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Chinerchi Newsletter 24th May 2012
Chinerchi philosophy:
*There are two reasons behind all ailments: The body's natural energy is depleted and Toxins have overloaded the body.
*There are three key aspects of healing: To Increase energy flow, detoxification, and whole body treatment.
*One guiding principle: To treat the cause and to heal the whole body.
When you take this approach, you can experience that: healing can be simple.

Dear Chinerchi friends:

New Zealand Winter

Welcome to 2012 winter season Chinerchi newsletter In Chinese medicine winter is a season you need to take special care for your kidney. 
Read  my health tips. Learn to  Keep warm is a key for kidney health.  Your kidney energy and emotions gives your bone structure strength.
Read inspiration of the month find out how to empower you kidney for your posture. A case study explains how Chinerchi can treat multiple health issues use one technique.
At this moment I sit straight on my chair writing to you. I sense my own identity-a Chinese healer, sharing Chinese philosophy and healing culture to the western world.
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My inspiration of the month
Your posture connects to your inner organs dialogue.
Healing stories
A case study: how Chinerchi treats multiple health issues using one technique.
Health tips
Take care for your kidneys in winter.
New Service
Chinerchi self healing workshop date
Chinese face map reading for health analysis on Skype

My inspiration of the month
Your posture connects to your inner organs dialogue

bad posture

If you walk along the street and look around you easily see about 90 % of people have bad posture. They do not stand straight. Are you one of them? What is the reason for you not standing straight?  Do you think they have health issues or they have attitude issues toward themselves? May be both?
Bad posture is bad for your health. When you close your chest, your heart and lungs can't be opened to breathe. When you hold your head down, the blood takes longer to reach your brain and to supply the oxygen. Bad posture also weakens your muscles and pressures your cartilage, and does damage to your natural body shape and function.
In Chinese medicine every organs the physical and emotional function as one.
Your posture is a mirror of your inner organs dialogue
Good posture from strong bones- kidney energy- identity. Self-assurance.
Strong muscles - stomach - self respect and acceptance.
Open chest - lung - expresses your individuality and connection with the environment, also heart - self-love and knowledge of the direction of your life.
Stillness and flexibility -Liver - free to express emotions and serenity.

The lung meridians run from chest to index finger

      The lung Meridians

When you close your chest you put pressure on your lungs you have issues with breath and expressing your individuality. 
The governor meridians are supported by kidney energy. They run from your neck to your tail bone.
The bladder meridians    The governor meridians    

When you bend your back, all your spine and Spinal Cord are under pressure and get squeezed. That does damage to your sense of identity.
You may ask a question: Do I have negative inner organ dialogue first or do I have bad posture first? The answer will be in this planet - do we have egg or chicken first?
You have the power to change your inner organ dialogue and to improve your posture with the best health you deserve to have. If you want to learn more about your inner organ language come to Chinerchi Self healing workshop  or book an appointment on Skype. Have a one to one session.

Healing story
A Case study: How Chinerchi helps multiple health issues Arthritis conditions, rosacea,  light sleep, constipation all at the same time?
Kate is a professional young woman who has a good position in her company. She visited the clinic for lower energy, bad sleep, and arthritis in her hand, severe constipation.  She also has Rosaceous in her face. Kate is eating healthy food and also doing exercise but it seems not enough to keep her in good health.
After one Chinerchi therapy treatment and one implant acupuncture, Kate started to have good deep sleep, much better energy level; arthritis pain in hands is dispread. The rosacea in her face started to fade, became invisible. The bowel motion starts to have easy movement and also regular.
In western medicine arthritis in the hands and rosacea on the face is two separate health issues. In Chinese medicine they are two symptoms from one cause:
An unhealthy liver-  Liver energy is nourishing all joints and keeping cartilage  thick and strong. When you have joint pain indicated the liver is lacking nutrients, the cartilage becomes thin, and the tissues and joints become swollen. The Liver also filters the blood, and detoxes the whole body. When you see the rosacea in your face, which indicates the blood becomes sticky and it blocks the blood vessels. Chinerchi therapy focuses on improving liver energy. So this helps to reduce both symptoms. Light sleep is also related to the kidney energy, and constipation is related to lung energy. The whole body energy is built up with every organ functioning better.
Treat the internal organs and treat the whole body, this is the secret of Chinerchi therapy.

Health tips
Take care of your kidneys in the winter season

In Chinese philosophy human is part of nature and in ancient Chinese medicine different seasons will effect to different organs. Winter is kidney season. Because this is the coldest season of the year, all creatures on earth will restore energy for re-growth in spring. The humans should do the same.

Tip 1:To restore energy here is three suggestions
1.Reduce the time of shower to avoid getting cold or tired
2.Reduce the frequency of sex life to save energy.
3.Reduce outdoor exercise to avoid getting cold.

Tip2:Keep your head cool and keep your feet warm.

Your brain function is related to kidney energy. For the best performance it needs to be kept cool. Use cold water to wash your face as this can build up your immune system and stimulate blood flow.
Use hot water to have a foot bath. This is a traditional Chinese way to maintain kidney energy in winter.
The feet are farthest body part from the heart; the most vulnerable to invasion of cold, keeping the feet warm is very important. The kidney's meridians run from the bottom of your feet, through your legs to your back. When you have sore feet, which indicates that your kidney energy is blocked or running on negative.
When your feet are exposure to the cold weather, that can affect your internal organs, cause the epigastria pain, diarrhea, irregular menstruation and pain, impotence, lower back pain and other illnesses. Keep your feet warm and you will have countless health benefit.
Soak your feet at warm water- bestto soak formorethan20 minutes until you feel little sweaty.
What is the difference from have a shower?
If you are tired a shower can make you more tired and you can get a cold.
A Foot bath can make you relax and stay warm.
Help you have a deep sleep.

Tip3. Ginger and red date drink

Ginger and red date tea
Ginger3-5cm piece, red dates 6-8
Brown sugar 2 tea spoons. 250ml water
Put in pot, bring to boil- then slow cook for 20 minutes.
Drink when is hot.
The health benefit of ginger date tea:
Ginger can stimulate blood flow can increase the body temperature.  Can  help cold hands and feet and blood circulation related health issues .
Red date scan nourish the blood and help blood deficiency and anemia
These two herbs work together.  They can effectively help anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-influenza and upper respiratory tract infection, Rheumatoid arthritis, and aching muscles.
If you don't have any health problems that can be a nice drink for winter.

New Service:
1: Chinerchi Self-healing Workshop
3rd  June 2012 - Sunday 12:00pm to 4:30pm
8th   July 2012  - Sunday 12:00pm to 4:30pm
29th July 2012  - Sunday 12:00pm to 4:30pm
If we can put market value on these techniques, to learn each technique will be worth at least $50.00. The four technique will be worth over $200, but our price is $150.00.
I wish to reach more people to benefit from it
The Promotional price is $99.00 till end of June
Really Early bird price is $88.00 if you book before 10 days before workshop date.
There is limited space available, so book now to secure your place to learn these skills so you can heal yourself and heal the people you love.

2. Chinese face map reading for health analysis on skype
We provide skype chinese face map reading for health analysis now, for more information click here

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