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Dear Chinerchi friends:



Please join us in the celebration of the Chinese New Year-year, the year of the horse.

The New Year’s Day is 30-Jan -2014, the celebration ends on 14-Feb with the Chinese lantern festival. This year they accidentally share the same date of Valentine’s Day.  That is so special because it can only happen once in many years. This also indicates that the west and east cultures will share more in common in the future.

In Chinese culture the horse is symbolic of elegance, power, energy, stability and perseverance, because the horse is a grounding energy, structure and plotting a path in order to reach a destination, or accomplish a task. Also symbolizes personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom.

Best wishes to all Chinerchi friends: may you carry the energy of the year of horse;   connect to your own the spirit, moving forward to your destination. Achieve good health and happiness.


Healing story

High Blood Pressure – Patient had been on medication for the last 10 years and now he is free from medication.

Review of treatments – you don’t have to take medication for life

Check your own health

Red face and sucky chin indicate your internal organs not healthy.

Healing story

High Blood Pressure – Patient had been on medication for the last 10 years and now he has free from medication.


Graeme is a 59 year old businessman. Who runs a medium size company and has lots of stress from work. He has a lot of drive but lacks energy. Graeme has a high blood pressure and has been taking medication for the last 10 years.

In August 2013 Graeme started Chinerchi Therapy. After about 12 treatments he has blood pressure of 140/80 down from 160 / 100. Graeme has now been free form the medication and sleeping better, eating healthier & feeling happier with good energy for work. Graeme does not have to get up during the night which gives him a better continuous sleep, ready for the next working day making him feel more relaxed and less stressed.


Review of the treatments

 High blood pressure patients don’t have to take medication for life.

If you look Graeme’s photos before and after to compare, you will notice that before treatment the face is deep red in colour.   This indicates a lack of oxygen in the blood and high levels of toxicity. The saggy chin indicates water retention and low energy.

 The wrinkles are caused by a lack of collagen in the dermis which lies directly under the skin.  This indicates that the body is not absorbing nutrients.

The photos taken after the series of treatments show that the face shape has lifted, the skin has become tight , the colour is vibrant, the saggy chin and wrinkles have disappeared.  These results have been achieved because the blood has an increased capacity to carry oxygen around the body.  And in turn, all the organs of the body are able to function better, allowing Graeme to feel more energetic and healthier.

High blood pressure is a symptom of your blood being too thick, or the blood vessels being too narrow. If we don’t treat it, the blood vessels could become blocked or burst causing a stroke or heart attack.  In western medicine, to manage high blood pressure, medication is prescribed for the remainder of the person’s life.

Chinerchi therapy works on the heart and liver energy, making sure the body can detox the blood and allow the circulation to flow better.  This makes the blood become clean and lighter, causing the pressure to go down. Medication becomes un- necessary.

The secret is to strengthen the internal organs. Your body can clean its own blood making the healing process simple.

Click here see video of this patient's testimonial 

Check your own health

Red face and saggy chin indicate your internal organs not healthy.


spider veins


Red colour face before after


 The secret of anti-aging: is to treat chronic health problems. Chinese medicine believes you need to take care of your health before you felt sick. Any aging sign is the sign of internal organs not function the best.

A healthy young person should have normal pink colour, with clean smooth skin.

Red or purple coloured face, there are often has spider vines, because of the high blood toxicity and lack of oxygen. Indicate liver and heart energy low.



Dubble chin before after


A young healthy person should have well shaped body and face. Because they are full of energy .If any part of your body became saggy and wrinkly, this indicates the body’s energy is starting to empty, water retention build up and the lack of collagen in the dermis which lies directly under the skin.  This indicates that the body is not absorbing nutrients.


Improve your heart and liver energy can reduce red face and spider vines.

Improve your digestion and sleep can improve your body shape and reduce wrinkles.

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