Chinerchi treatment techniques

Electric acupuncture
Electronic acupuncture is a revolution tool in a natural healing needles to broken skin. This is an important improvement compare with traditional acupuncture by use needles, which can easily remove the fear and reduce the patient's pain. For newcomers, also children and the elderly practically are receptive. Patient can just lie in a comfortable bed, stay relaxed, and enjoy the experience of energy efficient flow throughout the body  Read more.

Fire Dragon Therapy
Fire Dragon Therapy is a heat therapy, has a remarkable development compare with traditional moxibustion. This it can provide adequate heat to the patient’s body in short of the period of time and helping to improve the blood flow, remove dampness, water retention, and blood stagnation. It can also release muscle aches and pains to a certain degree. Read more.

Plum needle
Plum needle therapy which is a traditional therapy by use a little hammer looks liked tool, to puncture the skin surfers, to stimulating the blood flow from the capillary and to influence the deep level of organs blood supply. Read more.

Detox cupping
Cupping techniques has been popular around world, but how to achieve the effective results, need to understand the tricks behind the therapy. Read more.