Facial implant acupuncture can reduce your age about 10 years

lisa with date(copy)

Lisa is a business woman and has come for treatment for her serious skin issues. After the skin conditions improved, she is continuing the Chinerchi treatment to improve her energy level.  Over the last two months we did two facial implant acupuncture treatments; there has been a positive transformation in her appearance. 

From the three photos you can clear see her facial appearance changes.

1. In the first photo the whole face is looking overall in a good condition: not too many wrinkles, no skin marks, but looks puffy and flat, behind the skin there is a lack of energy, also a lack of spark in the eyes. This indicates that the blood flow is not ideal in her face, and didn’t show strong vitality in her appearance.

2. The second photo is taken after the first implant acupuncture: a lot of water retention has been removed from her face, the whole face has become smaller, and more energy is visible in her skin and eyes. 

3. The third photo is taken after the second implant acupuncture: the further water retention is going, the whole face has been lifted up, and all features have become more dimensional, the eyes are full of spark; the facial muscle looks toned and full of vitality.

Lisa is very happy with her new look and feels about 10 years younger. 

From beauty profession point of view, we judge a beautiful face, based on 3 ideal conditions

1. The whole face is in 3D’s shape, not flat.

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2. An energetic face has a V-shaped chin, because when the body lacks energy, the facial muscle becomes loose and saggy, the face shape loses its definition, from the v shape to a more square shape; this is an aging sign.

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3. Plumpness in cheeks and a healthy, young looking face, with the skin full of collagen.

When the body lacks nutrients it can’t produce enough collagen and the face becomes flat and wrinkly.

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How facial implant acupuncture can make your face look younger?

  1. Water retention is related to unhealthy kidneys; we need to help the kidneys to get stronger to help release the extra fluid in the body. Also by putting implant acupuncture protein thread at certain points in your face, it will assist the long term blood flow and work on lymph drainage continuously.  This will, effectively, improve your facial shape.                                                               inserted image
  2. When your digestion function is weakened, the body does not absorb nutrients well   and the face starts to show wrinkles. When protein threads are implanted at certain points in your face, they will stimulate your blood flow and the collagen production. In results you will see that the fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the plumpness and tone is restored.

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