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Chinerchi Newsletter 11-10-2012
Chinerchi philosophy:
*There are two reasons behind all ailments: The body's natural energy is depleted and Toxins have overloaded the body.
*There are three key aspects of healing: To Increase energy flow, detoxification, and whole body treatment.
*One guiding principle: To treat the cause and to heal the whole body.
When you take this approach, you can experience that: healing can be simple.
"The superior doctor prevents sickness; the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; the inferior doctor treats actual sickness"
--Old Chinese proverb

Dear Chinerchi friends:
Welcome to Chinerchi Spring Newsletter Number Two.
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Spring is now here in your front door. How often you take time out to enjoy the sunshine?
I will miss out on this NZ spring and instead enjoy a China autumn for four weeks from the 12th October to 12th November.
During my first week away I will be in Wuhan City at an Implant Acupuncture Conference where I am a keynote speaker. I will be presenting on implant acupuncture and how it works. Then I will go back to my home town to visit my parents and many of my childhood friends. I will also travel to two or three other cities to search for updated natural healing techniques.
What I learn and am inspired by from this trip will form my next November newsletter.

My inspiration of the month
Hug and touch can improve your emotional balance and liver health --- My dog "Honey" story
Healing story
11 years old girl freed from her inhaler and able to play sports.
Health tips
Hugs can improve your liver

My inspiration of the month
Hug and touch can improve your emotional balance and liver health---My dog "Honey" story
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I adopted Honey last year in April. She is a pure bread of Maltese only two years old. Beautiful, full of energy, friendly. I love her dearly but I found Honey had not been toiled trained. She went to the toilet inside my lounge, my bedroom and my office. I tried many ways to train her, but nothing worked.
I find she has a restless nature. You can't give her a hug for very long, only one or two minutes. I decided to calm her down by giving her lots of hugs, and when I am meditating or working at the computer she sits next to me. Gradually Honey became calmer, more intelligent, engaging and understanding. Lately I realized Honey has stopped going to the toilet inside the house and she is understanding my commands to pee in the garden.
What works? Lot of hugs!
Hugs help to connect with our emotions. They also can develop a sense of connection beyond language. If you can give more hugs and receive more hugs it will build connection to yourself and other people.

Healing story
11 year old girl freed from inhaler and now able to play sports
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Jing Mei is an 11 year old school girl and has had asthma since about 4 years old, needing inhalers most of the time during the winter and spring months every year because she would often become short of breath and lack in energy.
Her mum brought her to the clinic in June because she was experiencing sore knee problems that prevented her from being able to play sports over the last few months. She had two energy therapy and one implant acupuncture therapy to address her knee problems, and we decided to address her asthma at the same time.
Since then, she has only used her inhaler a couple of times at night during this winter and spring months, unlike previous years where she needed to use the inhaler often through the day and night (almost every hour). Her mum would also have to take her to the A&E clinic sometimes and if she had a cold, it would get soo bad that she was admitted into hospital on several occasions.
This winter gone past she had a little cold that lasted a few days but there were no hospital visits required. She is a happier and healthier child overall, able to run and play sports like a normal kid her age and to not have to rely on her inhaler.
Review of the treatments:
Jing Mei comes for sore knee and asthma. In Chinese medicine we need to treat internal organs. Knee weakness often relating to weak stomach, asthma is relating to lung and colon.
Jing Mei looks normal is her body shape. But she is never really hungry enough to enjoy food and absorbing food, she never energetic enough to play sports. Chinerchi therapy helped to increase her digestive energy, her body able to absorbing, received lot of more nutrition, the breathing functions and the immune system get stronger.
Jing Mei's Mum Pauline said since year's ode has asthma, this is the best year for Jing Mei's health. From Chinerchi point of view, get energy flow healing can be simple.

Health tips
Hug and touch can improve your liver energy
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The figure shows a three-dimensional representation of a typical model state (an individual lobule) of the 3D liver model a few hours after intoxication with carbon tetrachloride. An increasing number of cells in the center of the lobule (brighter) are becoming necrotic due to the intoxication. Red color shows the sinusoidal blood vessels and blue color marks the position of the portal triads. (Credit: Graphic by Drasdo/Hoehme -- (Click here to fond out more)
In Chinese medicine spring is for growth. Our liver organ has the power to renew itself. Science has discovered the liver can renew itself every 5 month. When surgeons remove 70% of a liver from a patient it has been found that their liver can grow back 100% in two months. The liver is known for its amazing capacity to repair and re-grow itself thanks to its rich blood supply. If you have liver issues spring is a best time to treat.
How to heal your own liver?
In Chinese medicine liver emotional energy is serenity and flexibility. To give and receive hugs is one of the most powerful recipes to heal your own liver. If you have liver health issues or you feel restless and emotionally stiff that could indicate your liver is hungry for a hug and you are lacking emotional connection with yourself and others. You are in need of some free expression of your emotions. Can you imagine through the simple exercise of hugging you can grow your liver back or you can heal your liver!

New Service:
1: Chinerchi Self-healing Workshop
25 Nov - Sunday 12:00noon to 4:30pm
09 Dec - Sunday 12:00noon to 4:30pm
If we can put market value on these techniques, to learn each technique will be worth at least $50.00. The four technique will be worth over $200, but our price is $99.00.
I wish to reach more people to benefit from it
Really Early bird price is $88.00 if you book before 10 days before workshop date.
There is limited space available, so book now to secure your place to learn these skills so you can heal yourself and heal the people you love.

2. Chinese face map reading for health analysis
We provide chinese face map reading for health analysis at clinic (for more information click here).
We also provide Chinese face reading for health analysis on Skype ( click here for more information).

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