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Clinic health service news and special offers January 2011
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The best doctor treat patients before they are get sick.
The average doctor treats patients when they beginning of sickness.
The worst doctors treat patients when they are already sick.
Dear Chinerchi friends:
In every news letter we send out we like to share some ancient Chinese wisdom relating to healing, and to educate people who want to do the best to stay good health.
Healing story
Sore Shoulder for last two years had pain removed in first treatment

I am a 56 year Old male, a carpet layer and had a sore right shoulder for the last two years. I have been taking pain killer medication everyday to manage my pain to enable me to work. After my first Chinerchi therapy treatment, my pain was completely gone.
I am over weight and have high blood pressure, was not able to have deep sleep and was lacking of energy. Chinerchi therapy has helped me to have deep relaxed sleep, get up feeling energized. My mind is filled with clear thinking. I felt great!
"Happy" become really happy

My little dog name is "Happy". He is 13 years old, a Yorkshire terrier and Chiwawa cross. "Happy" has a few health problems, sore legs, he did not like to walk  and  is  walk is slow , also "Happy" had half the tongue is falling out. Before Christmas  holiday "Happy" had developed itchy skin problems and often "Happy" scratched himself and his skin looks raw and broken. I   was booked with vet clinic at Christmas eve, but I was too busy to find a hour of free time  that day.
Instead using Emotion code therapy  I decided I can treat animals. I decided to check "Happy" with emotion code to see if his skin condition is relating to trapped emotions. To my surprise Happy did have a few trapped emotions  that made  skin itch relating to abandonment, sore  legs relating to jealousy   and the tongue falling out relating to worthlessness .
Before  "Happy" become my dog he already have 4 owners. Every time he  change home and change owner must have some negative impact to his emotions and physical body. After emotion code therapy "Happy" itchy skin disappeared   and to my other surprise  "Happy"  tongue issue has  solved itself.
My "Happy" is really happy and healthy. This shows me that  Emotion code is amazing therapy.
Night time toilet visits solved
I have a lady patient she is 79 years old with have water retention problems and night time visited  the toilet 3-4 times a night . Now after only 1 emotion code therapy she has  deep sleep  and sound rest. Only gets up 2 times a night. She says  that has not happened in 15 years.

Health tips
1.Summer diet is an important part of health, high daily  temperature, which causes  the skin blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood volume, and a corresponding drop in blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract, digestive function and resistance also will be reduced.
Summer, drink plenty of water, do not eat  greasy food, diet  for summer  is more appropriate to light foods, so  eat more fresh vegetables and soy products
Do not drink too much cold liquids Too cold, especially after heavy physical labor will stimulate the gastric mucosa, the secretion of gastric juice, can lead to indigestion, and sometimes cause stomach pain or diarrhea. Therefore, we should drink a small amount   water at room temperature several times as well.
2. In taking  breaks  from  work  Do not  sit on  the concrete ground  like brick, or concrete floor  when it is very hot  or even  try  sleeping outside. The  brick,  concrete cement  holds  cold and wet energy, and this  very wet moisture permeability and accumulation, means  you could catch cold damp, induced arthritis, sciatica and other rheumatic diseases. DO NOT  sleep direct on  concrete or brick floors.
3. Summer,humid hot weather, it is easy to sweat, the exercise  time should  not be long, you should choose gentle, slow movement , such as walking, Tai Chi, and so on. Choose  the time of day  for shade,  and remember   not to exercise immediately after a meal or swim. Because swimming immediately after a meal will affect the digestive system function.
Allow, at least half an hour after a meal to swim
4. Watch  dry skin  from  showering habits, in general shower once a day, in  water temperature 35 degrees to moderate. Excessive showering you should not use soap, especially do not use strong alkaline soap, so as not to cause skin itching better to use  plain water.
Red Bean and Barley Health Drink
Popular traditional Summer Health Drink to Reduce Water Retention and Lose weight
Material: red beans half cup, barley half cup, half pot water (but still depend on your judgement)
1. Clean and Soak Red Bean and Barley in water about 3 hours. After soaking, they will be cook easily and taste better.
2. Place Red Bean and Barley in a slow cooker with half pot water. Cover and cook at low setting of slow cooker for 7 hours (overnight).
Add brown sugar for taste better, but without sugar is more benefit for lose weight.
Notes: DON'T place rice inside because rice is raised in water, it could increase dampness.
1. With digestive problems, you can add some ginger.
2. With kidney problems, you can add some black beans.
3. With diabetes and diarrhea, add some pumpkin.
4. With cough,  you can add some pears.

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