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Dear Chinerchi friends:


Welcome to the first Chinerchi newsletter of spring 2013. Spring is a season when you need to take special care of your liver!  Also, is Auto-immune Disease  untreatable? Dean’s health transformation story will move your heart.
Do you realize loneliness could drain your lung energy? This fascinating subject will open your mind and eyes. 
Spring season is a time to renew, to grown in nature. We as humans are part of nature.
Take this harmonious opportunity to renew your health and your life!


Healing story and review of the treatment

Chinerchi helps auto-immune disease patient live free from medication

My inspiration of the month

"I can’t get over my cold, because I feel lonely!"

Health tips

How to take care of your liver during spring?

Healing story and review of the treatment

Chinerchi helps auto-immune disease patient live free from medication


Sholder in pain

Dean is 46 years old and works in business management. Two years ago his family went on an overseas holiday and after eating a BBQ chicken meal at the hotel he contracted food poisoning. As a result he was left with all his body’s joints in terrible pain and swollen. The diagnosis was an autoimmune system disease called reactive arthritis.

After a blood test the doctor said that for this disease 20% of patients could need lifetime medication. Dean carried a genetic marker that increased his chances of life time medication to 80%.
Dean tells me: Every morning to put on clothes and walk to the letter box to get the mail is a challenge. My knee feels locked up, cannot bend it, if I push through the pain and bend it it lets out a loud crack and feels like it has dis-located.  Constant pain in wrist, knee, ankle, foot, neck, back and shoulder.

Dean was put on hogh dose steroids, 60 mg per day. He didn’t respond as well as expected and so was given a chemotherapy drug on top of the steroids. He also took codeine and high doses of brufen to try to deal with the pain. This did not work so he was given morphine.

Dean kept working from his bed with a laptop for a few weeks until the pain was managed better. He still worked full time, but with lower energy and difficultly in walking.
Soon Dean discovered the medication was producing side effects: The chemo drug was stopped after two days because his heart was affected. The steroids could damage the liver, he started to feel sick and noticed liver pain which he later found out was actually internal shingles bought on by the high doses of steroids. One month before leaving for Rarotonga Dean went to the optometrist to get his first eye check ever, he was told his eyes were in great condition and had perfect vision. One month after taking the high dose of steroids Dean’s vision became blurry and he went back to the optometrist to be told he had the start of cataracts in both eyes, a well known side effect of steroids. Dean gained 14 kgs in weight in the 2 months before visiting Chinerchi, another side effect of the drugs he was taking.

Following a friend’s recommendation Dean starts to try Chinerchi therapy. 

After first energy treatment Dean rings me the next morning: “first time in few months I can walk to letter box with little pain.”

After a month of treatments Dean started to reduce the medication and after two months of treatments he was totally free from all medication. Dean used implant acupuncture to get off the steroids: have an implant, wait 7-10 days, pain is lessened, reduce steroids, another implant the week after and wait 10 days, reduce steroids again and so on until Dean was completely off the drugs. His specialist had advised him to prepare for at least 12 months of high dose steroids and 80% chance of life-time use.

Dean also started losing weight immediately and continued to lose weight even while still on the steroids.

Now two years has passed. Dean has stayed in good health and lost 14 kg of excess weight, returning to normal. He has become even stronger than before.

He exercises regularly, eats healthy, has plenty of energy and feels happy with life and work.

“I can’t thank Angela enough for her help. The treatment defied completely what I was told by the doctors and specialists I saw. From being told I had a 20% chance of living a normal life again to actually feeling like I was at least 90% cured from this disease was only 2 months later after starting treatment with Angela.”

Review of the treatment


Any autoimmune disease from the western medicine point of view can be difficult to treat. Because the common symptoms are swollen body and pain, the common treatments are heavy drugs to reduce water and manage pain - but all this medication has servere side effects. It may seem like the patient can use drugs to reduce the pain, but the drugs can create weakness in other parts of the body.

When Dean first visited the clinic, through health analysis I found that he has a chronic blocked nose and loose bowels, indicating lung and colon energy was not balanced. Also he needs to get up toilet during the night, that indicates kidney energy was weak, body not able to release water well. Because body was in a weak state the food poisoning could attack the whole immune system.

To heal the immune system, the lung and kidney are most important organs. We need to work on it, to help Dean have deep sleep to restore energy and better bowel motion to absorb the nutrition he eats.

After the Chinerchi therapy start to work, the energy has been transfered into Dean’s body. Kidneys are getting stronger and soon water is reduced, swelling and pain symptoms gradually released. Plus a change of diet - reducing meat intake at evening meal - can help create a better digestion and better sleep.  Also, after the patient feels more energy then he is more inclined to exercise and move the body. Finally Dean is free from all medication and can live a normal healthy life again.

My inspiration of the month

"I can’t get over my cold, because I feel lonely!"

get over cold

In Chinese medicine, the human is a 3 dimensional creature: mind, body and spirit. With every physical pain, behind it is an emotional energy block. Behind every emotional block is an injured spirit.
A good healer when facing a patient with health issues is able to see what emotional issues could be related and help patient to recognize and remove them.
Ruby is a beautiful young lady, a second year university student. She is going to be a teacher. The reason Ruby came to visit the clinic was because she was tired of being sick for the whole winter season. Ruby constantly had a blocked nose, sore throat, cough, and felt tired all the time.
Ruby told me: I try doing all the right things. I am vegetarian, I eat healthy, I meditate, I exercise regularly. I can’t understand why I’m sick. I have tried a few natural therapies but nothing really works.
I have checked the list of her food: mainly she eats raw foods. When you catch a cold, it indicates that your lungs have been attacked by cold energy. Your body needs to generate heat to remove the cold. Keeping warm is very important, and she is dressed in smart fashion but not warm enough to heal herself. Ruby agrees to my suggestion and is happy to make a change.
After two weeks of treatments Ruby tells me: for the first time I feel stronger and I get over my cold. I feel happy for her too.
However, at the third weekly visit, Ruby comes with a bad cold again: running nose, bad cough and unhappy.
I ask her about her food and clothes. Did she change anything? She said: I did everything you told me to do!
My next question: did anything make you feel unhappy emotionally?
Ruby said yes, I had a phone call from my ex-boyfriend last night, and after talking to him I feel sad.
I asked Ruby if she wants to go back to him. She said no, but I still feel lonely by myself.
Now I have discovered the answer to Ruby's poor health!
In Chinese medicine, the emotional energy of the lungs relates to your connection with your environment. If you feel lonely, the emotional energy will be drained and the lungs will be weakened -  this is why you get a cold for so long and even after getting better, you get a cold again.
Ruby asks me, how can I not feel lonely when I'm alone?
The most important connection in life is to connect to your own spirit, your own strength. From this place you are capable of connecting with the outside world.
I tell Ruby to do some homework for me: write down the best 10 qualities of her character. It’s an exercise that will help you see yourself as lovable, worthy, and capable of achieving your dreams. The next day ruby sent me an email with her 30 best qualities and a plan for how to achieve her dreams. I was inspired and very impressed.
A week later Ruby tells me that she does not feel lonely anymore and her cold is totally gone.
I ask Ruby, can you tell me how you got over the loneliness?
Ruby told me: I just decided not to feel lonely. I was not valuing myself and was hungry for emotional love from outside of myself, like looking for an apple from an empty table, now I found I have plenty of apples in my own pocket! 


Fruit apple

The last homework Ruby did with me is she has written down why she can accept her situation as a single women

I am happy because I am finally doing what I want to do, I am studying something that interests me and I have a clear direction of what I want to do with my life. I can focus on myself and enjoy doing the things I want to do. I have realised that this life is completely in my control, and I have the power to do whatever makes me happy. I should not let my happiness be under the control of someone who is not me! From now on I am going to remember that I am the one in charge of my life and my happiness, and what is most important in my life is me!

Ruby has gotten over her loneliness and made a healthy connection to herself. The long cold is over. She is in a new chapter of her journey. I get inspired by her and I feel I am more connected with her and myself too.

Health tips

1, Every organ has a physical and emotional energy

Heart is love and direction

Stomach is clear thought and taking action

Lungs are honouring your creativity and connecting with your environment

Kidney is ambition, drive and courage

Liver is wisdom, adaptability and flexibility
If you would like to learn more, click here for more information or you can book for a training course click here

2, How to take care of your liver in spring?


Read the liver signals

If you have dry eyes, watering eyes, shakiness in any art of your body, dry skin, varicose veins, stiff joints, high blood pressure, high l cholesterol – these all indicate a liver not functioning at its the best.

What can you do?

Reduce protein food and fatty food. Can reduce work load for liver.

Go to bed before 11pm. Liver blood needs to restore energy at this time.

Be gentle and wise. Remain calm with people when they disagree with you. Anger drains energy from your liver.