Case Studies page 3

Diabetes sugar level from 8 down to 5

004-333 I am a 39 years old mother and have had diabetes for the last 4 years. I need medication to manage the sugar level. When I first came to Chinerchi clinic I had a severe dry cough and was very tired and not able to have a deep relaxed sleep. Also I had a very sore right knee. When I played badminton or took a walk that could be very painful.  Read more

LOVE IS THE BEST MEDICINE--My Dog Miracle Healing Story

happy(copy)-811 On 21st May the kennel manager rang me in China and said “Happy is not well. His eyes are very swollen and he can not open them, he is not eating, moving, or playing. He also has bad diarrhoea,” the manager said “to me “Happy” looks as if he has not long to live, what is your wish do you want him to die here or do you want to take him home?” I was crying on the phone as I couldn't imagine life without “Happy”.  Read more

Almost fatal stroke-sufferer talking again

stroke(copy)-817 When Mary lay in bed before I start treating her , I ask her tell me what you been doing this morning?
She said: I have done big cleaning for my k...
For my understand she try to tell me she has been clean her kitchen. But she is not able to say it. She says to me what happened?  I can’t talk. Read more