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Clinic health Newsletter 20 February 2012
Chinerchi philosophy:

*There are two reasons behind all ailments: The body's natural energy is depleted and Toxins have overloaded the body.
*There are three key aspects of healing: To Increase energy flow, detoxification, and whole body treatment.
*One guiding principle: To treat the cause and to heal the whole body.
When you take this approach, you can experience that: healing can be simple.
Dear Chinerchi friends:

Welcome to my Feb.2012 Newsletter. Thank you for opening this email. I deeply appreciate all your feedback and encouragement. Two weeks ago I met a 30 year old young lady a dental nurse who travelled from New Plymouth and another cancer patient in his 60s who travelled from Wellington.  Both of these people have come for a series of treatments. The reason for them coming is because the content and stories in the Chinerchi Newsletter has inspired them.
This time my topic is inspired by Whitney Houston's death: drugs can kill. How to treat depression and sleep problems without medication? And new information: how to read your healing sign. That can help you to realize you are on the right healing path; you can grow younger and healthier, regardless of your age. And a healing story with in one family and three generations. Also review of treatment.
My inspirational story:
-What is Whitney Houston legacy: music or drug abuse lessons? 
-What about Michael Jackson?

Healing stories:
-One family and three ladies healed at the same time.
Read your healing sign
My inspiration of the month
-What is Whitney Houston legacy: music or drug abuse lessons? 
-What about Michael Jackson?

Whitney Houston died on 11-Feb 2012 at age 48.Her beautiful appearance and magical voice and songs has become forever a legacy for people who loves her and her music
"I will always love you" is her Signature song and also her massage. To listen to this song is a spiritually up lifting experience.
Houston's vocal styling has had a significant impact on the music world. Her exquisite vocal fluidity and purity of tone, singing with almost breathless exhilaration - infusing her interpretations with flashes of musical and emotional lightning.
Whitney Houston died alone and US Officials have found some prescription drugs in her hotel room included the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, over the counter painkillers and some antibiotics and alcohol.
Obviously she had severe depression; physical pain and inflammation that she needs medication for and the use alcohol to get down pills. 

From the medical point of view, Whitney Houston used drugs to reduce suffering but she lost her life.
The 2009 death of Michael Jackson from a heart attack caused by his use of the surgical aesthetic protocol as a sleeping aid underlined the extent of the problem as never before.
His physician Conrad Murray was found guilty of manslaughter last year and sentenced to four years in jail.
What caused Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson's deaths?  On the surface: over use of medication and using several medications at the same time.  All of them have side effects!  The combinations of medications could become poisons and do damage to the body.  If we are looking for in-depth reasons: they both suffered from depression, a long history of drug abuse had caused deterioration of both health and spirit.
Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were both Super Stars and they had almost everything we want in life:  talent, wealth and fame. What is missing? Why were they depressed?
Chronic anxiety is a key issue leading to depression. Chronic anxiety comes from chronic fear. Chronic fear comes from lacking of confidence, self-respect and love.
I am a healer and an expert in healing chronic health issues without medication. My calling in life is to help people to be free from a dependency on drugs. In my eyes Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson could both be saved today, if they had the right treatments. How many people out there are just blindly taking medication and on the same path of Whitney Houston?
Here are a few questions I am searching for the answers and I would like to share with my readers.
In Chinese medicine what is the depression?  Why is it that people can't sleep?
How Chinerchi therapies treat Depression and insomnia without drugs?
What causes depression? What is the rate of New Zealander suffering from depression?
What lessons can we learn from these?
In Chinese medicine what is Depression?   What is it that people can't sleep?
In Chinese medicine depression is the heart, liver and spleen energy is blocked and causes these organs to dysfunction and causes weakness.
Heart - physical energy is blood flow; emotional energy is love, joy and direction.
Spleen - physical energy is absorbing food and transforming nutrition and emotional energy: a clear mind and well balanced action.
Liver - physical energy is detoxifying the blood, keeping body joints flexible and strong. The emotional energy is able to freely express itself, also promotes wisdom, serenity, and a flexible attitude in life.
Depression patients feel unloved; they can't see directions, have lost interest in doing things and lost motivation to improve themselves. They have no appetite for food and life. A foggy mind, feels tired, withdraw into self and do not enjoy socializing.
Not sleeping is kidney energy weakness. Kidney -physical energy supports brain function giving strength also related to your genes, hormones and sexual energy. The emotional kidney energy is giving you a sense of identity, courage and ambition.
Since Whitney Houston married to "bad boy" Bobby Brown then into drugs abuse £100million fortune vanished for her crack cocaine addiction. And fallen on such terrible times, that she was having to asking friends for US$100 handouts. Lost own direction indicated heart energy weakness.  Get foggy mind can't behave properly that indicate the heart and spleen energy weakness.

Michael Jackson had never found his sense of identity. He blenched his skin to white, rebuilt his face to a European look to the stage that his face had become deformed.  Because of the Fear of his father Michael never grown up. He was not able to sleep and continued to wet the bed at age 50.  That indicates kidney energy problems.
How Chinerchi therapies treat Depression and insomnia without drugs?
Healing can be simple. The key issues for a depression patient are the heart and spleen energy tank is in a negative state.  After treatment you can see the healing signs in that you feel brighter and happier, you start to like food and get more energy, and you want to be doing things. The next stage to help patients to find out what event or negative experience have impacted on their emotions and help them to address it, also to empower the patients and remove it. 
Often patients ask me: What problems do I have? That is Physical or Emotional?
My answer is: In Chinese medicine, every organ's physical and emotional function works at the same time and would not be separated.
See link stories click here about Anxiety and Depression

The key issue for insomnia or wetting the bed is that the kidney tank runs on negative. After charging up kidney energy the tank is positive.  You will have deep sleep naturally. See link story click here about sleeping problems
What causes depression? What is the rate of New Zealander's suffering depression?
There are many things that can cause depression.  The first two key reasons are feeling lonely and feeling a lack of social support.
New Zealand consistently ranks poorly in a variety of depression statistics, according to a new comparison of international data. Among the 10 high-income countries included, New Zealanders ranked second for people experiencing a major depressive episode in the 12 months before the survey and fourth for people having suffered a depressive episode in their lifetime. One in six New Zealanders will experience serious depression, at some time in their life.

Click here to link
Depression is a modern disease The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2020, depression will be the second most common cause of ill health and premature death worldwide.
What lessons we can learn from Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson?
Drugs can kill!
When you have chronic health issues, try treatments without medication first. 
If you have to take medication to manage your symptoms try to do natural treatments for healing and not become drug dependent.
When you take several medication be aware the side effects.
Love and empower yourself, remember and honor for who you are. Positively make an effort to connection to your inner self and to people around you.
Healing story

Maud and her 92 years old grandmother Fay
In one family, three ladies and three generations healed at the same time.
I began bringing both my 6 year old daughter and 92 year old grandmother to Angela for treatment after conventional treatment were not helping either of them, and I was at a loss of what to do.  On discovering Angela's website very late at night, as I was not sleeping well due to worry, I booked in both to see her.
My daughter Meila
My 6 year old daughter had suffered from impacted bowel encropresis for last 18 month and gone through traumatizing clear outs, ongoing stool accidents, urine infections, numerous  x-rays over the last 18 months and daily medication that just was not working. 
On our first session Angela advised me that my daughters issue was easy to fix, and advised that we were to change her eating plan and definitely no more cold water from the fridge.  It was around 36 hours after her 1st treatment that she told me her tummy was numbly and she went to the toilet and had a great clear out of the bowels with well formed stool.  This was a shock to me as I had also taken her off the doctor's laxative medication.  To date my daughter has not had any further soiling accidents and we are so relieved as she has started the new year at school.   She is also more settled in her behaviour and has definitely more energy.
My nana Fay
For my 92 year old grandmother she was suffering from a very bad chesty/phlegm coughing, asthma and very bad swelling of her legs.
 Angela said that yes it was her age and her Kidney's starting to fail etc, but with treatment we can help her with her energy levels to keep on going.  I was very relieved to hear this as conventional medicine had pretty much given up and would not do anything for her as she was on maximum medication.
 I continued to bring nana for treatment before going away and after every treatment her cough and phlegm reduced, she started to have a deeper sleep, the swelling in her legs reduced and the vibrant colour of her skin came back. When extended family saw her they would comment on how well she looked and continued to do so, that she recently went on a trip with my mother to Blenheim and Christchurch to visit family and friends.
My story
This story does not end here, just before we were due to go on holiday Angela mentioned to me that I must see her when I get back from holiday for treatment. I had never mentioned the issues I was having with my own health but she looked at my face and asked to see my tongue.  I personally suffer from very heavy periods that can last 6 weeks +, huge blood clots and have ongoing medication to stop the bleeding. 3 days after Angela had mentioned this to me I am in Brisbane and end up in hospital on a drip and pain medication.  As soon as I came back to New Zealand I had my first treatment with Angela and this stopped the bleeding and I also had such a great sleep!!!!!!  I also started on Angela's eating plan and something as simple as eliminating protein from my night meal meant that I woke to feeling light in the morning.  I continue to see Angela and I have noticed the colour coming back to my complexion and I definitely have more energy and my jeans feel looser.  I thank Angela for what she had done for my family and truly know that her healing truly works.
Maud Taie
Read your healing sign
Every day patients come to my clinic and they teach me something new. Reading your healing sign is a new idea - the inspiration has come from my clinic daily work.
A man in his 50s with a sore back had a few treatments.
Last week when he walked into the clinic my first question was: "How are you today?"
The answer is:"The same. My back is still sore."
Can you tell me about your dry month?
"It is all gone" -that indicates kidney energy is getting stronger
How about your cramped legs?
"That has stopped, after two treatments." - This indicates liver energy is getting better.
How is your sleep?
"That is much better. I can sleep longer and deeper." -this indicates the heart and kidney are working together
How long you are able to walk?
"Before treatments I can only walk for 2 minutes and now I can walk for 40 minutes".- this indicates the whole body is functioning better.
The healing processes are holistic.  It is like a gardener planting a tree. We want to see flowers but we have to work with the root first, than the tree develops branches, the branches can then develop blossom. Your body only can grow into a healthy body and not switch to a healthy body. All these signals are healing signs that indicate your body energy tank is building up and your body is starting to function normally. When the energy tank is fully charged, your major symptoms will shift and disappear.
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