Training Plan

Why does a natural therapy practitioner need chinerchi training?

1  Chinerchi health analysis is a great tool to help patients see their own health issues. Giving them a comprehensive health assessment of the internal organs will help you to have a macroscopic and microscopic understanding of the patient's condition and help you to tailor an effective treatment plan. Also motivates patients to follow your advice and to improve their health.

2  Chinerchi treatment technique is not complicated to master the skills, but deliver very effective results, which will help your patient build up confidence in your work.

3  Chinerchi eating plan enhances the treatment benefits. Also help patients to lose weight, and gain more energy.

4  Chinerchi emotional balance code brings healing to an in-depth level, besides improving the physical health, patients enjoy a spiritual uplifting.

The essence of Chinerchi training is the wisdom of TCM and a well-designed working manual.

You will become more confident when you communicate with your patients.

You will develop your clinic business and run it more professionally

You will establish a professional image - in front of the patient, you are the professional health expert who gets results for your patients.