before, thus Reduce Waist Line program is really a good and healthy way to loose weight.

Ice H 12 June 2007

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Pimples/Acne on the Face
14 January 2008
17 March 2008

I am 25 years old and I have acne since I was 15 years old. I have tried every skin cream to help my skin condition but there were nothing happen.

I have two implant acupuncture treatment. My skin has become more smooth and my face much less pimples. I am very happy with the result.

Shelly G 27 March 2008

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Acne and Rough Skin
sabrina 1.JPG sabrina_2.JPG
February 2007
After One Treatment

I am a 23 year-old nursing student. I have had acne and rough skin on my back for about 5 years, which makes me really embraced to wear low cut tops and beach wear. This problem has affected on my self-esteem. After one implant acupuncture treatment, my skin becomes smooth and radiant. I am very happy and I can wear many clothes that I could not wear before.

S.Z. March 2007

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On Going Back Problem Going Back More Than 15 Years Herniated Discs on Lower Back
phil4_1.JPG phil1_1.JPG
phil5_1.JPG phil3_1.JPG
 phil6_1.JPG  phil2_1.JPG
1 June 2007
26 June 2007

I am a 46 yrs old professional male.

I have had an on going back problem going back more than 15 years.

In May this year I hurt my back again (the 3rd time this year) which resulted in an MRI scan which confirmed that I had 2 herniated discs in my lower back. The pain was unbearable causing me to take leave from work for the last 8 weeks.. My left sciatica nerve was causing me immense pain also my right foot was swollen. Both right and left legs where numb. My GP and specialist had me on morphine for the pain and booked me in for an Steroid injection for pain management.

The pain drugs took some of the pain away but my feet where still numb and I could still not stand straight. Still unable to work!

I thought my only option was surgery as was being indicated by my specialist. To me this was not a good idea and decided to look for an alternative.

I found Angela on her web site “Chinese Energy Therapy Clinic”.

I knew that healing had to happen from the whole body so I decided that Angela had the answer for me after our first talk on the phone.

After two sessions which involved “Chinese Cupping, Energy therapy, Colon cleanse and Implant Acupuncture” Implant acupuncture involved 16 points which gave me almost instant relief. I was able to stand 80% straight immediately. After 4 days I am standing 95% straight with no pain. I am no longer on prescription pain killers which I had been on for the previous 7 weeks.

Implant acupuncture has worked for me. Besides giving me enormous relief I have a lot more energy, not tired in the morning, able to focus on what I want to achieve and generally feeling a whole better within myself. I am looking forward to returning to work next week.

I have found Angela and her staff very professional and pleasant. Everything that has been recommended is thou rally explained before any commencement of any treatment.

I highly recommend Angela at Chinese Energy Clinic and the treatment by Implant Acupuncture as being the best. I have over the years tried almost everything available to the western world but nothing has given me the relief I have experienced with Implant Acupuncture.

Thank you Angela am looking forward to ongoing treatment with great results that will give me a longer happier life.

Phil H, from Bay of Island 26 June 2007

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Stomach Upsets Nagging Cough

pat and bill.JPG
Bill and Pat Barlow 19 May 2007

I thought I was a healthy person, because I never frequented the Dr's as lot of people along my age did. I’ve always had to have 8hr's sleep everyday and I thought I was quite a fit person But I have a few little health problems.

I have stomach upsets which I’ve had for many years. I get sore tummy easy and I have bowl motion 3 times a day and Angela told me it was mainly to do with my spleen, also I having a cold stomach. Not enough energy to digest food.

I've have had a Nagging cough off and on for many years which would flare up every early spring and early autumn, and this heavy cough would last for at least 3-4 weeks at a time.

I don’t have deep sleep and use to wake up about 3-4 times a night between the hr of 1-4am to Go to toilet to pass urine.

Since having this implant Acupuncture treatment 3 times by Angela and her team I now realize that I was running on half cylinders, because now I find I do not need the same 8 hr's sleep as I use to. And I can sleep to about 4.30am - 5.30am to go to the toilet.

I’ve not suffered with the stomach upset, Loose motions, which Angela said it was my Liver.

Become healthier and my stomach becomes warm. And I don’t have any cough at all.

I feel my body energized and stronger. and I am very happy with the result.

I highly recommend this treatment to all who are thinking of trying natural therapy and this implant acupuncture is the best therapy I have experienced.

There are no side effects.

Thanks very much Angela and Team.

Pat Barlow 20 May 2007

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Reduce Waist Line and Improve Energy and Memory

bill_1.JPG Waist Line 121cm
14 April 2007
bill_2.JPG Waist Line 114cm
19 May 2007
After 2 Treatments
bill_3.JPG Waist Line 111cm
2 June 2007
After 3 Treatments

I am 67 years of age, working as a church minister. I had 4 implant acupuncture treatments, I can see many positive changes in my health.

  1. When I began this Treatment my weight was 95.5 Kgs. My waist measurement was 121cm, after 3 treatments I now weigh 93kgs and waist is 111cm. My whole body feels light and energetic.
  2. Before the Treatment, I would dose and sleep watching TV. Now this problem has gone.
  3. My memory has improved so much, that my Preaching at Church on Sundays now means I can Preach with & without Notes. Concentration is much more alert.
  4. Before Treatment, my bowl movements were very loose & go 2-3 times a day. Now movements are once a day & are like a sausage.
  5. Passing urine at night was 2-3 times at night. Now I go to toilet once.
  6. I have noticed that my feet are not so painful when on them for 2-4 hours a day. This is because of this acupuncture treatment by Angela and her Team.

I had the flu this week & noticed that the flu lasted just 2 days. In the past it sticks in my chest & eyes. For l -7 days. I am sure it is the Acupuncture Treatment that is helping me.

Thank you and your Team Angela.

Bill Barlow 2 June 2007

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Reduce Water Retention after Child Birth

julia.JPGI am a 41 year old business woman with two young children. After my second son I found myself tummy and legs and arms quit swollen, these area of my body looks fate and when you touched they can be tender, I know these not only is fat. Also is water retention.

I have an own company. The work could be stressful. After a long day of work, I often get tired easily.

Angela recommends I try implanting acupuncture treatment. After one treatment, the result was surprising:

  1. I have lost lot water from my tummy. Legs and arms, my whole body feels lighter.
  2. My skin looks younger and healthier.
  3. I get more energy and I need less sleep, get up in the morning feel totally refreshed�I

I have tried all kind of natural therapy to improve my health. My experience with Implant acupuncture was the best! I will continue have few more treatments and to keep myself healthy and energetic.

Thank you Angela for bring this wonderful new treatment to our lives.

Julia Wang, from Auckland, 20 May 2007

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Water Retention, Sore Knee and Ankle and High Blood Pressure

SylviaI am a Spell tutor, working with students with learning difficulties. I am quite sure none of the students realize quite how old I am (74).I have a good appetite, sleep well, have plenty of energy, and am more physically and mentally alert than I have been for years. It really is wonderful to feel so well and active and to be able to keep so busy. My 40 years old daughter asked me what the secret is, I kept so well. I said:" Angela's Chinese Energy Therapy ."

I first came to Angela's clinic in the spring of 2004, when I was 71. At that time I thought I was in reasonable health, although I knew that I was a little overweight, had swollen legs especially around the ankles, arthritis, and very poor sleeping habits. I considered that all of these conditions were an inevitable result of the passing years and that I just had to put up with things and make the best of the situation.

I really started to attend Angela's clinic because my husband was receiving treatment, and I knew how beneficial he had found it.

Initially I received electro magnetic therapy and that was helpful, Then Angela introduced me to her liver cleansing treatment, and that made a really significant difference to my health. I lost weight, around 7kg I believe, and my physical shape improved enormously. My tummy reduced in size, my legs and ankles became much slimmer, and I had so much more energy.

It was wonderful. After years of feeling heavy, bloated and tired I suddenly felt light and energetic, as though I was ten years younger. I was active again and able to do things I hadn't done for years. I went to my daughter's 50th birthday party and danced with my children and grandchildren. Everyone remarked on my energy and enthusiasm. I truly felt exhilarated.

In total I had seven liver detox treatments, and the health improvements continued.

In the meantime, Angela has introduced another new treatment - implant acupuncture. I have started on this programme and have found it most beneficial. It appears to focus on particular areas and to really target specific problems. So, the water retention problem which was still evident has now disappeared. My sore knee and ankle, due in part to previous accidents, have finally healed, and no longer cause me any problems. I gave Angela some worries, due to my high blood pressure, but this also is now much improved.

Currently I am on an acupuncture maintainance programme, and I intend to stay on this for the foreseeable future.

I now know for sure that overweight, water retention, arthritis, sluggish bowel movements, reduced vision, high blood pressure, and general slowing down of all physical functions, are not a necessary part of old age, but are the result of poor health. I am really grateful to Angela for helping me to overcome these problems, and I intend to continue to attend her clinic and follow her most excellent advice.

Thank you Angela for your friendship, your support, your wisdom and your guidance. You and your team provide a wonderful service and I feel privileged to be able to benefit from it. I wish you well and feel sure that your Chinese Energy Therapy Clinic will continue to grow to meet the needs of discerning clients.

Sylvia Davies, from Milford, 9 September 2007

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Reduce Fatty Liver and Decrease High Blood Pressure

I would like to thank you for your help with my fatty liver. On 27 September 2007 I was informed that I had a fatty liver. My Blood test results showed that my ALT was 56 and my AST was 52. The maximum of a normal healthy person should have is 45. I immediately went to you and received 2 implant acupuncture and 2 energy treatment with the hopes that it would go down to 45. On the 28th of November 2007 I retook my blood test and my ALT was 12 and my AST was 20. This is an amazing improvement.

My Uncle from USA went to you in November of 2007 and did 3 energy treatment, 1 implant acupuncture and 1 liver cleanse in 9 days while here from the States to see you. His high blood pressure was 190/95 (no medication). Thanks to your treatment his blood pressure is now 130/78 ( no medication) You have saved him from taking the Western Medicine cover up pills. It was well worth his trip to NZ.

That was eyes opening experience to find out Chinese Energy Therapy able to treat fatty liver and high blood pressure. This kind of serious health problems naturally.

Sandy, from the USA, 18 December 2007

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Reduced Swollen Ankles, Improved Sleeping Pattern and Lose Weight

Angela, I’ve had 4 liver cleanse treatments earlier in the year (3 were successful) and you’ve also given me 3 implant acupuncture treatments so far. Here are some observations.

  1. My ankles aren’t swollen much now although they still do when I overeat with the wrong foods. The definition around my feet/toes which occurred several weeks ago.
  2. I’ve shed another kilo since my last visit. Since end of January when I started the liver cleanses and the implants in June, I’ve shed about 6 kg’s. That’s great because although I try to eat well there are lots of occasions when I’m off the ‘wagon’.
  3. Sleep patterns are also improving. I now get 3-4 hour blocks with less awake times in between.
  4. The nightly visits to the bathroom have reduced dramatically; usually only once instead of 3 or 4.
  5. There is much more definition around my neck and face.
  6. I’ve had comments on how ‘well’ I’m looking.

Kitty. J, from Milford, 16 July 2007

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Chronic Constipation and Bowel Problems

I had suffered with chronic constipation and bowel problems for last 20 years. After having a couple of energy sessions and Angela’s acupuncture implant therapy I was amazed when from the day following the implants I would go to the toilet first thing every morning and empty both my bladder and bowel. There was no straining, the stools were soft and well formed and for the first time in my years, my insides felt clean.

It is now 3 months since I have had the implants and my previous condition has not returned. I feel great, have more energy, my skin has improved, and I no longer have a problems associated with a toxic system. My blood pressure was high about 140/90 for a year and now my blood pressure down to 110/70. Thanks Angela your treatment has worked and is a fantastic alternative to traditional western medicine.

Trif P 20 January 2008

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