Chinerchi Clinic


Chinerchi clinic was started in 1996 and located on the north shore of Auckland New Zealand. The clinic has been operating for 16 years and has helped countless patients to restore their health.
You can read their genuine written and video testimonials here. These patients come from different walks of life and from different countries, connected by the wholistic health vision of Chinerchi.


1. healing chronic health problems without any medication
We are a natural healing clinic but we don’t prescribe any herbal medicine or supplements for you to consume.
We practice Chinese medicine but we don’t use Chinese Herbs, conventional acupuncture needles or massage.

2. Chinese face reading for health analysis
Through face reading techniques we can analyse your inner organs' working conditions and find out the key issues causing your health problems. This helps to treat the cause directly and to restore your health efficiently.
face reading

3. The Unique Chinerchi Diet

There are many diet programs out there aiming to improve your health, most of them in two groups:
A: vegetarian or raw diet. This diet has some health benefits but at the same time it has limitations. Many vegetarians are lacking in protein and ingest too many carbohydrates. The raw diet is not suited for people who have weakened digestive systems and can actually make the digestion worse.
B: high protein diet for los weight and build muscles. This type of diet can make blood too acidic; you can lose weight but not be really healthy.

Chinerchi diet requires you to not eat heavy meals at dinner time and to eat protein foods at lunch time. It seems very simple but is greatly beneficial for your health.

4. Treatment plan
We make a treatment plan for every patient to deliver the best results.
For treatment to be successful, patients need to make a commitment to the treatment plan and lifestyle changes


5. Emotional connections with patients
We believe Healing encompasses three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.  Behind every physical pain is emotional blockage, behind every emotional struggle lies a separation between the physical body and the spirit. We care for your suffering and we can help you to address the cause and to make a shift.
6. Educate patients to help you believe your body can heal itself.
Form Chinerchi point of view healing can be simple and that no disease untreatable. Chinerchi therapy help your body to built up energy flow and support your body to heal itself. We provide service to prove it is true and we openly tell you why and how the treatments work.
We give you hope and help you to live the best healthy life you deserve to have.

Location and Facilities


Chinerchi clinic located at beautiful quite mariners cove area, north shore, Auckland city of New Zealand. Only 3 minuets walk to beach, 5 minutes drive to café and shops, 10 minutes drive to motorways.
Clinic car park can park with 6 cars.
Clinic has 180 degree of sea views and beautiful landscaped gardens.
Site at clinic wafting room you can enjoy sea views and garden views at the same time.
Clinic is spacious, modern, clean and with oriental flavor.
Before and after you treatments you will be greeting by friendly staff and offer a free Chinese ginger & honey drink.
Come to Chinerchi clinic is not only a healing treatment and also relaxing refreshing experience.

Chinerchi clinic have a total new image, new environment, new facility. Bright, clean, space and comfortable.
The waiting room is open to the garden and deck.


                 Treatment Room

                 Sea view on the deck


                     Garden view



      Angela talks to the customer


           Angela talks to patient
talking to patient