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Your Body Works Like a Clock?
by CHAN LEE PENG, Oct 3, 2007
Understanding your body's timetable is essential to lead to a healthy life. Do not do anything that against to your body's clock. How much do you know about the functionality of your body's clock?

The Chinese Meridian Blood Circulation reflects "a real clock" in our body. Ancient Chinese practitioners used this timetable to prescribe medicine for their patients. It also represents how efficiency our organs function in certain periods. Hence, it is a good guideline for human to achieve optimum health.

The timetables below show the organs and their respective times.
  • Liver (23:00 -1:00)
  • Gallbladder (1:00-3:00)
  • Lungs (3:00-5:00)
  • Colon (5:00-7:00)
  • Stomach (7:00-9:00)
  • Spleen (9:00-11:00)
  • Heart (11:00-13:00)
  • Intestine (13:00-15:00)
  • Bladder (15:00-17:00)
  • Kidney (17:00-19:00)
  • Blood vessels (19:00-21:00)
  • Lymph (21:00-23:00)

Based upon the timetable, a large amount of blood is concentrated in the liver at 11p.m to 1 a.m. The flows of blood into the liver will help to enhance the breakdown of toxins and the secretion of bile. This secretion is then stored in the gall bladder. Hence, the best time for the efficiency of liver should be two hours earlier than that of the gall bladder. We will get tired easily during the time when the power of the liver decreases. The body's fatigue may further cause diseases linked to the liver.

To ensure that our liver rests well and gains its power, we should sleep before 11p.m. At 11p.m., the liver can take up good nutrients from the blood. According to Chinese medicine, the liver is closely associated with wood and plants and thus consuming green vegetables are good for the liver.

Between 7 to 9a.m., a large amount of blood flows into the stomach to help enhancing the digestion of food. Also, the blood is concentrated in the pancreas to assist the breakdown of complex food into small molecules so that they can be absorbed easily into the bloodstream through the small intestine and transported to the entire body cells. That is why 7a.m will be an ideal time to have our breakfast as the next two hours are the best time for the stomach to digest food efficiently.

At 5 to 7a.m, the blood is concentrated in the large intestine. At this time, the large intestine works efficiently to secrete the feces. If the feces are not digested properly within 24 hours, the toxins in the feces will be reabsorbed with the water in the large intestine. This is a major reason why most people are suffering from constipation.

According to the timetable, blood is concentrated in the lungs at 3 to 5 a.m. This is a good time to rest and to "recharge" the power of the lungs. Thus, the lungs should have enough rest to enhance its efficiency. The fact explains why at this time the blood circulation is the slowest and the rate and frequency of breathing is minimal. Otherwise, the ability of the lungs will decrease when they do not have enough rest. So, make sure you avoid doing any activities by this time.

In short, do not do things that are conflicted with your body's natural instinct, otherwise your body may collapse one day.

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