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Results of Treatments
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 Before  After 5 treatments

How to choose the right treatment for you?

Chinese Energy Therapy has Three golden keys for healing:

Energy, Detox, and treating the whole body.
  1. First key is to improve your Energy;
  2. Second Key is to release and remove the Toxins from your body.
  3. Third Key is to treat your whole body.

If you have chronic health problems, Chinese Energy Therapy will help you!
If you wish to maintain your health, seeking longevity, maintain a youthful appearance and good energy, Chinese energy therapy will help you!

Energy Therapy focuses on improving energy flow and increasing your body's energy levels. This will help the body to detox and to heal itself naturally.

Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy is a gentle, relaxing and pain free treatment. Energy Therapy includes three techniques, the first being electronic magnet therapy working on acupuncture points to improve your energy level, the second technique uses traditional Chinese Fire Dragon Therapy which improves your circulation and the third technique is cupping and/or detox scraping and detox tapping. This will remove the toxins from your muscles and from under your skin which, in turn,will effectively improve your circulation and reduce pain.

Detox Treatment

Detox Treatment focuses on releasing toxins from your colon and the liver. This is a deeper level of a detox programme. All kinds of health problems are associated with overloaded toxins in the body and can benefit from this treatment.

But this treatment will require patients to have sufficient energy levels to deal with because the process of releasing toxins requires sufficient energy and strength of the body. If patients suffer from long term chronic health problems they often have low levels of energy and they need Energy Therapy first to restore their strength.

Particularly when patients have severe digestive problems, the detox treatment can make them feel ill. For patients with high blood pressure and/or heart conditions it is recommended to have Energy Therapy and/or Implant Acupuncture first to improve their condition. Then is suggested to follow up with the Detox Treatment.

Implant Acupuncture

Implant Acupuncture is the most advanced, powerful and natural technique. It enhances both Energy and Detox Treatments at the same time and is a very safe procedure with no side effects at all. This technique is suitable to improve any health conditions. Also it is wonderful for anyone who is conscious of maintaining good health, seeks longevity and wishes to keep a youthful appearance.

All treatments are available individually but for best results we recommend a combination of treatments (as indicated below) as they will enhance each others beneficial effect and support the patients healing much quicker.

As every patient has individual health conditions and different needs, during the first consultation Angela will tailor an individual treatment plan. She will discuss your health goals and your financial situation to choose the best plan for you.

We offer 3 complete packages of Energy and Detox Treatment. All are designed to improve your energy levels and to help you with the detoxification process of your body.
house1_1.jpg house2_1.jpg To restore your health, it is like a renovation of a house, it’s a project.

You need a plan and it takes time.
house3_1.jpg house4_1.jpg A small renovation is a project, it needs a small plan.

A big renovation is a big project, it needs a grand plan.

Body Energing Package:

For people who have some health issues but are not sure for what results they could see and are unsure of investing in a big plan of treatments just yet. This package offers an experience of each therapy.
3 treatments consisting of:
1 x CET 1 x CET treatment $190
1 x IMP 1 x Implant Acupuncture $330
1 x DETOX 1 x Detox $595
TOTAL COST: $1,115
Example for Body Energing Package:


Rogi is a 40 year older professional male and has suffered from arthritis in his hand for the last two years with both his fingers being stiff and painful and unable to bend. After one energy treatment  and one implant acupuncture his fingers now move freely.


Standard Package for Chronic Health Improvement:

For people who have had chronic health problems for a long time and tried many therapies but nothing works. Do you feel hopeless? This is an effective plan to help you to see health results.


This package consists of 6 treatments: Investment:
8 x CET 8 x CET treatment $1,380
4 x IMP 4 x IMP $1,320
1 x Detox 1 x DETOX $595
TOTAL COST: $3,295
Example for Chronic Health Improvement Package:
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Anti-Aging Package:

This package has been designed for people in reasonable health or with only minor health concerns, but who wish to reduce weight, minimise the appearance of wrinkles and generally improve energy, vitality and longevity. Do you like to look yourself at the mirror? Do you like to keep your good looks? This package is designed for you.
This package consists of 9 treatments: Investment:
10 x CET 10 x CET $1,700
6 x IMP 6 x IMP $1,980
2 x DETOX 2 x DETOX $1,190
Example for Anti-Aging Package:
anna-antiaging.JPG Anna is a retired business woman and still lives quite a full life with lots of travel. Anna visited the Chinese Energy Therapy Clinic  to improve her energy and health.
After three months of treatment Anna's 30 years of chronic back problems were resolved and she became almost pain free. Anna had a sluggish digestive system which was greatly improved after the course of treatment. She looks like more energize and feels more youthful.