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Clinic health service news and special offers March 2011
Autumn season lung and stomach need special protection treatment. Check out this newsletter for a special offer.
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The best doctor treat patients before they are get sick.
The average doctor treats patients when they beginning of sickness.
The worst doctors treat patients when they are already sick.
Dear Chinerchi friends:
Welcome to Chinerchi newsletter. At this edition we add a new Column: Read your Unhealthy Sigh that talk about water retention the most common  also over looked health issues has effect to many people lives. Chinerchi therapy biggest advantage is able to treat you before you are seriously sick and to educate you recognize your unhealthy sigh and show you what you can do to help yourself.
Good news:  
We moved to the new clinic at 02th Feb 2011. After so much hard work, Chinerchi clinic have a total new image, new environment, new facility. Bright, clean, space and comfortable.
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Success Stories
I am a 30 year old professional sports female. I considered myself to be fit and healthy. I have an asthma and got worsen 5 years ago. I was using 2 inhalers twice daily, and ended up taking an asthma pill as well. My sleep was always disrupted, as I always visit the toilet 2 or 3 times a night. And my immune system got so bad, that at one stage I had 7 courses of antibiotics in 7 months. But after 2 energy treatments and 2 liver detox with Angela, I can now say that I only go to the toilet once a night. I no longer take the daily asthma medication and pills. and only occasionally take Ventolin for a hard session of rugby training. I recover so well that I have not been sick at all. On top of this I feel happier and definitely look healthier. Friends think my skin looks great too!
M. C. 30 November 2007
Chronic lung problems
A yang lady has chronic lung problems for long time been smoke for last 10 years after two energy treatment and one  emotion code the cough was gone and smoke much less. and her 9 years older son got cold though a cold  swim  at school got a  bad cough and ear infection  could not  go to sleep during the night .after two energy treatment the boy stop cough and ear not sore I ask him: How is your ear ?  He answers: Not sore any more. Amazingly good!
Chronic back pain and night visit toilet
A restraint owner 46 year older have back pain for 10 years and visit toilet eve night 1-2 times 
For last 10 years. After 2 energy treatment and one implant acupuncture the pain was 90% relived and able to sleep strand though. What he say:
Feel very good.
Read the unhealthy sigh

Swollen legs is symptom of water retention that is a most common health problems. People do not get pain badly  but feel heavy and tired . Water retention often is relating the weakened digestion, anxiety and lack of energy in kidney. By improving digestion and kidney the water retention will reduce.
   Female, 30years old         Female, 80 years old
Many people have fat legs same time have double chine. After treatment the facial shape can improve.

Next time we show you how to look at you tummy button to read your energy if you like to find out more you can purchase my Ebook with a promote price NZD $15: Ancient art of Chinese face reading for health diagnosis or attending  FREE workshop at 6th, 27th march Sunday 2-4pm.
Health Tips
Autumn season health care
At TCM human is part of nature. When the season changes and  the human body energy changes.
What health problems most common at autumn season?
Lung and stomach problems.
Autumn season changes from warm to cooler. the body is easy  loose hydration and effect to blood circulation  the lungs ,stomach and skin  will have  sensitive to autumn, asthma and Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Diarrhea and dry skin are easy to happen.
What should you do?
Not eat cold breakfast. 
Most kiwi has habits is eat cold serial or fruit for break first that is not good for stomach blood circulation. When the stomach is colder not help food get digest and body can not receive nutrition and the whole body will be cold and not good for energy to flow. At Chinese medicine the lung energy support by stomach energy to keep lung healthy first need to keep stomach healthy.
Answer: warm or cooked breakfast: toast or porridge is the best.
Drink or eat more honey least once a day.
TCM believe honey is good for nourish yin energy and autumn easy to lose yin energy. Not eat too much chilly and ginger at autumn because will produce the dryness at the lungs.
Get up and go to bed early
When you excise keep warm.
If you exercise by walking outdoors, it may be time to locate other places you can walk that are protected from sharp winds. Indoor shopping malls are great places to walk. With the days getting colder, take a few extra minutes to warm up your body and stretch your muscles before you exercise.

Special offer for Lung & Stomach care
Treatment starts from $60 mention this newsletter and get $10 off.
Book within two weeks before 20th March.
Healthy food Recipe
Lung Energy Food----stewed  pears with rock sugar & honey

The essence of pear is cold and it travels to the Lung and Large Intestine meridians, cooling them down. The following recipe is very good for autumn coughs. If the cough is deep and accompanied by phlegm, a handful of almonds can be added to the recipe. Particularly effective are bitter almonds.
  6 pears (any variety)
  1/3 cup of rock sugar candy
  Some honey (depend on individual favorite)
1. Rinse the pear well.  Peel its skin, remove the core and then cut them into small pieces.
2. Place chopped pears and rock sugar in a rice cooker, add 2 cups of cold water.
3. Cover and cook on a low setting for approximately 40 minutes until the pears are soft.
4. Stir gently and add some honey, makes about 4 serving.
Click to learn how to make it yourself on our website.
Chinese face map reading
How to choose the best therapy?
How Chinerchi therapy works?
What is healthy food?
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