Electronic acupuncture

Electronic acupuncture

Electronic acupuncture is a revolutionary tool in natural healing, using no needles to break skin. This is an important improvement compared with traditional acupuncture using needles, making it a less fearful and painful option for patients, particularly new patients like children and the elderly.

Patients can just relax and lie in a comfortable bed, and enjoy the experience of efficient energy flow throughout the body

Electronic acupuncture can be used as a diagnosis tool. The same pole piece, on different sides of the meridian, will have a different response, some points no response, that indicate blockages, identify where to work to move them effectively.

Electronic acupuncture can cover a large area of acupuncture points and meridians. The effect exceeds any acupuncture meridian and practitioners are able to work with only a small level of obstruction.

For example: if a patient has a sore back with weaker digestion issues, he can lay on the bed using the electronic pads on his back and abdominal area , and both problems can be treated at same time .

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