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Chinerchi Newsletter 30-01-2013
Chinerchi philosophy:
*There are two reasons behind all ailments: The body's natural energy is depleted and Toxins have overloaded the body.
*There are three key aspects of healing: To Increase energy flow, detoxification, and whole body treatment.
*One guiding principle: To treat the cause and to heal the whole body.
When you take this approach, you can experience that: healing can be simple.
"The superior doctor prevents sickness; the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; the inferior doctor treats actual sickness"
--Old Chinese proverb

Dear Chinerchi friend:

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This summer has been very sunny and hot, giving us better opportunities to be outdoors. The sunshine we receive from nature is the best medicine and vitamins.

Chinese New Year will on the 10th Feb 2013 it is my privilege to share Chinese culture and philosophy, wisdom to all Chinerchi friends.

I will share the symbolic meaning of the snake to enrich your vision and to make the most of 2013 .

My inspiration of the month:

  • Being smart and adaptable in the year of snake.

Healing stories:

  • Electronic acupuncture helps an 8 month old baby with severe eczema.
  • Aching and sluggish body transformed.

Health tips:

  • Going to bed early can help a dry cough.
  • No salad when your bowels are loose

My inspiration of the month

Be smart, adaptable in year of snake

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Chinese New Years day will be the 10th Feb 2013 and it is the year of snake. In Chinese culture, the snake has another name, small dragon. By nature the small dragon, like a snake, can live in both water and on land. The snake's symbolic meaning: charming, smart, adaptable, changeable, longevity, prosperity. After the few years of global economic down turn, this year could be a pivotal point for recovery and growth. I wish you all the best in health and happiness with yourselves and your families in year of snake.

Only one week before Christmas, my 10 year old Fisher & Paykel washing machine broke down. Being well informed knowledge and as we're kiwi we know Fisher & Paykel is one of the worlds best brands. It is easy to service and so, almost without thinking, I decided to buy another Fisher & Paykel.

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One of my friend recommend I should buy "Bosch". I said : "why? I thought is Fisher & Paykel is one of the world best and easy to get service."

" I can insure you. After your experience using "Bosch". You will love it.They wash so clean like hand job done."

Next day I got my "Bosch" and I love it . This machine only connects to cold water, during the wash process water becomes warm. It uses much less wash powder and produces a very clean result, really like being hand washed. Also when the wash is finished, the spin is not too hard and doesn't leave bad wrinkles in your clothes.

Bosch now is my new friend. I love the company's consistent policy of innovation and quality, the principle of sustainability, and thus to the responsible handling of natural resources.

I am impressed. I have had this wonderful experience only because I am open to listening to my friend and open to trying new products and services.

My life and work has been greatly improved by welcoming and accepting the "Bosch"! I sense the smart and adaptable character in myself. I have taken my first steps in to year of snake!

Year 2013 will be offering all of you a rich experience in growth, excitement and fun! Best wishes for prosperity and abundance of life.

Healing stories

Chinerchi helps sluggish and aching body to look and feel younger

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I am 45 years old professional and business owner. My work demands a lot of energy and as a result, during the last couple of years I have found myself feeling tired, sluggish, weak at times and wake up during the night causing constant disruption to my sleep patterns.

My body use to ache constantly in my lower back, leg joints and I needed to take pain killers every couple of weeks.

Since having treatment at Chinerchi clinic since 20th November my health has shown great improvement.

My body feels light, energetic and I am now enjoying a good night's sleep. Pain free body. No pain killers anymore and the treatments have definitely helped to improve my physical balance and to have the will power to stop my smoking of 10 years.

I have had about 4 Chinerchi therapy sessions, one body implant and two facial implant acupuncture. My appearance has been improving. My face shape looks younger, fresh, and slim and my skin is soft, clearer, and also more vibrant. I am very happy with my new found health, quality of life and new image.


Review of the treatments:

  • Anita came for treatment wanting to remove the pain in her body as she felt sluggish and tired as she was not achieving a deep sleep.
  • Her body was retaining water which was the main reason for her feeling sluggish and tired. The extra water can make all organs and muscle swollen and painful. Smoking for 10 years can have a negative effect on lung energy. In Chinese medicine lung energy helps to release water.
  • The treatment focused on putting strength into the lung organ. As the extra water was removed from her body the patient started to feel light and pain free.
  • Anita didn't lose weight during the treatment but from her "after" photos you can see her face become slim, fresh and vibrant.
  • Often I meet patients with a puffy face and swollen ankles. They say "I am just fat". No. Their body is holding extra water. When you're able to see the real cause of the problems healing can be simple.


Electronic acupuncture helps an 8 month old baby with sever eczema

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My baby daughter Indie only 8 months old had severe eczema since she was 7 weeks older. Her little body, face and scalp was all covered with a red rash, weepy sores and she felt itching all time. She had never been a good sleeper nor had a great apatite and her bowel motion is loose. The itchiness makes her irritated; she was often restless and crying. To watch her suffering makes me very upset, it has felt like a living nightmare.

I have taken her to visit 3 paediatricians who treat allergies and eczema in children, I have spent well over a thousand dollars, and the only answer I get is using cream for her skin and special food formula to feed her and that she may out grow her food allergies.

A friend tells me about Angela clinic, after 4 visit my baby skin has transformed. You can see from the photos every visit makes some improvements, after 4 treatments big changes have happened. Now her face skin is becoming smooth, she is only waking once during the night whereas previously she was up lots!

Now Indie still have ongoing treatment with Angela to stabilize her improvements

First time for long time she is becoming a happy baby. Now I don't need the cream for her skin because I'm aware the side effect and I have changed her food with Angela's guidance and from my own research. Now Indie has a much better apatite. I am so happy to see my babies beautiful happy face, it feels like a miracle.


Review of the treatments:

  • Indie had sskin issues since she was S7 weeks old. Her Mum Steph has visited 3 paediatricians. The only answer I get is using cream for her skin and special food formula to feed her and that she may out grow her food allergies.
  • Indie has only been to the Chinerchi clinic for about a month but her whole health and skin has had a big improvement. I didn't give any cream. All I did was electronic acupuncture to work on her liver, stomach and kidney points.
  • In Chinese medicine the liver energy brakes down all chemicals and produces digestive juice. Patients with skin issues often have a dysfunctional liver. After the liver energy charged up, healing can be simple.

Health tips:

When you have a loose bowel, don't eat salad.

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Lately I had a female patient in her 50s who was very health conscious. Though active and eat healthy she had chronic diarrhoea for a year. The bowl motion could go 7-8 times a day.

My first question: what do you eat yesterday? "Salad".

Salad is a nutritious food but is not suitable for diarrhoea patients.

No salad. Why?

When your bowl is loose it indicates your stomach being cold having no energy to process food. If the food goes in through your month and straight out from your colon, your food intake is wasted and drains energy from your body.

You need to eat warm and easy to digest food like porridge.

Chronic dry cough

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Last week a lady in her 40s had a severe dry cough for two months. She has been to the doctor a few times who prescribed medication which didn't work then suggested another which did not work either. This issue affected her life badly.

After one session of Chinerchi therapy she is 80% better.

If you suffer from a chronic dry cough which is not related to a virus or cold, that could indicate lower energy in liver. When the liver is not functioning well, toxins build up, the blood becomes hot and thick can impact your lungs. This can lead to a dry cough.

Chinerchi therapy can be one of your best answers.

If you try to help yourself.

1, no meat or protein food at dinner. This can help you to reduce heat in your body.

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2, go to bed early at 10pm. Deep and restful sleep can restore your liver energy.

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New Service:

1. Chinese face map reading for health analysis
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2. A green, natural way of beauty treatment - facial implant acupuncture

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