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Clinic health Newsletter April 2011
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The best doctor treats patients before they are get sick.
The average doctor treats patients when they at the beginning of sickness.
The worst doctors treat patients when they are already sick.
Dear Chinerchi friends:
Welcome to Chinerchi newsletter. In this edition we share some tummy button knowledge in the "read unhealthy sign" and give you some health tips about autumn.
Good news:  
           House Name: Ning Haven
            House warming party
On 19th March Saturday afternoon Chinerchi Clinic  invited all trades men  and some old friends to have a celebration party for the new beginning and also to say thank you for all   the people involved in making the clinic function in the new place. Chinerchi Clinic at 86 Hadfield St also has a house name- "Ning Haven" which was announced at that time.
To explain the meaning of the House name:
Ning Is Angela's Chinese name, meaning 'peace' in Chinese language
The Chinese characters depicting Ning Haven are made up of four picture: the roof of the house, heart to love, pot to cook food and have people around. All these four elements make peace in our lives.
Haven means a place to rest and retreat. We are located in Beach Haven. Chinerchi house name has a Chinese spirit with kiwi flavour.
Success healing stories
Body talk therapy works wonders!
Last weekend Angela went a training course -a body talk work shop - and had a great experience. Angela is now totally in love with Body Talk.  As clinic member Gina had a cold since last week and came to work today with a running nose and dry cough. Angela treated Gina for 15 minutes, using body talk therapy. Gina felt her head clear instantly and had no more running nose and no more dry cough  for the whole day.
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Chinerchi helps Asthma
Michael is an 8 years old boy born with asthma, who has needed to use an inhaler daily for most of his life. He had not been able to play sport nor had he been good at school studies because he was not able to breathe properly and he could not concentrate. Last July his mother brought him to Chinerchi Clinic to have treatments. After six visits Michael's health and life had a great transformation.  Michael started to play sport at school and he has became a good student with all his school marks going up. All his teachers were impressed. Michael started to find new confidence in himself and his parents were extremely happy. After that his parents both started Chinerchi therapy.
Read the unhealthy sigh
Umbilicus is a life centre The size, shape and the depth, of the umbilicus all indicates a personal energy and health. When the personal health energy changes the size, shape and depth of the umbilicus will also change.
The normal human umbilical hole diameter is about 0.8-1.5cm. If the diameter is more than 2.0cm results in what we call the big navel eyes. A diameter less than 0.5cm is known as the small umbilical eye. We also need to take account of different races of people, and an individual personal size.
A round, huge and deep upward umbilical shape suggests healthy organs, and a strong kidney function - an energetic person. This is the best male navel-shape.
An oval-shaped umbilical is best for women, suggesting a healthy person with well functioning ovaries.
The depth of the umbilicus depends on the amount of subcutaneous fat. The thicker the fat then the deeper the umbilicus, which shows a good nutritional status. If the subcutaneous fat is thinner and shallower the nutritional status is less.
Convex umbilical could be an indication of a kidney energy weakness and swollen organs in the abdominal area It often indicates a fatty liver and high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis.
Tummy button is swallowed indicates health problems.65 years old, high blood pressure, reasonable average energy.
Tummy button almost closed indicates low energy.60 years old, high blood pressure, heart problems.
Shallow Small-shaped: These type of people both men and women are physically weak, endocrine function is not normal, often feel malaise, this is congenitally Qi. In addition, emotionally sensitive fragile, easily induced by the stimulation of mental disorders. Such people are easily excited, or depressed.
Closed form: umbilicus closed, indicating a closed compartment, more common in middle-aged women.
The reason is inner organ energy deteriorating, suggesting diminished ovarian function.
66 year old, female, umbilicus shape looks like a half shape. The abdominal tissues are full of wrinkles indicating bad digestion.
Compared with picture below this patient has a higher energy level.
A 70 year old female
The umbilicus shape looks like an upside down shape indicating high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart problems.
Checking your umbilicus can help analyze your abdominal health.
Next time we will show you how to look at your tongue to read your energy. If you like to find out more you can purchase my Ebook with a promotion price NZD $15: Ancient art of Chinese face reading for health diagnosis or attending  FREE workshop at  12th April Tuesday 7-9pm.
Health tips
Autumn season weakened organs are lung and colon.
Autumn disease: Dry cough, cold, all problems relating to abdominal areas.
Autumn air is cold and dry in nature with deciduous trees loosing their leaves and drying out. Humans are part of nature and we have same response. When the body easily looses fluids, it can make the skin and throat dry.A dry cough is indicative of body dehydration at blood level and the lung is most sensitive to dryness. The lung and colon are a net work, so if the lung been weakens the colon will be effected.
To strengthen the lungs you need to keep warm and go to bed early (before 10pm) and not to eat any food. Too much ginger, chilly, BBQ meat or deep fried food. All of these kinds of food, are likely to dehydrate the body. Choose to eat the food that is nourishing and adds the moisture to the body. Honey is the best food for autumn.
The Stomach energy is mother energy for the lungs. To keep the lung healthy you need to keep the stomach healthy. The best thing to strengthen the stomach is to eat warm food. Never eat anything ice cold and straight from the fridge. Ice cream certainly is bad food for asthma and patients with stomach problems.
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Chinese face map reading
How to choose the best therapy?
How Chinerchi therapy works?
What is healthy food?
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