Chinerchi emotional balance check list

Chinerchi Five organs emotional balance check list 

Heart Energy Questionnaire Quiz

Spleen Energy Questionnaire Quiz

Lung Energy Questionnaire Quiz

Kidney Energy Questionnaire Quiz

Liver Energy Questionnaire Quiz


Heart Energy Quiz

Do you love yourself?

Do you know that you are loved?

Do you know that you were born to be special?

Can you write down the list of your strengths?

What the special talent or skills do you have?

What is the highlight of your character?

Do you realize that you are a useful person for this world?

Do you agree with this statement: you are the best, unique, and precious?

Do you realize that you are good enough to walk on this planet and have a meaningful life?

Are you trying hard to please others?

Do you worry that people don't like you?

You will feel that you are not quite balanced in giving and receiving, because you are more giving personal and often feel little disappointed.

Do you know what your weaknesses are?

Are you have the strength and determined to improve and change yourself?

Can you accept that true character of yourself?

Do you believe that you have the ability to improve your weaknesses and become a better person?

Have you experienced the connection with God or sacred force?

Do you believe there is a magical force out there to protect you or guide your life?

Do you believe in your own intuition?

Will you listen to your inner voice and Let him lead you to the right direction?

If you say yes, would you please tell me a story that you are experiencing?

Will you recognize that every person around you as worthy of respect as you?

Do you know your mission in this life?

Can you see the direction of your life?

How do you feel when you see others suffering? Will you help or ignore?

Are you a joyous person?

Do you like to do something to bring happiness to others?

Do you easy to smile or laugh?

Are you energetic enough to work in order to achieve your goals?

Do you have an inner peace and tranquillity?


Spleen energy Quiz

Are you satisfied with your current situation and living conditions?

 If not, what did you do to change?

Are you satisfied with your job?

Are you satisfied with the house you live in?

Are you satisfied with your spouse?

Are you satisfied with your parents and  your children?

If any of the above answer is negative,

Do you accept such situations or do you have any plans to change this situation?

Do you feel you can't do anything to make a change and you have to be trapped in?

When you encounter challenging situations in your daily life, do you feel confident to dealing with or getting anxiety?

Are you willing to control your own language and behaviour with self-disciplined?

Before your take action, are you afraid the failures or to make mistakes?

Are you good at concentration? Or are you easily distracted?

Do you think it is easy for you to make major decisions for yourself at the crucial moment or you will be hesitant?

Do you think you have a clear head?

Or you will hesitate in make decisions, because facing of the overwhelming information, you fear of failure or make mistakes, you rather not do anything.

When you have discussion with others, you easy in to argument or fight, try hard to prove you are right one and others are wrong.

When the things are not going well, do you take responsibility or  complain that others should take the initiative?

Do you accept and loving your own body?

Are you confident in your capability and your  physical strength?

Do you have a good appetite?

Are you greedy for food?

Are you grateful for your current situation? Are you realize that you are lucky to have everything in your life?

Do you have the attitude, always compare yourself with others: what you don't have. But forget what you do have.


Lung Energy Quiz

Are you particularly sensitive to smell? Or insensitive?

Do you have respiratory problems?

Are you worrying of people’s acceptance of you?

Does others opinion of you can affect your emotions?

Do you enjoy living in the situation around you right now?

Or do you think that the operation of this world is wrong and you are tempted to flee from here, or go somewhere you can hiding.

When you find that someone are different from you, can you be comfortable with them and seek the common ground?

When you see other people’s attitude and life style is different from yours. Do you feel sensitive and uncomfortable?

Are you a team player and enjoy working with people? Or do you just want to work alone?

Are you enjoying meet new people and make new friends?

Did you find yourself easily adapting to the new environment or new situations?

Do you enjoy trying the new foods, new fashion clothes, new customs? Or you have rejection in the heart and think these attempts are particularly uncomfortable.

Do you judge other people's good or bad according to their appearance, wealth, social status?

Are you worried that others will look down on you?

Do you treat other with equality?

Do you think that at the soul level we are all equal?

How is your participation when you get along with people?

When you dealing with people are you focus on the commonalities or the difference?

Can you easily given praise others? See their strengths?

Or can you easily criticize others and see their shortcomings?

Do you have higher expectations of how should they treat you,when dealing with others -

Or do you often feel disappointed and sad?

Do you speak confidently in public?

When you know that your point of view is different from others, can you still express this point of view?


Kidney Energy Quiz

Are you proud of your parents and ancestors?

Please write down a list:

What the outstanding qualities are you inherited from your parents or ancestors?

What is your identity?

Can you say: I have no fear or I’m fearless person?

If not, what is your fear?

Do you believe that you are sexy and attractive?

 If not, why? What's the reason?

Do you like adventure activities?

 Do you like to try new things?

Do you like to learn new techniques and knowledge?

Do you open to new ideas?

Do you find it difficult to learn new things, and if so, what the reason of obstacle you?

Can you make a list the things you are achieved has considered successful?

How is your sleep?

How is your memory?

Are you satisfied with your energy?

Are you a good listener when you talk to others?

Do you have the ability to listen to other people's conversations and get enough information to understand their inner needs?

If not, what factors blocked you?


Liver Energy Quiz

When you have disputes with others, will you be open and flexible?

Do you feel uncomfortable when you know that your point of view has not been accepted or adopted?

Or you may think that different opinions in people are normal and that is an opportunity of learning.

When some unexpected unpleasant events occur in your life, will you immediately be furious or panic?

Maybe you will capable to stay calm and looking for solutions to solve the problem?

When you are in conflict with people, will you fight with them?

Or do you accept this is part of normal life?

Do you capable to understand the opinions of others by stand in the perspective of others?

Will you capable to feel the joy and pain of others?

You will have the willingness to change your own ideas and methods, and when you find your own method is not the best.