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Chinerchi Newsletter 21-09-2012
Chinerchi philosophy:
*There are two reasons behind all ailments: The body's natural energy is depleted and Toxins have overloaded the body.
*There are three key aspects of healing: To Increase energy flow, detoxification, and whole body treatment.
*One guiding principle: To treat the cause and to heal the whole body.
When you take this approach, you can experience that: healing can be simple.
"The superior doctor prevents sickness; the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; the inferior doctor treats actual sickness"
--Old Chinese proverb

Dear Chinerchi friends:

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Welcome to the Chinerchi spring newsletter. After the cold, wet winter we are so glad to be back in the warm sun shine in spring.

Every month writing a newsletter is a challenge for me to find something really fresh, and original to share and uplift your spirit and enrich your life. That is worth well for you to spend time to read it.

I am excited to share what I learned from watching the Paralympics game opening ceremony about Stephen Hawking (the most famous disabled person anywhere on the planet). Also I found the universal number- golden Ratio 0.618 how it relates to your body and health. Spring season how to take care for your liver.


My inspiration of the month:

'Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. 'What lessons I learned from Stephen Hawking

Healing story and treatment review

Recovery from 25 years of keen injury

Early Menopause woman get pregnant

Health tips

Universal number- golden Ratio 0.618 in your body and your life

Spring season for your liver health.

New Service

Chinerchi self-healing workshop

Chinese face map reading for health analysis


My inspiration of the month:

'Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. 'What lessons I learned from Stephen Hawking

The London Paralympics games closed on 9 Sept-2012. The most inspirational moment for me is to watch Stephen Hawking sit in his wheelchair, through computer based synthesiser voice made of opening speech: Recognise that 'there ought to be something very special about the boundary conditions of the universe, and what can be more special than that there is no boundary... and there should be no boundary to human endeavour!'

Stephen Hawking is a living example for going beyond boundaries. By age 21 he has debilitating motor neurone disease and doctors thought he would die in two years. But now he just celebrated his 70th birthday. He has been in a wheelchair since he was 21 and also lost his voice in 1985. These limitations didn't stop him to become one of the greatest scientists' in the 21 century and to have extraordinary life experiences. His has discovered an understanding of universe energy movement which goes beyond Newton and Einstein. His unique achievement has rewritten the history book of physics.

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Even In 2007, he took a zero-gravity flight which he experienced weightlessness eight times, and he wrote books, starred on TV also became a host for the Paralympics game ceremony.

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29-august -2012 speech at Paralympics game ceremony

Every person in the planet has problems -health, finance, relationships. These problems can become boundaries to stop us from moving forwards.

Stephen Hawking advice to us: "'Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Be curious". . Stephen Hawking's message is: the universe has no boundaries. The only boundaries are in human mind. London organizing committee chair Sebastian Coe said: "Sport is about what you can do, what you can achieve, the limits you can reach, the barriers you can break." inside every of us, all have a super hero spirit, we want to go beyond the limits, have a desire and want to live your live with fulfilments to discover the potential of yourself. Use your power of imagination, go ahead to live a great life!

Healing story and review of treatment

Recovery from 25 years of keen injury

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Chris is a 50 years old business man and a farmer. He had a motor bike accident 25 years ago, after surgery the lift knee has become a permanently weak part of his body. Every winter he has to live with a sore, swollen knee that has had a big impact to his mobility and physical strength. After the few sessions of Chinerchi therapy, His knee made a remarkable recovery. That is the first time in 25 years Chris has no knee pain during winter and enables him to do all hard physical work at the farm and business. {Watch video click here}.

Review of the treatment

Chris's knee had been physically damaged and surgically repaired. That has left permanent weakness there: the old scar has blocked blood circulation, restricted the Muscle movement. In doctor's eyes that is beyond healing. From Chinerchi point of view: Your body is a dynamic ocean and your limbs are the river of the ocean, when the whole body vital organs are charged with energy and oxygen, the rest of body will receive healthy blood that can function in different levels. The tendons and muscles can re-grow in a cellular level - healing can be simple.

Early Menopause woman get pregnant

Sandy is a 38 years old professional woman. She has two teenage boys from her first marriage. Sandy is married to a second husband and wishes to have baby with new family. Sandy visited the Chinerchi clinic and was recommended by a friend. The wish list is: want to lose weight, remove chronic headache and sore back. Also she has a dream to get pregnant. She was telling me in tears: the doctor has diagnosed her with early stage of menopause. To have another baby is almost impossible.

After about two months of Chinerchi therapy, Sandy wrote to me on her overseas holiday: "I am pregnant! I don't know what you did to me!"

Review of the treatment:

Sandy's health is not in the best shape: overweight, lacking of energy, chronic sore back and headache.

In Chinese medicine: sore back and headache all relate to kidney energy deficiency, because the kidney is located in the lower back and the kidney is the foundation of brain functions. Also partly the reason for being overweight and having no energy is because her water retention was over loaded. Kidney energy controls water. Kidney energy is also is foundation of reproduction of life.

Chinerchi helped Sandy strengthen her kidney energy, before she is got pregnant, Sandy's whole health has already improved: free from a sore back and headaches, lost a few kgs, more energy. When your body is in natural healthy state getting pregnant is only natural.

Health tips.

Universal mystery number 0.618 how relating to your health?

Spring care for healthy liver


Universal mystery number 0.618 how can it relate to your health?

I am Inspired by Stephen Hawking, I want to learn more about universal energy how it relates to health. I found this golden ratio number I am sure it will amaze you.

The Golden Section is also known as the Golden Mean, Golden Ratio and Divine Proportion. It is a ratio or proportion defined by the number Phi (= 1.618033988749895… )

While the proportion known has always existed in mathematics and in the physical universe, It appears that the Egyptians may have used both pi and phi in the design of the Great Pyramids. The Greeks based the design of the Parthenon on this proportion.

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The interesting part is in the Human body we have the Golden Ratio points:

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Third eye.


Tummy button.

Knee and elbow

These points are crucially important for your life you need to take care of them.

Golden ration in healthy life style

1 Age . If you live to 100 years of age. . Proportion 0.618 = 62 is the age your health will go down.

38 is your life peak time

2 Sleep time: night is 12 hours Proportion 0.618 is 7.5 hours .this good time for you to rest.

3 Body temperature is 37 . Proportion 0.618 is 23 . This the best temperature for human health

4 Eating habits. Eating 62% full of your stomach Proportion 0.618 can be the best for your health.

5 Work and rest: be active mentally, and physically 62% of your time Proportion 0.618 and give yourself enough time to rest.

We are part of the natural world .The golden ratio is a universal code. We respect the universe and we love our body. We need to follow the code to Consciously empower one self and live a healthy life..

Spring care for healthy liver

1. Free to express your emotions

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Liver energy character is wood like a tree needs to feel free to stretch, free to express your emotions. People with depression can get severe symptoms in spring.

2. Stretch your body

Winter can give you excuses not go outside to exercise. Liver energy restores your joints , get up early be outside to activate your liver energy.

3. Keep warm

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As the blood circulates through the lungs, red blood cells will collect oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide.

At Spring time all viruses can start to be active. When you body lacks of blood circulation the immune system can be fragile. Keeping plenty of clothes on can help the blood flow. Also if you get a cold or flu, have a hot bath or a Sauna, or Chinerchi fire dragon therapy can effectively remove the cold energy to make a quick recovery.

New Service:
1: Chinerchi Self-healing Workshop

23 Sept - Sunday 12:00noon to 4:30pm

07 Oct - Sunday 12:00noon to 4:30pm

25 Nov - Sunday 12:00noon to 4:30pm


If we can put market value on these techniques, to learn each technique will be worth at least $50.00. The four technique will be worth over $200, but our price is $99.00.
I wish to reach more people to benefit from it
Really Early bird price is $88.00 if you book before 10 days before workshop date.
There is limited space available, so book now to secure your place to learn these skills so you can heal yourself and heal the people you love.

2. Chinese face map reading for health analysis
We provide chinese face map reading for health analysis at clinic (for more information click here).

We also provide Chinese face reading for health analysis on Skype ( click here for more information).

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