Chinerchi Clinic Case Studies

High Blood Pressure – Patient had been on medication for the last 10 years and now he has free from medication
gramem(copy)-63 Graeme is a 59 year old businessman. Who runs a medium size company and has lots of stress from work. He has a lot of drive but lacks energy. Graeme has a high blood pressure and has been taking medication for the last 10 years.
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shantilal 300px(copy)
11/04                                             09/05

Renal disease is a serious health issue, why medical drug used for a year, patient condition is no change and Chinerchi can help patient improve blood test reading in 3 weeks? Read more




Renal disease patients improve symptoms in three weeks

kindey case study
kidney disease                     normal kidney

Shanty who was diagnosed with renal disease and was on heavy medication. After a few treatments Shanty's symptoms greatly reduced: dry month gone, frequent and difficult urination greatly diminished. He now has more energy and we see in his new blood tests that his reading has started to change. Shanty now has a vibrant glow in his face.Read more


Chinerchi helps sluggish and aching body to look and feel younger

antia case study
20/11                          22/12                      07/01

Anita sluggish and aching body are relating to toxic built up blocked energy flow. Chinerchi

Removed water retention .her body became lighter and clean.  The whole appearance younger is reflection of internal organs health. Read more

Electronic acupuncture helps an 8 month old baby with sever eczema

indy case study
18/12                20/12                 04/01               07/01
Indie only 8 months old had severe eczema since she was 7 weeks older. Her little body, face and scalp was all covered with a red rash, weepy sores and she felt itching all time. She had never been a good sleeper nor had a great apatite and her bowel motion is loose. The itchiness makes her irritated; she was often restless and crying.  Read more

Chinerchi help hyperthyroidism (an over-active thyroid)

13/08                              08/12
I had numerous health issues over the last two years and at 23 years old I knew I could be healthier. After my first energy session I noticed I was no longer waking numerous times in the night, I now sleep deeply every night without tossing and turning. I developed hyperthyroidism (an over-active thyroid) two years.  Read more

Frozen shoulder for 6 month facing surgery. Chinerchi helps the movement 100% back and pain free

08/02                                      21/11
Foheem had a frozen shoulder for 6 month. Start from right arm them develop to left arm. He has been to 10 times Physical Therapy without results. Doctor recommendation is surgery. Read more

11 year old girl freed from inhaler and now able to play sports

jing(copy)(copy)(copy) Jing Mei is an 11 year old school girl and has had asthma since about 4 years old, needing inhalers most of the time during the winter and spring months every year because she would often become short of breath and lack in energy.
Her mum brought her to the clinic in June because she was experiencing sore knee problems that prevented her from being able to play sports over the last few months. Read more

Recovery from 25 years of keen injury

chris(copy) Chris is a 50 years old business man and a farmer. He had a motor bike accident 25 years ago, after surgery the lift knee has become a permanently weak part of his body. Every winter he has to live with a sore, swollen knee that has had a big impact to his mobility and physical strength. Read more

Early Menopause woman get pregnant

pregent(copy) Sandy is a 38 years old. She has two teenage boys from her first marriage. Sandy is married to a second husband and wishes to have baby with new family. Sandy visited the Chinerchi clinic and was recommended by a friend. The wish list is: want to lose weight, remove chronic headache and sore back. Also she has a dream to get pregnant.  Read more

25 years of daily spot bleeding stopped after Chinerchi Therapy treatments.

tracy(copy) I am a 45 year old female, part-time psychology student and social worker
Through health analysis Angela thought working on my past gynaecological issue was the priority. I have nonstop daily spot bleeding, heavy, 7 days clotty periods with low iron for the past 25 years. The specialist's recommendation and only option offered was a hysterectomy. This was not my option and I have chosen to live with it and accept that it is part of my normal life.  Read more