Q and A relating to Chinerchi Therapy

  1. I have chronic irritant bowel problems and I am on a cleansing diet. Do you think the colon cleanse can help me?
  2. We hear a lot of Chinerchi healing stories so are these results long lasting?
  3. How does Chinese Energy Therapy work?
  4. Do you use Chinese medicines for all health problems?
  5. How soon will I see the result?
  6. Does Implant Acupuncture hurt?
  7. How does the implant acupuncture help people loose weight?
  8. Can people of any age could have Implants? Chinese Energy Therapy? Fire therapy? Colon clean?
  9. What sort of conditions will benefit from Chinese energy therapy? Fire therapy? implants acupuncture? Body detox?
  10. Does it work hand in hand with conventional medical treatments?
  11. Will it interfere with the medication that I am taking?
  12. Should I stop taking my medication when I am having any of the treatments with you?
  13. Are the results permanent or will I need on going treatment?
  14. Will one session be enough or do I have to a course of treatments?
  15. What if I can not afford to pay for it all at once can I pay per treatment?
  16. What do you mean by acupuncture? Will I have needles sticking out of me?
  17. Why do some patients heal faster than others? 
  18. What are 3 common mistakes people make for their health?
  19. Why Bile is important for your health?
  20. Why is Alcohol bad for you health?
  21. Why is over eating bad for your health?


Q: I have chronic irritant bowel problems and I am on cleansing diet.  Do you think the colon cleansing can help me?

No. colon cleansing not suitable for you at this monument for your conditions. Irritated bowel problems mean a patient's bowel is loose and the food can't process well often just passing though. Your bowel is empty and not blocked; also you could often feel tired and cold. Colon cleansing could drain your energy making you feel more tried and cold.

Bowel problems indicate having bad blood circulations in abdominal areas. In Chinese medicine we call it the cold energy taking over because you are lacking heat of the body.
You need an energy treatment to enable energizing of your abdominal organs, keep warmth in your body, and stay away from raw food and cold drinks. When you can see your bowel motion looks like a sausages, you are able to benefit from raw food.


Q:   What are the top three must do health care tips that you recommend?

  1. Go to bed at 10pm get up 530-6am.than meditate  and exercise
  2. Only eat 70% full of your stomach.
  3. Always feel grateful to your life and never talk negative about yourself and others.


Q: We hear lot of Chinerchi healing stories so are these results long lasting?
Yes. They usually are. I had a conversation with Camellia yesterday and she was thanking me for changing her health and energy. Camellia is a 48 year old professional lady who has a degenerative cartilage in her lower back and the doctor's recommendation is to have surgery. She has regular visits to a chiropractor and acupuncturist to get pain relief plus she also suffers from chronic headaches and constantly has no energy.
Camellia started treatments last year in November. After only 5 treatments the back pain and headaches were totally gone. Her energy is very good. She tells me: "you have no idea how much I talk about you." Camellia is a radio presenter. Last Saturday night she invited me to her radio station to talk about health.
How does Chinerchi Therapy work?
  1. Chinerchi Therapy uses unique ancient Chinese face map reading techniques for diagnosis.
  2. Unique Chinese Energy Diet Plan focuses on improving your body’s digestion energy and does not only focus on nutritional food values.
  3. Chinerchi Therapy uses the best energy and detoxification techniques in combination to achieve the desired results.
  4. Chinerchi Therapy is a physical treatment and does not require patients to take any herbs orally, as in the case of many patients who have digestive problems. Even herbal medicines could put pressure on the body.
  5. Chinerchi Therapy works on your health holistically. In TCM physical health and emotional health are united. Your physical and emotional health cannot be separated. If you suffer from fears and anxiety, are easily angered, have a “foggy mind”, feel down, alone, or depressed, are not able to sleep and feel tired all the time these often indicate that your digestion, your liver, heart, kidney and lungs are lacking in energy flow. After Chinerchi Therapy treatments your physical and mental health will improve all together.
  6. Regardless of your current health condition or age, Chinese Energy Therapy can be of great benefit to you! Being drug-free and enjoying natural health and longevity is not an impossible dream. Chinese Energy Therapy can help you experience this new reality.


So you use Chinese medicines for all your health problems?
Traditional Chinese medicine is key principle for this therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine is grand, rich and deep wisdom. Here I only use a small part of it as an example:

1. Organ energy relating to emotions
In traditional Chinese medicine the 5 vital organs are the heart, lungs, spleen, liver and the kidneys. They work together to govern the function of the whole body function as well as our emotions. Heart relating to joy and unhappiness, lung relating to connection, socializing and loneliness, liver relating to flexibility and stiffness, kidneys relating to will power, drive and fear.
2. To balance energy of your 5 organs
  • Stomach (spleen) energy governs your muscle tone and shows through your lips,
  • Liver energy nourishes your joints, show through your eyes,
  • Kidney energy nourishes your bones, energy show through your ear,
  • Lungs energy nourishes your skin, energy show through your nose,
  • Heart energy in change for blood circulation, energy shows through your tongue.
  • Regardless what your health problems are, we always look at these systems and decide where to start your treatments.


Chinese energy therapy has two directions in healing work:
  1. Treat the cause - to remove the symptoms.
  2. Treat the problems at specific locations as well as the whole body at the same time.

Two ways to look at healing:
  1. 1 No disease is incurable. If you work on blocked energy and remove the toxins health can quickly be restored.
  2. Nobody has perfectly balanced energy. Nobody is free from toxins.
Tools used:
Electronic machine to work energy point, fire therapy to improve your blood circulation, detox cupping to remove toxins.


How soon will I see the result?
About 50% patients see result after first visit, like feel more relaxed, less pain, sleep better or more energy. About 80% patients see result after 3-4 treatments, 95% patients see result after first treatment plan, normally inclued 5-7 treatments.


Does Implant Acupuncture hurt?
No, when the needles in to your skin, you feel like pickling, only very short monument, no more pain then an injection.


How does the implant acupuncture help people loose weight?
For people who are over weight the metabolism does not function well. They can't always burn fat and are not able to release water, regardless if they are eating more or less.
Implant acupuncture works on your energy point 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when your metabolism starts to work, you loose weight easily.


An people of any age could have Implants? Chinese Energy Therapy? Fire therapy? Colon clean?
Implant acupuncture will be painful after treatments, for this reason we do not wok on children under 12 years.
Chinese Energy Therapy is the most safe treatment and we can practice ay any age.
Fire therapy is not suitable for children under 12 years old, because children already have lot of heat in their body, fire therapy could provide too much heat, which will tip them out of balance.
Colon cleanse is a safe treatments for any age. Only thing is colon cleanse is a self management treatment, children under 12 years old may not be able to manage the treatment.


What sort of conditions will benefit from Chinese Energy Therapy? Fire therapy? Implant acupuncture? Body detox?
Overall we are practice 3 techniques during Chinese Energy Therapy.
These 3 treatments work together as one package。These 3 techniques working together will be benefit almost all kinds of health problems.
Chinese energy therapy believes all health problems relate to no energy and over loaded toxins. These 3 techniques work together to build up energy and relive toxins at the same time.


Does it work hand in hand with conventional medical treatments?

Yes or no,

Most medical drugs are powerful method to help you to manage your symptoms; same time can produce other symptoms too. Because they are not natural for the human body. My vision is to help patients to heal naturally and able to reduce or free from the medical drugs.
In general I don’t encourage patents to take any medication, if you haven’t started it. Because to avoid the side effect.
If patients already on medication for any reason, I don’t ask they to stop straight away..
For example, if you have high blood pressure about 190/ 110, you are on medication , that is you need it, when treatment start to work, your blood pressure could come down to 140/88, at this point is time to reduce medication. When the blood pressure down to 130/80 , this is time to stop medication.


Will it interfere with the medication that I am taking?


Chinese energy therapy is 100% natural, no side effect most important part is Chinese energy therapy is a physical treatment, no oral medicine to take, even herbal one., what will not interfere with the medication., only can help you free from it. I have many patients successfully free from medication.


Should I stop taking my medication when I am having any of the treatments with you?

You take medication at first place , because you need this to help to manage your condition, for example, you have a asthma, need inhale 3 times a day
To breathe, soon you can feel you are breath better, you body have more energy and strength you need less of medication, gradually you able to free from medication.


Is the results permanent or will I need on going treatment?

When we talk about permanent, need to decide how long paired of time we call permanent. Human body is a dynamic nature, the energy and toxins moving changing all the time. When your energy dominant your body, you are healthy and your toxins become dominant, you become sick person. to answer this need correctly need to see individual patient and individual conditions.
If you have asthma for long time, when treatment helped you free from medication could be permanent, for very long time, when you get a cold or on emotional stress or over worked, your asthma could come back. But in most cases, even they are some symptoms come back, still will be lighter and easy to manage.
For person have back injury, the treatment result could be permanent, same time this person could injury again, in general your back can get much strong, not so easy to damage like before. ,
We are recommend maintenance plan for people wish to stay best wellness condition and have peak performance, also helps longevity too.

Will one session be enough or do I have to a course of treatments?

Yes or No,

For some patient have urgent headache or sore back, sore shoulders or sore stomach, you could have insistent relief that not means the cause of your problems solved.
Chinese energy therapy work on built up your energy and remove toxins, tor e store your health, We recommend to have course of treatments, you will able to see the good results.

 What if I can not afford to pay for it all at once can I pay per treatment?

Yes, you are welcome to pay every single treatment as you take.


What do you mean by acupuncture? Will I have needles sticking out of me?

We don’t use traditional acupuncture needles. We practice implant acupuncture, witch we use special needles, almost like injection needles, they are in to body and quickly take out, when treatment finished, you don.t have needles on your body.



Why do some patients heal faster than others?

People heal faster because they are doing three things correctly.

What are the three things?

1. Connection

Patients have total trust in the healer and have faith in the therapy. They can share with the healer about their medical condition and emotional blocks or struggles. When the healer knows your condition fully, they will able to see the whole picture of your health. Then she can make the right plan for your treatment.


Example case: A patient came for lower sexual energy problems. Through the interview, I learnt that he had a long history of bronchitis and loose bowel motions, which indicated poor functioning of lung energy. In traditional Chinese medicine, lung energy is a mother energy for kidney.energy. Any problems with the lungs has an effect on kidney energy and, as a result, sexual energy can not flow. I explained to the patient this theory which he believed. I started treatment to improve lung and kidney energy. After about 10 treatments, he saw a satisfactory result.


2. Commitments

To restore your health is a project, like renovating a house. You need a plan. Without a plan, one or two treatments are only random procedures and they will not effect a result,


Why? because they didn’t follow the plan. Healing only starts to work when energy builds up and detoxifys the whole body. .


Different health problems require differing treatment plans. If it is a minor health problem the plan is small and if the problems are big, the plan will be big


When patients are willing to follow the plan they always heal well.


Example case: A patient came for high blood pressure problems He has high blood pressure for the last 20 years and was taking drugs to control it. His blood pressure reading was 190/100.


I make a treatment plan. He will need 15 treatments over 3 months. He followed this plan and now his blood pressure is 130/80, and he is free from any drugs.


3. Cooperation

To restore your health, coming for treatment is only half the job. Patients need to follow the detox diet and to eat the correct food which will help the blood have a right PH balance and work better.


Also life style changes are required including regular exercise and good sleep.


Exercise can improve blood circulation and generate energy:


- go to bed 10:00pm to 11:00pm get up about 6:00am. Plenty of rest helps restore energy and the body can heal naturally


- Example case: A patient comes suffering from Candida problems for the last 30 years.


- He has tried many therapies and nothing has worked. I recommended that he follows Chinese energy therapy detox diet and to not eat meat for the time while he has treatments.


- He refuses to do it because he said that a nutritionist had told him to eat meat and vegetables only. All fruit and rice could make Candida worse


Since following her advice, his condition is better but not good enough to feel healthy which is why he came to Chinese energy therapy.


After 5 treatments, he feels no improvement, and he has doubts about Chinese energy therapy.


I said to him: Candida is a health complaint relating to bad digestion. Meat is the hardest food for the system to digest puts pressure on really weak digestion systems. He continued to eat meat, which depleted energy in the stomach and the body could not heal. I recommended he stop treatment, try to change his diet and when he felt comfortable with the detox diet, then start treatment again. He did listen to me and stopped eating meat for two weeks, he could sense the improvement in his digestion. He has returned for treatment and now the candida condition has improved and he say’s he feels the best he has ever been.

If patients do these three things correctly, what is the percentage of success?

We have seen many hundreds of patients over the years of practice.


If patients can do the 3 things correctly the success rate is 95%.


You are welcome to read many testimonials and view photos of before and after treatments.


What 3 common mistakes people make for their health?


1. Q: fitness = good health?

    A: No, you can fit and unhealthy.

A lady patient’s husband company her visit my clinic, he thinks he is very healthy because he could run marathon, play tennis, go to gym every day, can do lot of physical work.


I did face map reading for him, I found his face color is overwhelmingly red and eyes white is very muddy, this indicated unhealthy liver and toxin blood.

Lips color are purple, left side of his lips is dropping and his hand is wetly. This indicated unhealthy heart and lacking of oxygen.

When I told him what I have read about his health, his wife agrees, she said once the husband went out to run, have a heart attach at the street, he was lost conscious for a while.


But he has visited a doctor and has a medical check. The result was nothing really bad at his heart. He only need is to reduce drinking coffee.


Also, he has liver inflation a few months ago


From Chinese Medicine point of view, his liver and heart both lacking energy not fully function. Without any treatment, he could have major heart attach or liver failure in sometimes future. Often, we hear some sad news: A “healthy” person suddenly dead. Every body surprised.


The truth is this person’s health problem never been discovered and treated.


2. Q: I don’t have health problems. I only have high blood pursuer but I take medicine to manage.

    A: If you need medicine to manage your blood pursuer, you are not naturally healthy.


3. Q: I don’t take any medicine. I think I am in good health. I am just feeling tried and have few aches and pains on my body. I am sensitive to certain food and I am wake up few times a night. Maybe I just old age.

    A: All these symptoms indicated some parts of your body are not function well.




Why the Bile is important for your health?


Bile is produced by live. Which is a greeile pron/yellow-colored, alkaline fluid, has multiple functions. Each one of these function can profoundly influence the health of every organ and system in the body. Apart from assisting with the digestion of fat, calcium, and protein foods, you need bile to maintain normal fat levels in the blood, remove toxins from the liver, help maintain proper acid/alkaline balance in the intestinal tract, and keep the colon from breeding harmful microbes.


To maintain a strong and healthy digestive system and feed body cells the right amount of nutrients, the liver has to produce(1.1-1.6 liters) of bile per day Anything less than that is bound to cause problems with the digestion of food, elimination of waste and the body's constant efforts of detoxifying the blood. Many people produce just a cup full or less,. Almost all health problems are a direct or indirect consequence of reduced bile availability.


People with chronic illness often have several thousand liver stones congesting the bile ducts of the liver. Some stones may have affected. the gallbladder as well.


By removing these liver stones, the liver and the gallbladder will be able to restore their natural efficiency and the powerful bile will produce normally. most symptoms of discomfort o or disease in the body will begin to subside, allergies will lessen or disappear, back pain will dissipate, and energy and well-being will improve.



Why Alcohol bad for you health?


Alcohol is liquefied. refined sugar and highly acid-forming. Thereby, it has a strong mineral-depleting effect in the body. the organ most affected by alcohol is the liver. If a generally healthy person drink two glasses of wine within one hour, the liver is not able to detoxify all of the alcohol.


Much of the alcohol is converted into fatty deposits and form liver stones in the liver. If the liver and gallbladder have already accumulated a number of gallstones, alcohol consumption will make these tones grow faster and more plentiful.


Like coffee or tea, alcohol also has a strongly dehydrating effect. It reduce the water content of the body's cell, blood, lymph and bile thus impairing blood circulation and elimination of waste products.


The effects of a dehydrated central nervous system are delirium, blurred vision, loss of memory and orientation, slow reaction time, all what we generally refer to as 'hangover'. Under the influence of alcohol and subsequent dehydration, the nervous system and immune system go into depression which leads to a slowing of the digestive, metabolic and hormonal processes in the body.


Many patient since they stopped drinking any kind of alcohol, including beer and wine, have spontaneously recovered from such problems as panic attacks, arrhythmia, various heart conditions, sleeping disorder, pancreas infection, prostate enlargement, and other inflammatory diseases.


If you suffer from any disease at all, it is best to stay away from any dehydrating beverages such as alcohol, coffee, tea or sodas (especially diet drinks). This allows the body to direct all of its energy and resources towards healing the affected parts of the body.



Why over eating bad for your health?


Because over eating leads to intestinal congestion, proliferation of destructive bacteria and yeast, as well as cravings for 'energizing' which really means energy-depleting, foods and beverages, such as sugar, sweets, white flour products, potato chips, chocolate, coffee, tea and soft drinks. All of these foods and beverages lead to liver stones formation.