Version 23/11/2012 Newsletter

Chinerchi Newsletter 23-11-2012
Chinerchi philosophy:
*There are two reasons behind all ailments: The body's natural energy is depleted and Toxins have overloaded the body.
*There are three key aspects of healing: To Increase energy flow, detoxification, and whole body treatment.
*One guiding principle: To treat the cause and to heal the whole body.
When you take this approach, you can experience that: healing can be simple.
"The superior doctor prevents sickness; the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; the inferior doctor treats actual sickness"
--Old Chinese proverb

Dear Chinerchi friend:

Welcome to spring of 2012 news letter. Last month I travelled to 5 cities in China for Attending a medical conference, learning a new therapy, also visiting family and friends. China is my home also a fast economy growth country. Every time visit there is a exciting new experience.

Flying across the globe I said "good bye" to china chilly winter and said" hi" to New Zealand warm coming summer. Back to my Auckland north shore home and clinic I have sense of grounding. Now here is my real home.

My inspiration of the month

Introduce a green, natural way of beauty treatment - facial implant acupuncture

Healing story

Frozen shoulder for 6 month facing a surgery. Chinerchi helps the movement 100% back and pain free

Health tips

What unhealthy habits may be could damage your liver?

My inspiration of the month

Introduce a green, natural way of beauty treatment - facial implant acupuncture

inserted image17/10/2012 key notes speaker

inserted image19/10/2012 nominated to be a implant acupuncture association Council executive director

16-18th October I attended implant acupuncture national conference and was a key note speaker. My topic was "how to reduce pain of implant acupuncture, and delivery best results" .That was well received . Many colleges ask the conference Council if they can use my material for training. By end of conference I was nominated to be a implant acupuncture association Council executive director.

The biggest benefit for me to attending the meeting is meeting a lady Chinese eye surgeon Zhang jinxia and discover her techniques - Use new generation implant acupuncture techniques to reduce wrinkles.

inserted imageAfter treatement,17/10/2012, Wuhan City, China

This is a green, natural way of beauty therapy.

Over 50 years of practice. Implant acupuncture have two stages of revolutions. Stage one: the needles become more sophisticated and keep improve the sharpness and thinness, to reduce the pain of during the procedural.

Stage two: the protein threats become more dissolvable and closer to the human body natural state. That helps to reduce pain after the procedure.

I have two treatments by Dr Zhang jinxia in one month 18th October 28th October. Here are the results.

Review of the treatments

When we start to see ageing sign: the facial tissue loose collagen, skin become loose. Implant acupuncture can improve blood flow offer more nutrias to face also protein threats can be help to building new collagen.

inserted image

Before After

My facial tissues start saggy, particularly around the mouth area. make the facial shape looks square and hard . After treatments face shape lifts up & looks tight and fresh.

If you are interesting to have this new therapy clinic here see special offer.

Healing story

Frozen shoulder for 6 month facing surgery. Chinerchi helps the movement 100% back and pain free

inserted image

Foheem is a 65 years old senior engineer and have a busy life -responsible position in he's company. He had a frozen shoulder for 6 month. Start from right arm them develop to left arm. He has been to 10 times Physical Therapy with out results. Doctor recommendation is surgery. His church friend suggested chinerchi therapy When he is first visit clinic 8,February 2012 . He was in terrible pain: couldn't lift arm, not able to put hand in back his pocket to take his wallet, not able to have a good sleep and lacking of energy.

After about 6 Chinerchi treatments and two implant acupuncture. Foheem make 100% recovery, no pain, total movements back. He said early this week "that is a magic!"

Watch a video

Review of the treatment.

Foheem main symptoms is both shoulder pain very little movements. The root of his problems is in his vital organs lacking of energy: heart and lungs. Because the heart and lungs meridians channels is through shoulder to hands. When this centre "batteries" lacking of power. Your arm has not power to functions. If your dining room light not working, that is not about the polish or change the bulb, is to check the power centre if any missing connection.

inserted image

heart meridians

Chinerchi is about make energy connection and charge up your own organs "batteries ".

Foheem have high blood pressure, high cholesterol for many years and take medication to control it. High blood pressure indicate weakened heart, high cholesterol indicate weakened liver. That can both negatively affect his kidney and lungs. His frozen shoulder condition was very bad, when you understand the root of problems, healing can be simple.

Treat frozen shoulder the secret is treat the whole body not only work on arm.

Health tips.

In Chinese medicine spring season is time to take care of your liver

What unhealthy habits may be could damage your liver?
1, over use your eyes. Eye is window of your liver. if you spend long time in front of computer, draining energy from your eyes , lose energy from liver.

inserted image

Solution: take time to stop, & get out to exercise .

2 stay up for late night sleep. Liver time is 11pm to 3am. If you not lie in bed by 11pm, your liver can't restore your blood for detoxing.

inserted image

Solution: go to bed 10pm.

3, keep all your emotion to yourself, never open or free to express your emotions. Liver character like a tree, need to be free to grow to stretch.

If you are emotionally stiff or stuck. You're liver energy can't flow likely cause your liver health issues

inserted image

Solution: find a good friends share each other's emotions.

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Facial implant acupuncture $660 for two

Normally $450 for one

New Service:
1: Chinerchi Self-healing Workshop

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2. Chinese face map reading for health analysis
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