Chinerchi helps middle age lady thin hair grow thicker

Chinerchi helps middle age lady thin hair grow thicker

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Babs is a 50 years old lady work at her own business as property management. A fit, slim person, enjoy looking good in her age. Last 5 years her hair has been grow thinner; she is only having a few hairs to cover the top her head. This problem bothers her, make she feels old.

After three Chinerchi therapy sessions and two facial –skull implant acupuncture treatments, amazingly Babs hair has grown thicker. Not only has her appearance changed and her quality of sleep  improved,  she has  better energy and spirit for work and life.


Review of the treatment

When Babs is first visit clinic, she asked: can the Chinerchi therapy can help hair growth?

The answer is: yes.

After health analysis, I found Babs has a long history of lacking  deep sleep, and her digestion system is not functioning well.

In Chinese medicine: kidney energy give you good night sleep, support hair grow and brain, sexual functions. The healthy digestion gives the nutrition to the blood, then the body can produce quantity and quality of shiny thick hair.

Treatment on improving Babs quality of sleep and digestive function; the more nutritional blood supply to her skull, than the new hair can grow. Healing can be simple.