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Chinerchi helps 12 year old boy with bronchitis and improves his whole health.

bronchitis Grant is a school boy with a very bad cough that effected him, he couldn't sleep, had no appetite, no energy, he was missing school for a few days. He was on steroid medical drugs that were making him very weak. Read more

How Chinerchi helps multiple health issues - arthritis, rosacea,  light sleep, constipation all at the same time?

Picture1(copy)-531 Kate is a professional young woman who has a good position in her company. She visited the clinic for low energy, bad sleep, arthritis in her hand, and severe constipation. She also has Rosacea in her face. Kate eats healthy food and also exercises but it seems not enough to keep her in good health. Read more

Lung cancer reduced in size after Chinerchi therapy

Lung cancer diagram
Steve was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. He had problems lifting his arm and pain around the shoulder area. In the following months he found himself always getting tired easily and had a continuous sore back and eventually moving around to the front area under the rib cage. The pain was so bad he was not able to sleep in bed - only upright in armchair and needed a lot of pain killers. Read more

In one family, three ladies and three generations healed at the same time

grandma-812 I began bringing both my 6 year old daughter and 92 year old grandmother to Angela for treatment after conventional treatments were not helping either of them, and I was at a loss of what to do.  On discovering Angela's website very late at night, as I was not sleeping well due to worry, I booked in both to see her. Read more

Broken elbow, chronic bowel problems, sluggish putting on weight and painful neck

christin(copy)-640 I had been to two specialists about the lack of coordination of my arm and hand: one said I had Arthritis and the other said I had had a stroke!!! And I needed a MRI scan to see the amount of damage on my brain???? The bowel surgeon wanted to operate again and the arthritis specialist wanted to put me on heavy medication which I did not agree with. So what did I have to lose? The past 18 months I had been feeling very sluggish and exhausted, I keep putting on weight. I also felt I was holding a lot of water. I had at least  7-10 bowel movements a day of which I drained me. Read more

Chinerchi therapy helps 18 month old baby with slow development to make recovery

baby(copy) Angela is a 16 month older little baby girl. Her parents bring her to visit the clinic as recommend by Angela's nanny Pamela. Who had a long history of sore back and Chinerchi therapy was able to remove the pain and help her continue to work.
Angela shows slow development mentally and physically. She can not stand up for more than a minute; she did not engage with any conversations, parents were wondering if she knew her name? Her Mother has taken her for tests - over all developmental delay of approx 4 to 6 months. Read more

Chronic enlarged prostate problems and weakness in stomach

001(copy)(copy)002(copy)(copy) Isa is a 69 years older male farmer from Turkey came to Auckland for a holiday. Isa had chronic enlarged prostate problems for 5 years he needs to get up at night about 4-6 times a night. Isa also had weakness in stomach. He couldn't eat any meat in the evening meal, after a hearty meal he always felt heavy and bloated and sometimes sore. Isa had a heart surgery few years ago, and since then he always felt sensitive to cold. Read more

Acid reflux stopped after one treatment

  Paul is a 45 year old accountant having reflux for 15 years. He was taking medication to manage this condition. Paul had one CET treatment and a week after Paul found the reflux had disappeared. He doesn't need medication any more. Read more

Head Cyst causing headaches and snoring

  Murray is a 53 year old builder who has a brain cyst about 15 CM long that was discovered in 2003. Due to the complicated conditions, the cyst is unable to be removed surgically. Since then Murray has constant headaches, noisy snoring and a lack of energy. Read more

Inguinal hernia pain reduce 90% after 3 treatment

003-350 I developed an inguinal hernia about a year ago that caused a fair bit of pain in my right lower abdominal as well as burning pain in the upper right leg. I also went into early menopause about 3 months ago. This led to severe hot flushes, night sweats, headache, short tempers and restless sleep. All contributed to me being totally exhausted with no energy to keep up with my busy day to day life. Read more