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What is Whitney Houston legacy: music or drug abuse lessons? What about Michael Jackson?

Why the Iron Lady was broken?

Why eat an apple a day didn't save the "apple" man?

Identity and Physical Energy-World cup inspiration.


What is Whitney Houston legacy: music or drug abuse lessons? What about Michael Jackson?

20 Feb 2010

Whitney Houston died on 11-Feb 2012 at age 48.Her beautiful appearance and magical voice and songs has become forever a legacy for people who loves her and her music
"I will always love you" is her Signature song and also her massage. To listen to this song is a spiritually up lifting experience.
Houston's vocal styling has had a significant impact on the music world. Her exquisite vocal fluidity and purity of tone, singing with almost breathless exhilaration - infusing her interpretations with flashes of musical and emotional lightning.
Whitney Houston died alone and US Officials have found some prescription drugs in her hotel room included the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, over the counter painkillers and some antibiotics and alcohol.
Obviously she had severe depression; physical pain and inflammation that she needs medication for and the use alcohol to get down pills. 

From the medical point of view, Whitney Houston used drugs to reduce suffering but she lost her life.
The 2009 death of Michael Jackson from a heart attack caused by his use of the surgical aesthetic protocol as a sleeping aid underlined the extent of the problem as never before.
His physician Conrad Murray was found guilty of manslaughter last year and sentenced to four years in jail.
What caused Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson's deaths?  On the surface: over use of medication and using several medications at the same time.  All of them have side effects!  The combinations of medications could become poisons and do damage to the body.  If we are looking for in-depth reasons: they both suffered from depression, a long history of drug abuse had caused deterioration of both health and spirit.
Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were both Super Stars and they had almost everything we want in life:  talent, wealth and fame. What is missing? Why were they depressed?
Chronic anxiety is a key issue leading to depression. Chronic anxiety comes from chronic fear. Chronic fear comes from lacking of confidence, self-respect and love.
I am a healer and an expert in healing chronic health issues without medication. My calling in life is to help people to be free from a dependency on drugs. In my eyes Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson could both be saved today, if they had the right treatments. How many people out there are just blindly taking medication and on the same path of Whitney Houston?
Here are a few questions I am searching for the answers and I would like to share with my readers.
In Chinese medicine what is the depression?  Why is it that people can't sleep?
How Chinerchi therapies treat Depression and insomnia without drugs?
What causes depression? What is the rate of New Zealander suffering from depression?
What lessons can we learn from these?
In Chinese medicine what is Depression?   What is it that people can't sleep?
In Chinese medicine depression is the heart, liver and spleen energy is blocked and causes these organs to dysfunction and causes weakness.
Heart - physical energy is blood flow; emotional energy is love, joy and direction.
Spleen - physical energy is absorbing food and transforming nutrition and emotional energy: a clear mind and well balanced action.
Liver - physical energy is detoxifying the blood, keeping body joints flexible and strong. The emotional energy is able to freely express itself, also promotes wisdom, serenity, and a flexible attitude in life.
Depression patients feel unloved; they can't see directions, have lost interest in doing things and lost motivation to improve themselves. They have no appetite for food and life. A foggy mind, feels tired, withdraw into self and do not enjoy socializing.
Not sleeping is kidney energy weakness. Kidney -physical energy supports brain function giving strength also related to your genes, hormones and sexual energy. The emotional kidney energy is giving you a sense of identity, courage and ambition.
Since Whitney Houston married to "bad boy" Bobby Brown then into drugs abuse £100million fortune vanished for her crack cocaine addiction. And fallen on such terrible times, that she was having to asking friends for US$100 handouts. Lost own direction indicated heart energy weakness.  Get foggy mind can't behave properly that indicate the heart and spleen energy weakness.

Michael Jackson had never found his sense of identity. He blenched his skin to white, rebuilt his face to a European look to the stage that his face had become deformed.  Because of the Fear of his father Michael never grown up. He was not able to sleep and continued to wet the bed at age 50.  That indicates kidney energy problems.
How Chinerchi therapies treat Depression and insomnia without drugs?
Healing can be simple. The key issues for a depression patient are the heart and spleen energy tank is in a negative state.  After treatment you can see the healing signs in that you feel brighter and happier, you start to like food and get more energy, and you want to be doing things. The next stage to help patients to find out what event or negative experience have impacted on their emotions and help them to address it, also to empower the patients and remove it. 
Often patients ask me: What problems do I have? That is Physical or Emotional?
My answer is: In Chinese medicine, every organ's physical and emotional function works at the same time and would not be separated.
See link stories click here about Anxiety and Depression

The key issue for insomnia or wetting the bed is that the kidney tank runs on negative. After charging up kidney energy the tank is positive.  You will have deep sleep naturally. See link story click here about sleeping problems
What causes depression? What is the rate of New Zealander's suffering depression?
There are many things that can cause depression.  The first two key reasons are feeling lonely and feeling a lack of social support.
New Zealand consistently ranks poorly in a variety of depression statistics, according to a new comparison of international data. Among the 10 high-income countries included, New Zealanders ranked second for people experiencing a major depressive episode in the 12 months before the survey and fourth for people having suffered a depressive episode in their lifetime. One in six New Zealanders will experience serious depression, at some time in their life.

Click here to link
Depression is a modern disease The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2020, depression will be the second most common cause of ill health and premature death worldwide.
What lessons we can learn from Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson?
Drugs can kill!
When you have chronic health issues, try treatments without medication first. 
If you have to take medication to manage your symptoms try to do natural treatments for healing and not become drug dependent.
When you take several medication be aware the side effects.
Love and empower yourself, remember and honor for who you are. Positively make an effort to connection to your inner self and to people around you.

Why the Iron Lady was broken?

20 Jan 2012

Friend in need: Margaret Thatcher is helped to her door by her carer and housekeeper Kate, who spent Christmas with the former Prime Minister

I have seen the movie The Iron Lady- Margaret Thatcher's biography after New Year. When I walked out the movie theatre, my heart is full of deep sadness.
In the movie we see Margaret Thatcher from one of the most commanding figures of the 20th Century, to become a fragile, lonely older lady with an empty life. She suffers from dementia and struggles to finish sentences.  She does not know where she lives and even forgets that her husband Denis is dead.
All this information is not new as it that was released in a book, published in2008 by her daughter, Carol Thatcher- A Swim on Part in the Goldfish Bowl: A Memoir Carol wrote: "Sometimes she can't recall what she had for breakfast.
In my eyes Lady Margaret Thatcher is in a world class of great leaders and a human being also she is a patient. I can not stop asking these questions:
Froma medical point of view what has happened for dementia patients?
If Margaret Thatcher is my patient what is a suitable treatment plan for her?
Why The Iron Lady broken and what life lessons we can learn from her story?
I spent my holiday time to search of answers.
From a medical point of view what has happened for dementia patients?
In western medicine dementia means brain can not function.
In Chinese medicine the kidney supports brain function. When kidney energy tank runs empty the brain cells will hungry for oxygen and blood circulation.  If the kidney in the long term runs on negative the brain cells will die and the whole brain system will be deteriorating with no resources to repair itself.  This results in dementia and a series of strokes.
If Lady Margaret Thatcher is my patient, what treatment plans I will design for her to make it possible for her to heal?
Margaret is having dementia and a series of strokes. That I know for sure, this patient must be very tired all the time because the 5 vital organs are the heart, lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys. These are all in the very low energy state and the need to restore the whole body energy flow is most important.
The first step of plan is to focus to help the patient to have a better sleep and good appetite. From here we can start to reduce some of medication related to sleep and blood circulation. The next stage of the plan will be to help the body restore energy to normalize the function of the inner organs. 
Would that have been possible for Lady Thatcher or anyone who has dementia and a series of strokes to heal?
My answer is YES! Healing is a challenge and can be simple. I see hope in the patient.
Last year I had a patient with a brain tumour the size of golf ball and after 8 weeks of Chinerchi therapy, went to hospital, had a scan and the tumour was totally gone. The story and patient photos are in last year newsletter (click here see link). Read the story in this newsletter below about Angela's slow development and her recovery story which is another example. All we do is work on life energy, when the energy charges up; the body has the power to heal self.
Why the Iron Lady was broken and what lesson we learned from it?
Margaret Thatcher was over worked and life lack of balance. She was famous for needing little sleep - she would sleep for only about 4 hours a day, often at 3 am in the morning she is still working. No car can run without batteries and fuel. Sleep is the best time to restore energy for the liver and kidneys.  A long time without good rest will do damage for your liver and kidneys.
In one part of the movie when the Doctor asked her: How are you feeling?
Her reply: People talk too much of feelings, I am interested in thoughts and ideas that form a principle and take action to be a success.
Success and work had taken over Margaret Thatcher's life. She didn't have any casual clothes for fun. After she retired for many years she still wore a suit even when she was doing dishes.
It is obvious Margaret Thatcher was not well connected to her feelings toward to her own body and health. Without knowing her body energy tank had been running empty that lead to serious illness.
Because of her lacking of emotional connection with herself she also lacked emotional connection with others. This included her party members, British people and her children.
In 1987, Thatcher lost a lot of support because of her efforts to implement a fixed rate local tax-labelled a poll tax which was hugely unpopular.  This policy led to public protests and caused dissention within her party. Thatcher initially pressed on with her fight for party leadership in 1990, but she eventually yielded to pressure from party members and announced her intentions to resign on November 22, 1990.
Since then her health deteriorated.  In 2003 her husband Denis Thatcher died. She lost her best friend and support. A UK Newspaper reported that Margaret Thatcher spent 2011 Christmas alone and her children only visiting her every one to six months.
Margaret Thatcher was gifted with strength and clear direction. She is rich who has world class achievements, but she is poor in health and emotional balance.
Margaret Thatcher is a mirror for all of us. Keep balance between work and recreation to maintain your wellness. Make connection with yourself and others. Health and happiness are more impotent than work. Without health life can be empty.


Why eat an apple a day didn't save the "apple" man? 

29 Nov 2011

Steven Jobs passed away at 5 Oct -2011 age 56, after a battle with cancer.. His legacy is the apple brand and I- series products.
Steve Jobs is a real genius to tie art, emotion and technology together.  His countless innovations: iMac computer, the iPod the iPhone and the iPad, that enrich and improve all of our lives. When you use Apple and you love the whole experience.
 From a health and energy healing point of view I want to share some my inspirations with Steven's health.
According to info from Authorized Biography: Author Walter Isaacson Sheds New Light On Apple Co-Founder's Life Steve Jobs. A book I have read last week.
Eat an apple a day didn't keep a doctor away
Steven was on a diet of fresh organic fruit and vegetables. The hard truth is he wasn't able to keep the doctor away... 
After learning in October 2003 that he had a neuro endocrine tumor - a relatively rare type of pancreatic cancer. Steven tried a vegan diet, acupuncture, herbal remedies and other treatments he found online, and even consulted a psychic. He also was influenced by a doctor who ran a clinic that advised juice fasts, bowel cleansing and other natural healing approaches before finally having surgery in July 2004
The mistake of Steven's treatment plan
I studied his case and can see the imbalance in his treatments. Many cancer patients with serious conditions, including Steven Jobs, choose lots of treatments relating to detox of the body: juice fasts, bowel cleansing and so on.
What these kind patients need most is to build up energy first, when energy up to a certain level, detox can happen naturally.
Steven was having weakened digestion and he has a very fragile body frame. Just by looking at him, you can see his energy tank is running nearly empty. Detox sounds like a good idea but not suit him. Also not suitable for patients in a fragile state. Detox as a process can cost body energy. When the energy is running out, The person will be at the end of his life.
Cancer cells thrive in toxic environments. When your energy is lower and the body immune system can be weakened, Toxic chemicals can pollute your blood. Also negative emotions are very toxic to your health.
Steven practiced Buddhism and on vegan diet. But he is over worked that could be draining his energy and do damage for his health.
Also he has a lot of negative emotions - refused to accept he was a father to a daughter, Lisa, for many years. She was a product of a past relationship. He never acknowledged his biological father before his death.  Also fighting  Google, for stealing his ideas, to the very end.
We note the business magazine Forbes also selected the Apple CEO to its "Bully Bosses Hall of Fame" list.
Chinese medicine believes pancreas is part of digestion system with physical and emotional energy.  The physical energy is accepting food, observing nutrition, the emotional energy is respect, accept observing life experiences. Steven is a giant in the business world but he is lacking of humility. Anger ,bully , none  forgiveness and fighting for ego poppers are toxic emotions that can create the kind of toxic acidic blood chemistry in which cancer will flourish. Regardless of how many apples you eat, the body can't heal.
What lesson we learned
If Steven Jobs was my patient, what I can do to improving to his health?
I will make a plan that focuses on energizing the physical body first. Chinerchi therapy can do this work. Then help the patient to recognizing that behind physical pain is an emotional imbalance and to detox the negative emotions.
 I believe treatment needs to help him put on weight first. Fasting and bowl cleansing would not be in my recommendations because that can cause the running out of his limited energy.
Steven is one of the wealthiest men on the planet. His money could buy any life style and treatment but disease has cut his life short.
We all have choices. Looking after your health should be number one on your list .If you work too hard and lose your health it is not worth it. Love is the best medicine and energy source. Love yourself and people around you. Be grateful and willing to forgive, never letting negative emotion poisons you.


Identity and Physical Energy-World cup inspiration
World cup is over with the excitement still like the Ripple in the water pond, still moving. I never watch rugby before. Now I almost want to put all black pictures in my office. Just to see these energizing faces you felt empowered in your own body and spirit.
We are proud to be New Zealanders. This nation is small in size but big in sport especially in rugby.
I only watched very few games but enjoyed every moment. This historical event is not only for sport as it is also has cultural and spiritually up lifting experiences. 
From an energy healing point of view I want to share that 3 people in rugby have been a great inspiration for me.

Richie McCaw was outstanding both in playing and leadership

Thierry Dusautoir leads one of the greatest losing performances in defeat to New Zealand
When you look at Richie McCaw and Thierry Dusautoir's eyes, you can see the Hero's spirit and giant's strength in both of them. They are well connected with their own identity.
They are deserved to win in the field and also they are inspirational human beings.

Quade Cooper, maybe, has achieved a life long dream to play for a world class rugby team. But when he sings the Australian anthem he never opens his eyes. Then he got an injury so he didn't play to the end. This is a classic example of confused identity leading to confused emotions and weakened physical strength.