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Chinerchi Newsletter 19th June-2012
Chinerchi philosophy:
*There are two reasons behind all ailments: The body's natural energy is depleted and Toxins have overloaded the body.
*There are three key aspects of healing: To Increase energy flow, detoxification, and whole body treatment.
*One guiding principle: To treat the cause and to heal the whole body.
When you take this approach, you can experience that: healing can be simple.
"The superior doctor prevents sickness; the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; the inferior doctor treats actual sickness"
                                                                         --Old Chinese proverb

Dear Chinerchi friends

Welcome 2012 number two winter newsletter. Do you realize that if you can read your inner organs unhealthy signs from your face, it can make  a extension of your life?
I want to tell the story of Michael who was very healthy man but died of cancer.
When I meet patients that suffer from severe health conditions, my heart is aching. Even I am expert and confident that I have the knowledge to recognize the cause of your health issues and the skills to help you to restore your health. I prefer to help you to keep the best health and stay away from illness. I am passionate about health education.
Your feedback is very important for the improvement of Chinerchi newsletter and the clinic service. Please telling us what your comments and suggestions, love to hear from you.

This is the purpose of my newsletter.
My inspiration of the month 
Reading your unhealthy sign can make  a extension of your life.
Healing story and a case study
Chinerchi helps bronchitis and improve the whole health 
Health tips
For kidneys care part two

My inspiration of the month 

Read your unhealthy sign can make extension of your life.
Michael is a 62 years old businessman; he visited the clinic with sore back issues a few years back. Michael died of stomach cancer  early last year.
When I review Michael's case now, from a professional service point of view, I ask myself a question: what can I do different to help Michael or people in similar health conditions and to extend his life?
Michael first visit the clinic at February 2009 for a back injury. He was physically fit, very active and a regular jogger with a strong personality. He looked healthy in general but through Chinese face mp reading health analyses, I find Michael have list of health issues
Purple coloured face with lot of spider veins: indicate blood sticky and weak liver energy.

Irregular heart beat - heart conditions.

Sneezing all time and irritated bowl function - weakened lung energy. 

Yawning all time and bad memory--indicate kidney weakness and brain lacking of oxygen.

We did two Chinerchi sessions and found after the detox cupping treatments his back full of dark bruising marks. That shows body quite  high level of toxic. I explain to Michael his back injury is easy to treat and make recovery. But his whole body health system needs more healing work get done to prevent further deterioration. Michael is not impressed and after his back pain getting better, he stopped visiting the clinic.

A year later Michael visited the clinic for severe back pain and this is not relating to any injury. Through my health analysis I found out he had a sore stomach at the same time.
I can see the change in his appearance:
He lost some weight and looks tired his body frame is thinner than normal Michael was taking Antibiotics for sore stomach and pain killer for sore back for months.  These medications seemed not effective to manage his pain.
I realized Michael's health condition is more serious than a sore back and suggested to him to make arrangement have a total medical check; maybe these two issues are linked. Michael did not agree with my recommendations and did not continue with the treatment. 

A few months later Michael did a medical check. The diagnosis was stomach cancer, already spread into other parts of his body. A few months later, Michael passed away.
Stomuch cancer
Michael was a successful business man and had passion for living. He had a well structured financial plan for retirement.  But illness cut his life short.  Do you know anyone like Michael?
Chinese medicine looks at the whole body as a connected living nature, whether you are healthy or not, that depends of the 5 vital organs: heart, lungs, stomach, liver and kidneys function state. They can show from your face. The Western medicine looks at the body as a separate machine system. They rely on medical test for health diagnosis. 
In Michael's case, he ignored Chinese 5 organs analysis about his health conditions; he could get right treatments to improve his immune system two years earlier. That is possible to make extension of his life. The western medical diagnosis he can trust  came too late.

Dear Chinerchi friends, your life and health are precious above anything you have owned. Learn to read your unhealthy sign, to maintain your inner organs health that could make expansion of your life. 
If you want to have a health analysis through Chinese face map reading to discover your unhealthy signs, to identify what is inner organs strength or weakness and make a health make over plan (click here.)
If you live in other cities of New Zealand or overseas, I can meet you through Skype. thanks to great internet (Clinic here), book your appointment.  
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Healing story and a Case study:

Chinerchi help 12 years older boy bronchitis and improve the whole health.

Grant is a school boy with a very bad cough that effected him ,can't sleep, no appetite, no energy, he was missing out school for a few days. He was on steroid medical drugs that were making him very weak.
Grant has a deep sleep, less cough, good apatite, good energy and back to school, also start to play sports again after two of Chinerchi therapy. Grant did a total 4 of treatments. Then he is stopped the medical drug and back to his normal self again

Review of the treatment:

Grant bronchitis was main reason to visit clinic. But through health analysis I found Grant has a list of existing health issues.

Blocked nose
Block nose long as he can remember. Lung energy weakness
Never feel very hungry for food- digestion weakness lacking of nutrition.

Chronic asthma need inhaler often for sports-weakened lung energy 
Long history of light sleep, could wake up in the night about 2-3 times. Indicate weak kidney lead to weak immune systems 
Grant was a creative and advanced student he could emotionally feel lonely and frustration in mix with crowd. That could affect the lung energy. He gets sick almost every winter.
This time the bronchitis is result of the combination of inner organs weakness. The treatment need to work on kidney and stomach first, to get him a deep sleep and good apatite. When these areas energy up the whole body immune system get strong and healing become simple.
Grant's loving parent's awareness of natural health prevention, and Grant self understanding the emotional stress in lung conditions also can support the healing.
Grant's father David has a positive experience with Chinerchi therapy to help him  get free from medication for his active arthritis last year.
Chinerchi not only help Grant to get well from bronchitis and also a health make over. Above the long list of symptoms disappeared, that get Grant better energy, better school performance and more confidents.
Health tips
protect your kidney part two

Two years ago in a acupuncturist's  social party I have meet a acupuncturist in his 40s with his 3 children  aged between  2-8 and his young wife in her 30s is pregnant  again sat next to me.. After have some conversation. I realise he is 55 years old. I ask him: what is the secret to keep you looks 15 years younger? Here is the recipe:  Close your eyes, clench teeth and hold your breath when you pass urine, to maintain your kidney energy.
After I did research I realize this is an ancient practice from Tao teaching. 
Also I fund other two tips from Chinese kidney disease experts to improve kidney health.

1.close your eyes knock your teeth every morning and night 36 times   and improve your teeth strength and your face and brain blood flow.

2.Use warm water to brush your teeth to maintain a constant Oral temperature. Teeth and gums have a temperature of about 35 degrees in order to carry out normal metabolism, so sudden cold and heat stimulation to the teeth and gums may lead to various diseases, so that the teeth shortened life expectancy

3.Use cold water washes your face.

Use the Cold water to wash your face in morning can be refreshing the brain function, instant get rid of tiredness, boost alertness. Also can stimulate the facial and nasal blood vessels, promote the facial blood circulation, improve the nutrient supply of facial tissue, to enhances the skin health and strengthen the whole body's resistance to disease.

New Service:
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