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Clinic health Newsletter June 2011  the  shortest day has past  winter  will end!
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The best doctor treats patients before they are get sick.
The average doctor treats patients when they at the beginning of sickness.
The worst doctors treat patients when they are already sick.
Dear Chinerchi friends:
Welcome to winter 2011 chinerchi newsletter.
I was overseas for 5 weeks and  am now back to work at  the clinic .I feel fresh and energized. Plus in China  last month I have been to a new training course for learning though hypnosis to connect your spirit for healing.
 Before this course I already have a understanding of  how every physical pain is  related to emotional pain. If ignore the emotional issues in life only work on physical body the healing can not achieve.
This  new course gives me  the opportunity to see every physical suffering actually is spirit suffering.  I am learning all the time.
 I will share my learning and practice in future news letter and my website articles.
Today We share 3 beautiful healing stories with you I hope that can inspire you and bring some awareness to your health and healing.
Success Healing Stories
Mary is a 65 years older lady first visited clinic  on 15th June Tuesday with problems of long term not able to have deep sleep. she said I am very healthy and active I play tennis twice a week and have got plenty of  energy . My only problems are not able to have deep long sleep. I sleep light and broken a few times night. Get up feel tired.
Few days later at Saturday morning she back for second visit. I ask:
 How  are you?  Very good. She replied. I have good deep sleep. I got more energy and I did  a lot of work this morning..
When Mary lay in bed before I start treating her , I ask her tell me what you been doing this morning?
She said: I have done big cleaning for my k... and missed   the word
she try to tell me she has been cleaning her kitchen. But she is not able to say it. She says to me what happened?  I can not talk.
My experience tells me patient now on edge of stroke. Many thoughts come through my mind. What I should do next? If she totally stop talking and then lost conscouisness, Should  I ring husband or ambulance? What emergence treatment I should do first?
I need patient to feel safe and stay calm. I ask her: "can you tell me what is your name? ""Mary""what is my name?"" Angela.""Very good.  You are doing very well."
I start my treatment routine Put one electronic machine pad  at her tummy the energy center and other one put at her neck  the very important place to supply the blood in her head.. the moment I turn on the machine under her neck , I ask her if she feel the tingle? Yes. Very nice.
I can feel the energy start to flow into her head, her speech has more clarity and strength . I ask again  ask .tell me your name?  ""Mary ""Tell me my name?"" Angela""Can you tell me what you did this morning?""Big cleaning for my kitchen!"
What happen to me ? Why I could not talk before ? why I am  able to  talk again?
I explained: All to do with your energy and blood flow. This morning you over worked  and have  run out the energy in your body especially in your heart. When heart is weak not enough strength to push the blood to your head. The region in your brain one area in charge of speech is  in lack of supply. No power,  So no light there and the body can not work
. When the electronic acupuncture carry the energy though your brain the area received blood and then you can talk again.
I am so happy thank you.  I was  very pleased  I was  able to help my patient.
Love is the best medicine - my dying dog "Happy" miracle healing story.
Change the date to be home
My dad had an 88 year old birthday on 5 May this year. I have been in NZ for the last 20 years. I have never once being able to enjoy his birthday party. In Chinese culture 88 is a special number so I decided to be home with him to organize a special celebration.
At the end of April I closed my clinic for 3 weeks and took my two beautiful dogs"Happy" and "Honey" to the kennels for a holiday.  Happy is a mix of Yorkshire terrier and Chihuahua he is 14 years old and has been my dog for about 10 years. He is my baby, sleeping on my bed and going everywhere with me. He seems understand every word I say to him. I truly love him to bits.
"Honey" is a pure Maltese, two years old and full of energy and fun.
My dad birthday party was great fun and successful.
Then I found out about a new healing course that I am interested in attending  hypnosis - connecting to your spirit for healing. This is a fascinating subject I have always wanted to learn.  To do this training I need to stay China for another two weeks. My original plan was to be back New Zealand on 20th May to pick up "Happy" and "Honey". I texted the kennel manager and said I would be back on the 5th June.
Bad news- "Happy" is dying  
On 21st May the kennel manager rang me in China and said "Happy is not well. His eyes are very swollen and he can not open them, he is not eating, moving, or playing. He also has bad diarrhoea." the manager said to me "Happy" looks as if he has not long to live, what is your wish do you want him to die here or do you want to take him home?" I was crying on the phone as I couldn't imagine life without "Happy". In my heart I knew he was not sick but he is missing me and he wants to be with me. I say to the manager I want my son Daniel to take "Happy" home. I feel now "Happy" needs to be somewhere he feels at home and safe.
Then the manager said maybe "Happy" has an unknown disease, perhaps a medical check or blood test and medication. If I agree they will take "Happy" to the vet first, then decide if "Happy" is suitable for going home. A few hours later the kennel manager rang me again and said "Happy" was too weak for blood tests and the vet gave some them some special food and medication. Now "Happy" needs to have pills every few hours and he needs water given via a tube, she suggested that my son may not be experienced in doing such work, as she wants the best and she wants to keep "Happy" in the kennels for a day or two. My heart is full of reluctance but I need to respect the expert so I agree.
The next morning my son Daniel rang me to say the kennel staff rang him and said that "Happy" has stopped eating and drinking and that "Happy" may have cancer. He could die today or tomorrow. Now they suggest that Daniel should take him home. Daniel said to me on the phone you need to be prepared when you arrived home that "Happy" may not be with us for much longer .
I said "no"!! In my profession we save so many lives I understand how  the body works. "Happy" is not sick he is missing me all he needs is love, your hugs and my voice. You need to be at the kennel as soon as possible to take him home then phone me.
Love Treatment for "Happy"
An hour later Daniel brings "Happy" home and Daniel phones me to say that "Happy" is far worse than you could imagine he has not eaten for a few days. Every time he eats he has diarrhoea his body fur is covered by poop and on the way home he had another attack of diarrhoea. His fur is covered with dirt all mixed in with the poop and he is not moving. His left eye is very swollen and can not open his eyes, he is just lying there .
I ask Daniel to put the phone to "Happy" ear
In my mind I could see what a terrible state "Happy" was in. I can sense how hopeless he is because he can not see me. He does not understand why I am not home with him. My tears can not stop running. I start to speak to "Happy" on my cell phone.
"Happy, Happy! Mummy is here can you hear mummy? How are you? Mummy loves you very much. Mummy will come home to give you a cuddle soon."
At this moment I hear Daniel's voice on the phone.
"Happy" has now opened his eyes. He is starting to eat the food I put in front of him. Can you hear the noise he is making from eating?"Yes, yes I can"
In my heart I know"Happy" is going to survive with my love and Daniel's love has reached into his heart. He has heard my voice and he knows mummy is not far away. He knows Daniel and Jenny well. Now he is in a safe and familiar place.
Next morning the time in China is 4:30am and in New Zealand the time is 8:30am my bedroom phone is ringing and Daniel is on the phone with "Happy". Daniel said "Happy" is now able to walk around the house and starting to eat food but still spends a lot of time lying down in bed. Like a sick old man. I talked to "Happy" again
Then I sit in front of my computer and write to my good friend Nola, together we have done a training course on "emotion cod". We often get together to practice emotion code with each other.
I ask Nola to visit Daniel at home to give"Happy" an emotion code treatment. The message I give through Nola to give "Happy" is that you are well loved and you are safe. Mummy is home very soon.
The next day Nola arrived to visit Daniel at home and before Nola starts the treatment I ask Nola, "How is Happy looking right now?"
She replies "He is perfectly normal, not bad at all."
My heart is glad now I know "Happy" is going to live. The crucial moment is over
I did talk to "Happy" for a minutes and then let Nola get on to work on "Happy".
Review "Happy" miracle healing story
I looked at the date and I was amazed at how clever my dog is. My original plan was to come back home on 20th May and "Happy" got sick from that date. Jenny was asked me "did you tell him you are back on 20th May."
"No. I did not. That was called from heart". From the minute the decision was made. The information energy is out. Then "Happy" knows the 20th May was the date "Happy" can cope, beyond that it becomes unbearable.
I have learnt a lot about heart to heart passing on information. This is first time I have truly experienced it and start to be amazed at the power of mind connection.
I came back to New Zealand two weeks later and Jenny brings "Happy" to my house. The minute "Happy" sees me his whole face lights up, jumping around me and can not stop kissing me. Jenny said ""Mum can you see "Happy" smile on his face?
That was an emotional moment for me and "Happy".
What have I learnt from my dog healing story?
Kennels and vets look at a sick dog from a physical point of view. In their eyes "Happy" is a sick dog only needing medical care. In my eyes "Happy" is not physically sick but emotionally he feels a sense of abandonment and all he needs is love and to belong. Because I did right diagnosis 
And gave the right treatment- family home and hug and the voice of love the dying "Happy" comes back to life again. By the way when Daniel takes "Happy" home I asked him not to use any medication to only use eyes drops.
This amazing experience makes me think, "how many dogs or people get sick because they feel unloved? How many dogs or people in this kind of condition can be mis-diagnosed? And will they get the wrong treatment that could result in the loss of their life?"
"Happy" survived because I made the right decision and gave him the right treatment.
If I ignored the fact that the reason of "Happy" sickness is that he is suffering from sadness.
Can I totally put my trust into kennels and vets because they are the experts? Letting them keep "Happy" at the kennels and letting them take care of "Happy" with medication and food. Then what would happen, "Happy" would gradually have stopped eating and drinking and become weaker and weaker then die.
Most dog owner will be accepting that is the normal form of natural sickness.
Now every day I spend time with "Happy" I feed him and take him out for a walk. I deeply appreciate his company. Also I am grateful of the lesson that he teaches me. Love is the best medicine. Be aware of that: the emotional pain is the reason of physical pain.
We all want to live a healthy life. The real secret is to love and to be loved. This simple massage is very old and can also be forever fresh to all of us.

Love is the best medicine - my dying dog "Happy" miracle healing story.

Nuky is a 30 years old young lady who lives in east Europe. Her sister got married two weeks ago  and she came to New Zealand to join the wedding  ,
Because the sister and husband have  benefited  from Chinerchi therapy . after  the wedding very next day  Nuky come with sister to clinic  to have consultation she had suffered from blocked nose for more than 10 years. She is a business owner and conscious of healthy living.  She can not understand why she have the problems.
My answer is every physical pain is behind  emotional pain. Nose is widower of the lungs. Lung energy  is relating to connection or sadness and loneliness. To healing the block nose need to give the body energy ,use energy therapy also need to find out emotion reason behind this. I designed a package treatment with two energy therapy ,one implant acupuncture and two emotion code and one hypnosis.
At first emotion code session I find out Nuky blocked nose  was relating to she has a heart wall for self protection and separate her from others and she have trapped emotion of loneliness .Nuky mum died  when she is only 17 year old. She think  she was over that sadness but reality is she is not.
But after the first treatment  Nuky nose was 60 % better, the sister said she is a transformed  person. She is more happy and open. After second emotion code and hypnosis therapy Nuky felt the nose is free from blocking, amazingly feel light and happy.
Read your unhealthy sigh
Varicose veins on face indicate your blood circulation block in some area of your brain. Also indicate wreaked heart energy, the whole body lacking of strength. 
Over whelming red colored face with spider veins also indicate the blood circulation problems in the head; the difference is more likely relating to a unhealthy liver, because the blood become thick and the blood vessel become congested. 
Health tips
No bear foot at cold floor, because the cold energy can though your foot to your kidney and your abdominal   area to weaken your digestion, sexual energy also waken your immune systems.
No salad at winter. Cooked meal is easy for your digestion systems. If after eating salad you have a loose bowel motion that indicate you not able to digest the salad you eat. You only waste your food and energy also did put pressure to your body.
Wear long johns for under wear, to keep your body warm more important than looks smart. When you wear warm cloth will help your body blood circulation and protect your immune system.

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