Ancient Chinese face map reading for health analysis

Ancient Chinese face map reading for health analysis 

This course designed for health practitioner.

If you are yoga teacher, nature therapist, you want to understand,

Recognize your customer’s health issues how relating to internal organs,

They emotional struggles how effect to the internal organs.

And how to give them insightful health advice


This unique course will give you a power tool to achieve that.

And help you to gain confidence in your profession.


You will learn

From traditional Chinese medicine point of view

1, five pairs of vital organs

The five pairs of vital organs functions

How they are connect to the meridians line


2 the organs how to related to each other..

How The five pare of vital organs can be positive or negative relating to each other

 How the 5 features in your face connect to the five pare of vital organs.


3 you illness is shows your emotional struggle

 The 5 pare of vital organs how relating to 5 positive emotions and also how to relating 5 negative emotions.

Understand that when you have health issues that indicate your emotional blocks, learn 

How to recognize patient’s personality linked to own health state.


4, the procedure of face reading

 The overall face reading and health analysis.

, the 3 most important symptoms symptom to watch in patients


5, face reading practice


6,  how to make treatment plan.

Total from 930am to 430pm hour break for lunch