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Chinerchi Newsletter 02-07-2013

Chinerchi philosophy:
*There are two reasons behind all ailments: The body's natural energy is depleted and toxins have overloaded the body.
*There are three key aspects of healing: To increase energy flow, detoxify, and treat the whole body.
*One guiding principle: To treat the cause and to heal the whole body.
When you take this approach, you can experience that healing can be simple.

"The superior doctor prevents sickness; the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; the inferior doctor treats actual sickness"
--Old Chinese proverb

Dear Chinerchi friends:

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Island Bay, North Shore, Auckland, NZ - Taken by Angela

Welcome to the second Chinerchi winter newsletter. Every time we will share natural health education and insight of Chinerchi healing. You will learn and understand that healing can be natural and simple!

In this edition I share information on why flu injection can be harmful for you. I also introduce the best therapy for protecting you from flu. With a miracle healing story of Dystonia treatment - one of most difficult health issues - I wish to inspire you.

In this month's edition:

  1. Wellbeing information - Why flu injection can harm your health
  2. Healing stories and treatment review - Dystonia patient suffered for 15 years - Chinerchi helps free her from medication and inflexibility
  3. Best treatment for the season - Introduction to Tibetan Fire Dragon therapy

Wellbeing information - Why flu injection can harm your health

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Did you have a flu injection yet? Have you done any research about it?

Here, some of my research could open your eyes.

10 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than Flu! (Click here to read more)

Ten reasons you should think twice before getting a flu vaccine (Click here to read more)

The intention behind the flu vaccine is that by injecting a small amount of the virus into the bloodstream, the body's immune system can learn how to defend against it.

The problem is that whether or not you get the flu is dependent on the strength of your immune systems. Good blood circulation supports your immune systems. A flu injection could cool your blood circulation and drain your energy, making you more fragile.

For example, in summer it is easy to get food poisoning - provided you eat some rotten food first. Maybe in future we will hear that in summer everyone needs a food poisoning shot...

Modern medical science only has been become the authority in the last 100 years. But still how to treat human disease continues to be a mystery.

After decades of work and learning, I believe that what truly empowers healing is to strengthen the immune system and not depend on anything outside of one's own body - these can often be just superficial treatments.

Healing stories and treatment review - Dystonia patient suffered for 15 years - Chinerchi helps free her from medication and inflexibility

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23/01/2013 20/03/2013


"My name is Glenda Grant and I live in Wellington. I came to see Angela because I have a medical condition called 'Dystonia' that I have had for 15 years.

I have had constant pain over all of my body, in my neck, shoulder, arm and back. A few years ago my pain became worse and I had non-stop spasms in my arm and shoulder. They were uncontrollable and I had no rest. I could not cope with daily work and life. I then went to hospital to have surgery done to remove the nerve in my arm to stop the spasms.

After surgery my spasms stopped but I was left with my right arm having a permanent weakness and I could not open my hand or stretch my arm out. My whole body pain has continued and I have had to take panadol every four hours since the operation. I have not been able to have a deep sleep for many years and this has made me very tired.

I have also had a lot of digestion problems. I have never had a good appetite and I get bloated easily, also have irritable bowel. I have always tried to eat healthy, but I felt fragile and lacking of energy.

I went to a family wedding and met a relative who lives in Palmerston North who has been diagnosed with spread lung cancer. He went to Angela and after treatments he has recovered well. He recommended for me to travel to Auckland to see Angela and have some treatments.

Since my visits to Angela my body has been a lot better. A big change in the first few days of treatments and I have been able to stop taking panadol. I have no pain. Since the treatments I have healthy restful sleep and I am no longer waking in pain. Due to my health I had lot problems with my digestion but since doing the treatments these issues are no longer there. I feel well and happy. Thank you Angela."

Review of how to treat Dystonia

Here is western medicine's explanation of Dystonia - 'a neurological movement disorder characterised by inappropriate and involuntary muscle movements. It is often misdiagnosed. The disabling, repetitive and sustained muscle spasms typical of dystonia are thought to be due to malfunction of a particular part of the brain, the basal ganglia.' (link to web side to read more - New Zealand Dystonia Patient Network Inc)

In Chinese medicine the root of any muscle issue is the stomach. The first time I met Glenda, during health analysis I found out she had suffered chronic digestion problems for many years. Her body has never received enough nitrite to be nourished and maintain the strength it needs. Dystonia is the warning signal for such a low body energy.

In the past 15 years Glenda's treatment is pain killers to manage the pain and surgery to remove the nerves in her arm to stop spasms. This kind of treatment is directed at the surface symptoms, not the cause.

When Glenda restored her digestion energy her body became stronger, her sleep improved and her skin recovered its vibrancy - the body could just heal itself. Healing can be simple.

Best treatment for the season - Introduction to Tibetan Fire Dragon therapy

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Fire applied to the front: effective for Fire applied to the front: effective for colds

colds with stomach issues with chronic back pain

This therapy is from Tibet and came to China around the time of the Tang dynasty about 1500 years ago.

All health issues are partly the result of poor blood circulation. Any form of healing therapy need to improve the patient's blood flow. Tibetan Fire Dragon therapy is most effective for this. Especially useful in the winter season.

If a patient has a bad flu the cold energy is centred in the chest and stomach. Fire applied to the front of the body can remove the cold almost instantly.

If patients have chronic back, leg or arm pain the blood flow is poor - this leads to inflammation where body cells can't re-build the tissues.

Fire therapy helps the blood supply, thus the body can reduce the inflammations and heal itself.

Fire and cupping is the best combination of energizing and detoxing the body at the same time.

Do you have a cold? Cough? Or back pain?

Ring us for health analysis. We can find the best natural healing solution for you.