CET Emotional Balance

CET emotional balance therapy

Over 20 years of practice in use natural therapy healing chronic health problems. I developed in-depth understanding: healing must work at physical body and emotional body same time.

Also in ancient Chinese medicine believe the body have physical function and emotional function at same time. they are never separated.” the yellow emperor's classic of medicine” the number one authority book was written more than two thousands of years. Has a clear massage of body’s physical and emotional function are happens same time. Healing must work ate both level of the body.


The text has list the body how works

The  heart energy in charge of the blood flow also home for your spirit. Emotional energy is joy
The lung energy is to transform the chi inside and outside the body; the emotional energy is socialising and connection.
The spleen energy is work to digest food and supply body nutrition. the emotional energy is accepting, earthy, satisfied and enjoy life  
The kidney energy is reproduction and supports the born structure and brain function. Emotional energy is ambitions, courage, adventure, and ability to learning new things.
The liver energy detox the body, keep all joints and nerves healthy. Emotional energy is forgiveness, be flexible, be adaptable.

This therapy can help you t understand yourself.
If you have arthritis that indicates your body is toxic and your mind is not flexible.
If you have a breath issues, that is indicate: you are missing connection with your inner-self and your environment.
If you have digestive problems, you are not satisfied with life, you are missing out of joy.
If you have lot fear, find learning is too hard, that indicate your kidney energy is low.  
If you are don’t like make own decisions, not see your own directions, looking for people recognize or prove your own worthy. You got hear energy issues.
CET emotional therapy can help you to analysis your own emotional map, to rectory your emotional health. Become master of your own life.


This therapy includes 3 sessions:

The first session is to analysis your 5 organs emotional energy to recognize your emotional block areas    then have practice to work on the problems

Second session is to practice use the positive emotional to replace the negative emotions

The third session is reviewing your physical and emotional health improvement and learns how to deal everyday challenge use your new attitude.

CET emotional balance has helped improve an arthritis patient with arthritic symptoms for the last 20 years.
CET emotional balance has helped improve a patient with arthritis symptoms for the last 20 years
Anna is a young lady in her 40s, mother of 3 and working full time.
Anna has chronic arthritis and digestive issues with stiff nick for about 20 years. She has been a patient for the last 3 years.
The Chinerchi therapy has helped Anna to reduce the pain of arthritis and improved her digestion. But theses health issues were coming back so often, they were badly affecting her ability to function in her daily life.
In June this year Anna's arthritis in her hip started to bother her again, couldn't walk well or without pain. She also had a sore back, neck, shoulders and a lot of anxiety in her busy life.
I recommended to Anna: the treatment plan is 3 Chinerchi therapy combining 3 CET emotional balance to work on physical body and emotional body at the same time.
Anna realized her anxiety has been making her feel lower energy levels and that there is a connection directly with her physical pain.
The first session is to analysis your 5 organs emotional energy to recognize your emotionally blocked areas, then provide tailored practice sheets to work on the problems that need addressing.
Second session is to practise using the positive emotions to replace the negative emotions.
The third session is reviewing your physical and emotional health improvement and learning how to deal with everyday challenges and utilising your new attitude.
From the first session we worked together and found Anna has some issues at the heart emotional energy level low, lacking self-love and unclear of her life purpose, can’t cope with people who criticise or negative comments.  This made her feel low in self esteem.  She has high expectations for people to behave in certain ways and also found she has was quick to anger,
When she is facing everyday challenges it was easy to cry and she felt sad and lonely. Then she will say: "I can’t do it”.
We helped Anna to see her own unique gift, special character, best skills and what she has achieved in life, to empower the heart and increase her self-love.
Also to practice gratitude to people around her and then accept them for whom they are, be practical, be "down to earth" in her approach, so that she can improve her digestive energy and to receive nutrition in her life.  She is becoming more open and flexible, adaptable in any situation, and has a will to work on and improve herself. She makes a practice of not complaining, and whatever happens will take personal responsibility for it. This can improve your liver energy and help arthritis.
It is good practice to always see good in people around you, do not criticise, positively making these connections can improve the lung energy and your immune system.
After the 3 sessions of CET emotional balance Anna feels like new person, her 5 year old said: mum, you are lot of happier. Husband said: you become so much more loving and mature.
In work, Anna is team leader with lot of staff member and responsibilities, now she can say: I can do it. I can handle it.
Before she often had a fear of loosing her job. Now she can say: I love my job. I am the best. I am talented and skilled. My special contributions are needed in this job or any other job she chooses.
The arthritis is gone, her whole body has no pain. This winter people around in office are getting colds, she is well, feels energetic. She said the strong self-love and clear purpose has built a shell protection and increased her immune system. She feels great!
Anna said: The biggest change is I can look at life in a more positive light and feel strong inside about myself. Sometimes, when the negative thoughts comes I can be aware of this and how it impacts my body and mind and then release it out.