Student' case

The benefits of Chinerchi health assessment and face reading chart. A 50 years old female patient with back sprain for more than 3 months, and during this period

She had lot of treatment which included acupuncture ,massage , cupping also other therapies but the pain was still nagging her and was

Uncomfortable. The patient said: I only want the back pain treated.

I responded Chinerchi technique can be extremely effective to solve the pain, because the teacher said any pain is the result of blocked energy meridian and they are related to the internal organs. Back pains are caused due to injuries and weakness of lumbar muscle, bones structure and the Ligaments. Spleen supports

Muscle strength

Liver supports ligaments strength.

Bone strength is

Supported by

kidney I took out the Chinerchi two face diagnosis charts

Looked to find the associated three organs,

And further analysed the relationship between illness, organs and emotions. The face reflects the evidence.

She was impressed by the great wisdom of the traditional Chinese medicine!


She said, I want to treat the whole body. I trust you can help to restore my health.


She immediately booked 8 sessions of Chinerchi therapy.


A thanks to Angela’s professional teaching course, and passed on this effective system!


Beauty therapist Cathy