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Clinic health Newsletter 27 August 2011
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"The best doctor treats patients before they get sick.
The average doctor treats patients when they are at the beginning of sickness.
The worst doctors treat patients when they are already sick."
 Dear Chinerchi's friends:
Welcome to Chinerchi's August newsletter.
In this issue: Action updates/ healing case stories/new services/
Now we have new domain name up and running and also in website we are changing our brand message from Chinese energy therapy to Chinerchi clinic. This is a milestone step toward to branding Chinerchi this unique therapy.
Spring is on our door step. Winter is still here. We are sharing some health tips to take care of you during winter and a few beautiful healing stories.
Every patient who walks through the clinic door tells me theirs health problems with trust. I understand they are expecting I deliver healing to their lives.
I am never bored doing everyday clinic work and always have a sense of wonder, curiosity and excitement. The success of healing seems to happen every day. To do the work I love and bring the healing to people who need help that is a miracle.
5 month bronchitis healed after two visits 

Vicky is a 44 year old professional woman who has had a bad cough since March this year. That started from a cold than developed to bronchitis mixed with asthma. Vicky can not breathe though her nose having had sinus since she was 17 years old. The cough and blocked nose go together and give her headaches every day. She is not able to have restful sleep. The doctor has been giving her 3 courses of antibiotics. The symptoms are getting worse.
Vicky only had two treatments on 13 August and 15 August before I went to Sydney for training. 27 August is her third visit. When I saw Vicky today she was a changed person. No cough, no blocked nose, no headaches and having   good sleep and much better energy. Plus other good news: Vicky has stopped taking inhalers and pain killers, after her second visit.
Two brothers got the same type of cancer at the same time and only one survived

Barry is a patient whom I've known for more than 10 years. In Sep 2007 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He went in for a blood test because his brother Tom who was 18 months older than Berry had had prostate cancer in July 2007.  The blood test report was bad news .Barry's cancer had already spread. The doctor said that there was no treatment suitable for him. If he is lucky he could only have a year to live.
Tom was a lucky person. His cancer had not spread so he could go ahead having all medical treatment available.
Barry's   PSA reading was 68 the normal should be  0-10 . Barry started treatment with me in Nov-2007 Two month later his PSA reading was down to 13, then 9 months later became 0.6. He has maintained the same reading till now. Four years later Barry is 78 years old and  still lives a happy and comfortable life. Last month Barry with wife Betty has just moved in to his own self designed, new home.
Brother Tom, after a year's radiation and chemo treatment lost a kidney. After  a second year of treatment he lost an arm and two weeks after his arm was removed he died in hospital.

"Rosacea" rash on face significantly improved- Alison

Alison's story: The "rosacea" rash I have had for many years   This reddish rash, which has often come and gone on my face, occurs mainly on my chin, around my nose and on my forehead; my eyes have also been affected and the whites can appear redder.  The condition has significantly improved since I started your treatment plan.

I noticed that the rosacea rash was usually triggered when I did not have enough sleep and when I was overloaded, stressed, or anxious.  It was also exacerbated when I ate certain foods, for example comfort foods, or when I used face creams or medications that caused an allergic reaction. 

 I believe that undertaking your detoxing diet and subsequent treatment was very helpful in eliminating the toxins that had built up in my system, partly as a result of the food and medicines that I had ingested.

Your treatments also helped to improve my health and physical appearance in other areas as well.  For instance, when I felt sad or let down, it showed on my face (I looked very down in the mouth) and when I felt unsupported or financially stressed I could feel the tell-tale signs in my lower back which tended to go out more easily at such times.  The nerve pinching in my back was very painful so I used traditional western medicine to relieve the pain however, I have found that implant acupuncture and emotion code were also most helpful.

Thank you Angela, these treatments have not only been helping me to improve my physical appearance, they have also been helping me to improve my self-confidence, my self-esteem, and consequently my relationships and my love life as well.

Blocked Nose is an unhealthy sigh

Blocked nose is very common symptoms. Many people have it also most of them thinking: that this is not a big deal and I can live with that.

In Chinese medicine:  the nose is the widow of your lungs   and the   net work with your colon. If your nose is blocked that indicates your lung and colon not function 100%. You need to pay attention get healing and keep your lung and colon in the best shape of function.

How to keep nose unblock? Keep your lung and colon healthy, you need to wear warm clothing and eat warm and to eat  to easy to digested food .Emotionally you need build a social circle of friend to sense the bond and support.

Health tip for winter: Kidney tips

1, Brush your hair

In Chinese medicine winter is the time to take care of kidney. Kidney energy support bones, teeth and hair. Also kidney energy supports the brain function and sexual performance.

If your hair becomes thin, gray and you are having bad sleep, also you may be easy to felt the cold .That indicates your kidney energy is weak.

To help your hair stay healthy, you can use your fingers to brush or massage your hair 3 minutes each time and 2 times a day. one in the morning and one in  the night.

2, Not have surgery at winter,if you have choices.

In Chinese medicine winter is the season to restore energy that is not suit for having a surgery. Because the winter is cold can slow the blood circulation and effect the healing .Spring is for growth and autumn is for harvest can be best time for recover from surgery.

Consider Sam's story: Sam is a patient having good result from treatment,   3 weeks ago he decide to have wisdom tooth out. After that seems small surgery he has a cold and developed to bronchitis and pneumonia end up he is in hospital. Maybe some people will not make connection between the tooth out and cold and the pneumonia .If you can agree the pneumonia is result in lower immune syndromes and you may see from the different light.

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