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Poor blood circulation and skin damage
Chronic Asthma
Energize and Anti- aging

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Dear Chinese energy therapy friends:
Welcome to the latest Chinerchi news letter!
In this letter I would like to share some information about winter health care and the latest healing stories from the Chinese energy therapy clinic.
In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) every season matches different organs. The winter season is associated with kidney and bladder energy. That means in the winter season the kidney and bladder function and energy could easily to be challenged.
How do you know your kidney and bladder function and energy have problems? What can you do to protect your kidney and bladder?
At TCM every organs physical and emotional function are united as one .If you have healthy kidney energy you will have healthy bones, will not feel the cold, sleep soundly, have a  good memory,  good hearing, able to listen to others and communicate. You should also have a healthy sexual drive be emotionally strong, fearless, and ambitious with lots of drive.
If your kidney and bladder energy is weak your bones will be cold and acing especially in the feet and ankles. You will find winter hard to tolerate and suffer from bad sleep. Your memory will be poor with impaired hearing and a low sex drive. You may have problems passing urine with visits to the toilet either too often or too little.
 Emotionally you may be afraid with a lack of drive. You may also lack manly or womanly assurance and not be able to see the world in reality or able to listen to others.
Tips to take care your kidney and bladder function and energy.
1 Keeping warm is the key. Do not wear too little clothing for a smart look and then catch a cold. Never drink or eat anything  icy cold  from the fridge.
2, Reduce sex life in winter and save it for the spring season.
3, outdoor life more active under the sun.
4 Emotionally develop confidence in yourself and a willingness  to listen to others , Try to communicate with others.
The Latest healing stories.


Rogi is 40 year older professional male and has suffered from arthritis in his hand for the last two years with both his fingers being stiff and painful and unable to bend. After one energy treatment  and one implant acupuncture his fingers now move freely.

Poor blood circulation and skin damage

Doreen is a 87 years old lady visiting the clinic for chronic colon problems and sever abdominal pain.
At the same time she has bad blood circulation and a very thin skin that is easily bruised. After four treatments over two weeks Doreen's bowl motion was natural and abdominally pain free.
Her blood circulation improved and her skin became healthy and strong.

Chronic Asthma

Linda developed Chronic Asthma after she had pneumonia two years ago. Before Linda visited the Chinese energy therapy clinic she used her inhaler 20 times per day. After 10 treatments Linda is inhaler free. Also Linda was light sleeper since she was a teenager. Now she has a deep sound sleep and wakes up feeling fresh and energized.

Energize and Anti- aging

Anna is a retired business woman and still lives quite a full life with lots of travel. Anna visited the Chinese energy therapy clinic  to improve her energy and health.
After three months of treatment Anna's 30 years of chronic back problems were resolved and she became almost pain free.
Anna had a sluggish digestive system which was greatly improved after the course of treatment
She looks like more energize and feels more  youthful.

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