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Dear Chinerchi friends:


Welcome to Chinerchi 2014 newsletter. Sorry for not sending a newsletter form for a few months. I was in China from October to November 2013. After I came back to Auckland, I was straight into the Christmas season. Now the holiday is over we are back to our normal routine.

Because my parents are into an older age, mum is 85, dad is 90.  I try to spend some time at home every year. The Last 20 years, China has paid a high price for quick economic development. My home town has so much polluted air, full of smoke. When I am off the aeroplane, I breathe the crystal clear fresh air. I have a sense of luxury, I suddenly realize how lucky we are to be living in one of the most clean and beautiful country.

Healing stories and review of the treatments

Chinerchi helps middle age lady thin hair grow thicker.

Chinerchi helps foot injury open wonder healing.

Healing tips

How to treat the complicated health problems? Chinese face map reading is the key.

Chinerchi helps middle age lady thin hair grow thicker


Babs is a 50 years old lady work at her own business as property management. A fit, slim person, enjoy looking good in her age. Last 5 years her hair has been grow thinner; she is only having a few hairs to cover the top her head. This problem bothers her, make she feels old.

After three Chinerchi therapy sessions and two facial –skull implant acupuncture treatments, amazingly Babs hair has grown thicker. Not only has her appearance changed and her quality of sleep  improved,  she has  better energy and spirit for work and life.


Review of the treatment

When Babs is first visit clinic, she asked: can the Chinerchi therapy can help hair growth?

The answer is: yes.

After health analysis, I found Babs has a long history of lacking  deep sleep, and her digestion system is not functioning well.

In Chinese medicine: kidney energy give you good night sleep, support hair grow and brain, sexual functions. The healthy digestion gives the nutrition to the blood, then the body can produce quantity and quality of shiny thick hair.

Treatment on improving Babs quality of sleep and digestive function; the more nutritional blood supply to her skull, than the new hair can grow. Healing can be simple.


Chinerchi helps foot injury patient with open wonder for a month and healing in few days

robyn ankle(copy)

Judy is a ACC patient, lady in her early 60s of age, who runs a horse training business, at November 2013 by accident a young strong horse stood on Judy’s lift foot; at the top of her foot the skin and tissues was injured and the whole foot and ankle was swollen. Judy was in severe pain, not able to walk well; she was taking antibiotics drug for a month.  The pain and swelling did not go down, the foot’s open wound got worse.

Judy  lived near Hamilton; she was spending two weeks holiday in Auckland with her daughter. Judy has 5 treatments with us in total. 3 Chinerchi therapies and 3 IMP. Her whole health was turned around. the foot swelling has come down, and her ankle has become slim; from the photos you can see the skin colour around her foot has become normal, open wound has closed within a week. Now she is can put socks on, walk, and keep on managing to do daily work.


Review of the treatment.

Why did Judy have antibiotics for a month and the wound remained open? Chinerchi therapy treatment was for only a week, and  the wound closed!

In a normal healthy body, the open injury can close within a week or two. But Judy has high blood pressure and she has been on medication for many years. The side effect of the drugs has been water retention and circulation has slowed down, also she is overweight.

Because all of these conditions, there is not enough blood supply to her foot injury, the open wound can’t heal. The secret to treat Judy is to reduce water retention, stimulating blood flow. treat the blood pressure, help her lose weight , also change diet, reduce heavy protein  intake.

When Judy body‘s energy level was built up,and  water retention  reduced her, blood become thinner and cleaner, and open wound closed. She has lost weight and is more energetic. Her high blood pressure is in much better shape. Healing can be simple.

Healing tips:

How to treat complicated health problems? Chinese face map reading is a key.


How to treat complicated health problems? Every natural therapist understands the principle of holistic healing. Why can only a few of them can deliver the effective results? The secret is to know where the starting point is.  Recognize what the key issues are, and   there relation to further health issues.

For example, Judy came for open injury in the foot, the wound had not closed for a month; her high blood pressure was the contributing cause.


 A good healer need have two skills:

One: to recognize the connection between the symptoms and internal cause – in Judy‘s case is the high blood pressure ned to be treat first.

Two: Correct treatment techniques to deliver healing. Reduce water retention through the whole body, and build up blood flow.

Over the years of research and practise Angela has developed the unique technique for health analysis through Chinese face map reading. That is very effective and accurate. A power tool helps her to achieve the successful healing work. Angela likes to share her knowledge with people who interesting to learn.

If you are practitioner running your own clinic, get training course of   Chinese face map reading technique could improve your skills and change the face of your business. Find out more clicks here