Version 14/03/2014 Newsletter

Dear Chinerchi friends:

We deeply feel sad with Malaysia Boeing 777 jetliner with 239 people on board that went missing last Saturday 8-march 2014. It has been nearly a week of searching and authorities are still in the dark. My thought goes to the family and friends of missing people.

This kind of unexpected disaster can alarmingly help us to value what we have today.

Love yourself, your family, and your friends.   Our prayers wills be with them, best wishes to the best outcome.

This newsletter is worth your reading.Do you like to know why you easy get allergy and how to heal? If you have muscle injury what internal organs could relating to healing?

Find out answer, please read on……


Healing story

Patient suffers allergy like rash in neck and face for 6 month, Chinerchi help recovered in two weeks.

Review of the treatments

The secret of healing is to build up your own energy level! Chinerchi is best tool for it.

Healing tips

Your muscle injury healing is dependent to Stomach energy and strength.

 Healing story

Chinerchi help allergy like rash in neck and face, recovered in two weeks.
lisa k new


Lisa is a lady in her late 40s. She has a demanding professional role in her company. She also has in the past year separated from her partner. Therefore stress is a factor.

Since Jan -2013 Lisa noticed an itchy allergy like rash on her neck. She was prescribed an antibiotic.  The rash developed into a severe reaction on her face / swelled up like a balloon……….She was travelling and took herself to A & E for treatment. She was prescribed prednisone which supressed the swelling.  In the coming months this swelling occurred on two more occasions, for no apparent reason.

In May, she developed what looked like a cold sore on her lip. This developed further into a severe skin rash, infected and broken skin.

As she was travelling in terms of work she consulted with two out of town doctors in the following six weeks.  In addition, when home in Auckland, twice the infection ‘blew up” on weekends, so she had to go to emergency facilities. The medications helped to manage condition at times.

Come July she was desperate. Red inflamed broken swollen skin on her face?

Lisa discovers the Chinerchi clinic. Within two weeks and after three treatments, her face clears up. Lisa said: after Chinerchi therapy, not only my face is getting healed, my energy level is higher. I have a clear mind and emotionally I feel balanced and stronger.


Review of the treatment.

The secret of healing is to build up your own energy level! Chinerchi is best tool for it.

Lisa have skin rash and infection at face on and off for about 6 month. Why the five doctors and lot of drugs not help, but Chinerchi works in two weeks?

The secret of healing is to build up your own energy level! Chinerchi is best tool to support

Your energy to flow and then Your body can heal itself.

The skin rash is body over loaded with toxins has been burst out through skin, the cause of over loaded toxins is the liver organ’s energy lower, can’t function well.

In Lisa‘s case she is over worked no time for recharge the body’s batteries. Plus the emotional stress can deplete your physical energy.

The drugs she received from doctors are to remove the symptoms not the cause.

Chinerchi therapy give no supplements, but work on to build up the body’s organs natural energy physically and. emotionally. Especially liver, when the liver energy is restored, all toxins in Lisa’s body can be broken down and released. Lisa gets her beautiful face and good health back.

Healing can be simple; Chinerchi therapy can help you to find out the key issues for your chronic health problems. Make a appointment with Angela have a Chinese face map reading health analysis. From there, your health could be change for ever.

Healing tips

Your muscle injury healing is dependent to Stomach energy and strength.

olker is a 35 years old young engineer, last December he had a fall while riding a bicycle, and the right shoulder was injured. For many weeks he‘s right arm was in severe pain, he couldn’t sleep at night and the arm couldn’t lift up, that has effect his life badly.

With ACC support, Volker visit Chinerchi clinic. I discovered he is not only have injury, also his stomach energy is not in best level and he has some digestive issues, this why, he’s muscle was healing slowly.

In Chinese medicine: stomach energy not only absolving food nutrition, also support muscle strength and shape. To treat any muscle pain, need to work your stomach meridians.

After 6 session of Chinerchi therapy, Volker was free from pain and regain all movements

Click here to see a video

Regardless the outside your body health issues, Chinerchi will work with your internal organs, find out the key issues, healing can be simple.

If you have injury with ACC support, visit Chinerchi clinic, we are not only help you to remove the pain. Also we can help to find out what is your internal organ’s weakness, to build up your energy; you can be free from pain and restore your best health.