What is Chinerchi Therapy

What is Chinerchi Therapy?
How does Chinerchi Therapy work?


Chinerchi Therapy is made up of two parts:
Part one: We use traditional Chinese Medicine Theory (TCM) as a principle to diagnose your health problems. Traditional Chinese medicine believes the 5 vital organs - the heart, lungs, liver, spleen and kidney energy are in charge of your whole body functions. These five organs closely interact. No one organ can be healthy alone. Regardless of what your health problems are, we always look at the whole picture of your health, to treat the cause and to heal the whole body

Part two:  We view the human body as an energy field. All health problems are related to the energy blockages and accumulated toxins. We use 3 natural healing techniques:
1. energy treatment
2. implant
3.CET Emotional Balance

On your body we find energy points and meridians in order to get your body energy to flow and remove toxins which result in your health being restored holistically.


How does Chinerchi Therapy work?

We use the most effective natural healing techniques combining the very best from ancient and modern times from the East and the Western world. Chinerchi Therapy does not use traditional acupuncture needles, herbs, massage, supplements, drugs or surgery.

Our 3 techniques:
Energy Treatment Improves your energy flow and removes toxins from your skin, muscles and joints.
Implant Acupuncture Improves your energy flow and detoxifies at the same time, working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Body Detox An in-depth detoxifying regime working on your colon and liver.

These 3 techniques can be individual treatments, but to achieve the best results we recommend a combined package because these techniques working together deliver the best results.