Your health check list

Read your unhealthy signs
1. Sweaty hands indicate lack of heart energy. Healthy person only exercise get sweaty. When you sweaty equally you are losing blood.
2. Have a bowl motion 3 times a day and form loose like porridge, indicate the lacking blood circulation in abdominal are, body can’t absorb nutrition. Or bowl motion goes every 2-3 days and having constipation, indication the body waste can’t   release that will toxics your body.
3. Spider vines in your face or ear indicated your blood sticky and over loaded with toxins.
4. Not feel sleepy at night or go to bed can’t t sleep. Indicate body lost natural rhythms, lack of energy in kidney and liver. That can chronically draining energy and damage other inner organs 
5. Weak up in the night or need to go to toilet a few times a night, kidney    energy support Brian to relax and urine functions. Those indicate wreaked kidney energy.
6. Weak up in the morning find hard to get up. Feel tired and yawning, Indicated blood toxic and brains lacking of oxygen.
7. Snoring at sleep, indicate the air way for breathing become narrow, because the swollen and body hold extra water.
8. blocked nose or running nose .indicated lack of lung energy
9. After meal feel sleep indicate body lacking of Insulin. Early sign of diabetes.
10. Bad breaths indicate your stomach energy weakness and the food can’t move out on time. They are become fermented or portrait.
11. Shaky hands or head, indicate liver lack of energy and your nerve y lose power of stillness early sign of Parkinsonism.
12. Dry mouth, feel thirsty all the time indicate inner organ dehydration, you blood become think and sticky.
13. Dry cough not relating to cold and virus that indicated inner organs dehydration.
14. Stiff joints, indicate liver energy deteriorating. Early sign of arthritis
15. The numbness in hands, arms or foot and legs, indicate liver congestion, blood sticky and lack of circulation.
16 Feel cold and hot easily felt uneasy in weather changes.
17 wrinkly face , neck and hands indicate digestion problems body not observing proteins and lose collagen.
Read your healing signs.
If you have chronicle healthy issues how do you know you are getting better?
Here is a check list
1.Feel energetic in the morning
2. Feel happy inside and feel good about yourself. Motive to doing things find life is interesting. Feel easy in social environment.
3. Feel able to have a deep breath under your tongue have a flow of saliva.
4. Feel sleepy after 930pm
5. Not up to toilet at night have deep sleep to the morning.
6. Body has less pain no pain and flexible
7. Enjoy foods and easy to stop eating, after eating feel relaxed, not sleepy.
8. Bowl motion go once a day well formed.
9. Eyes sight sharp, hearing improving, memory improving.
10.Stand strand naturally
11. Bowl motions go once a day and well shaped looks like a sausage.
12. Dry mouths, block nose and snoring disappeared.
13. Not get tired during the day.
14. Skin become clear, soft and moisture, your face colour is more glow.
15. You have a Good concentration at work or studies. Memory improving and enjoy learning.