Self-healing Workshops

Introduction and Timetable

  • Why do we need to learn self-healing?
  • Benefits
  • What do we learn from this one day course?
  • Uniqueness
  • Timetable
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Breathing technique for weight loss

  • History and benefit of Ancient Chinese breathing
  • Chi gong is a breathing exercise with movement in Chinese style
  • You can learn how to lose weight through ancient breathing technique
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Face reading for health analysis

  • Ancient Chinese face reading to identify your inner organs' strengths and weakness
  • You can learn how to analyze your health from your face
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Detox tapping

  • History and benefit of detox tapping
  • Ancient detox tapping technique for treating your chronic health problems or to improve your wellness
  • You can learn how to tap yourself at home
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Chinerchi 5 organ meditation

  • The Power of your thoughts and words
  • Source of Chinerchi meditation technique
  • Essence of Chinerchi 5 organ meditation
  • Your thoughts and your words can empower your inner organs and balance your energy
  • You can learn the meditation at the workshop
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Limited space available, please book your seat in advance


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price We have a hot price for the early bird!

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Testimonial People who attend the workshop share their experience and what they have learned.

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