How does Chinerchi differ from TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine?

How does Chinerchi differ from TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine?
Chinerchi Therapy is a different from any other natural therapies in the world

Chinerchi is based on TCM philosophy, well structured , modernized, TCM styled Physiotherapy with it's own well developed system.

With four unique techniques.
1, TCM face reading analysis individual health conditions;
This procedure helps patients to understand the link between symptoms and the causes. TCM philosophy is about the 5 pairs of vital organs in charge of the whole body functions.

Muscle issues needs to work on spleen and stomach;
Joints issues are coming from liver and gallbladder;
Brain functions related to kidney and bladder energy.
Skin and breath problems needs to work on lungs and large intestine.
Blood circulation problem will need to improve the heart, small intestine energy.

2, Chinerchi treatment uses electronic acupuncture ,Tibet fire Dragon combined with plum needles and detox cupping.
These combined techniques, (by using electricity, heat, needles and cupping, )could energize the body “chi “and “blood “flow straight away after the treatment, and achieve the amazing results.

3, Chinerchi diet plans:
In TCM spleen and stomach energy are most important energy for healing and growth. Spleen and stomach represent the whole digest system function. Chinerchi eating plans advice pateint to eat less, particular in the evenings. Avoid from having heavy food. One way to check your digest system functions is to keep an eye on your daily bowl motions always . They need to look like sausages. if they looks like porridge or cat poo that indicate your have digestive problems. Regardless patients health issues, improving the digestion and making positive changes in bowl motion always the first steps for healing.

4, Chinerchi emotional balance code
Use TCM philosophy to analysis patients emotional health.
TCM philosophy believes:the physical and emotional health are connected, you could never separate them.
heart emotional energy links to love and joy
Spleen emotional energy links to the thoughts . Over thinking, stress and constant worrying could interfere with food absorbtion.
Lung emotional energy links to ability to socializing and connection 
Liver  emotional energy links to the wisdom of flexible and adjustable.
Kidney emotional energy link to determination, ambition, courage or fearful.

Patient could learn how to choose to be emotionally positive and empower the physical body, to encourage the  healing.

Chinerchi system focuses on
1.patients' education and encourage patients to take part in the healing process.
2,Treatment results link to a effective treatment plan
3,Without changing diet and improving digestion, treatment techniques on it's own won't achieve a satisfying result.
4, emotional health is a foundation of physical health. Patients need to manage themselves to stay in positive and balanced emotions.

From the start of the journey patients must get actively involved with the treatment all the way, using TCM wisdom to achieve the maximum result and long lasting healthy way of living.

Chinerchi Therapy is a different from any other natural therapies in the world
  • Brand new concept: Take Traditional Chinese Medicine principles - view human body has inner organs dynamic connection, and links it with modern universal of energy healing principle together. Create a revolutionary understanding in health care and take natural healing theories into the next level.
  • Brand new treatment technique systems: Energizing the body and detox the body same time, regardless of patients health conditions, the whole body treatment is a key for holistic healing. This brand new system works more powerful and achieves healing result beyond many other common natural mythos. Also Chinerchi Therapy uses unique Chinese face map reading for health diagnoses and unique Chinese Energy diet focused on empower your digestion to restore your health and much more.
Welcome to the Chinerchi 
Chinerchi Therapy assists in the healing of chronic diseases, reduces or frees you from dependence on medical drugs, maintains wellness and is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle phenomenon! Chinerchi Therapy has helped thousands of patients from different nationalities, different professions and different age groups to restore their health and to get a new lease on life.