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Clinic health Newsletter 28 November 2011
Chinerchi philosophy:
*There are two reasons behind all ailments: The body's natural energy is depleted and Toxins have overloaded the body.
*There are three key aspects of healing: To Increase energy flow, detoxification, and whole body treatment.
*One guiding principle: To treat the cause and to heal the whole body.
When you take this approach, you can experience that: healing can be simple.
Dear Chinerchi friends:
Welcome to Chinerchi Newsletter November 2011. Thank you for you takes time to read it. I studied and writ them with joy and excitement. I wish these contents will help you to improve r your energy and health.
My inspiration of the month-
Why eat an apple a day didn't save the "apple" man? 
Healing story- Chronic enlarged prostate problems and weakness in stomach and review of treatment
Read your energy from your finger tips.
1, I have chronic irritant bowel problems and I am on cleansing diet.  Do you think the colon cleansing can help me?
2, What are the top three must do health care tips that you recommend?
My inspiration of the month
Why eat an apple a day didn't save the "apple" man? 

Steven Jobs passed away at 5 Oct -2011 age 56, after a battle with cancer.. His legacy is the apple brand and I- series products.
Steve Jobs is a real genius to tie art, emotion and technology together.  His countless innovations: iMac computer, the iPod the iPhone and the iPad, that enrich and improve all of our lives. When you use Apple and you love the whole experience.
 From a health and energy healing point of view I want to share some my inspirations with Steven's health.
According to info from Authorized Biography: Author Walter Isaacson Sheds New Light On Apple Co-Founder's Life Steve Jobs. A book I have read last week.
Eat an apple a day didn't keep a doctor away
Steven was on a diet of fresh organic fruit and vegetables. The hard truth is he wasn't able to keep the doctor away... 
After learning in October 2003 that he had a neuro endocrine tumor - a relatively rare type of pancreatic cancer. Steven tried a vegan diet, acupuncture, herbal remedies and other treatments he found online, and even consulted a psychic. He also was influenced by a doctor who ran a clinic that advised juice fasts, bowel cleansing and other natural healing approaches before finally having surgery in July 2004
The mistake of Steven's treatment plan
I studied his case and can see the imbalance in his treatments. Many cancer patients with serious conditions, including Steven Jobs, choose lots of treatments relating to detox of the body: juice fasts, bowel cleansing and so on.
What these kind patients need most is to build up energy first, when energy up to a certain level, detox can happen naturally.
Steven was having weakened digestion and he has a very fragile body frame. Just by looking at him, you can see his energy tank is running nearly empty. Detox sounds like a good idea but not suit him. Also not suitable for patients in a fragile state. Detox as a process can cost body energy. When the energy is running out, The person will be at the end of his life.
Cancer cells thrive in toxic environments. When your energy is lower and the body immune system can be weakened, Toxic chemicals can pollute your blood. Also negative emotions are very toxic to your health.
Steven practiced Buddhism and on vegan diet. But he is over worked that could be draining his energy and do damage for his health.
Also he has a lot of negative emotions - refused to accept he was a father to a daughter, Lisa, for many years. She was a product of a past relationship. He never acknowledged his biological father before his death.  Also fighting  Google, for stealing his ideas, to the very end.
We note the business magazine Forbes also selected the Apple CEO to its "Bully Bosses Hall of Fame" list.
Chinese medicine believes pancreas is part of digestion system with physical and emotional energy.  The physical energy is accepting food, observing nutrition, the emotional energy is respect, accept observing life experiences. Steven is a giant in the business world but he is lacking of humility. Anger ,bully , none  forgiveness and fighting for ego poppers are toxic emotions that can create the kind of toxic acidic blood chemistry in which cancer will flourish. Regardless of how many apples you eat, the body can't heal.
What lesson we learned
If Steven Jobs was my patient, what I can do to improving to his health?
I will make a plan that focuses on energizing the physical body first. Chinerchi therapy can do this work. Then help the patient to recognizing that behind physical pain is an emotional imbalance and to detox the negative emotions.
 I believe treatment needs to help him put on weight first. Fasting and bowl cleansing would not be in my recommendations because that can cause the running out of his limited energy.
Steven is one of the wealthiest men on the planet. His money could buy any life style and treatment but disease has cut his life short.
We all have choices. Looking after your health should be number one on your list .If you work too hard and lose your health it is not worth it. Love is the best medicine and energy source. Love yourself and people around you. Be grateful and willing to forgive, never letting negative emotion poisons you.
Healing stories and review of treatment 
Chronic enlarged prostate problems and weakness in stomach
Isa is a 69 years older male farmer from Turkey came to Auckland for a holiday. Isa had chronic enlarged prostate problems for 5 years he needs to get up at night about 4-6 times a night. Isa also had weakness in stomach. He couldn't eat any meat in the evening meal, after a hearty meal he always felt heavy and bloated and sometimes sore. Isa had a heart surgery few years ago, and since then he always felt sensitive to cold.
Isa start of treatment at 8 September had 5 chinerchi therapy and 3 imp treatments; his prostate problems have totally gone. He never needs to get up at night any more. Also his stomach has become healthier and stronger. He can eat any food he likes and he doesn't have any discomfort or pain. Last week he was away having a holiday and did a bush walk at the mountain and run on the beach. Isa said: These kinds of activities, seems belong to the past he can never have dreamed he could do it again today.
Review of treatment
In Chinese medicine the heart and stomach energy are closely linked. If you are having heart problems then your stomach can't function well. If your stomach is having weakness then that will affect your heart. The kidney energy supports prostate. When the stomach energy is weakened that can steal the kidneys strength.
In my practice I often see patients with prostate problems also having stomach weakness.

In Isa's case an enlarged prostate was his main complaint. The hidden source of the problems is bad digestion.
In addition to the prostate's role in producing ejaculate, it also plays a part in controlling the flow of urine. The prostate wraps itself around the urethra as it passes from the bladder to the penis. The Muscular fibers in the prostate contract to slow the flow of urine.
When prostate gland is enlarged this can slow the flow of urine.
Enlarged prostate relates to weakened blood circulation and water retaliation in the kidney and stomach.
Treatment work on proven kidney and stomach energy to reduce the water retaliation and build muscle strength .This recipe looks very simple but works every time.
If you are a male and over forty have to get up a few times at night, you may have weakness in your prostate and Chinerchi could change your quality of sleep and your whole health.
Read your energy level from your finger tips
You finger tips are a mirror that can show energy change in your body.

Wrinkles-energy negative state      No wrinkles-energy positive state

Energy negative         Energy Positive
If you are in the energetic state, your finger tips should be full. When you see your finger tips become shrink and looks wrinkly, your energy tank is starting to be running negative.  You need to rest to give the body a chance to charge up your battery.
If after resting your finger tip not become full that indicate your inner organs has some dysfunctions and needs serious repairing.
Q: I have chronic irritant bowel problems and I am on cleansing diet.  Do you think the colon cleansing can help me?
A: No. colon cleansing not suits you at this monument for your conditions.  Irritated bowel problems patient's bowel is loose and the food can't process well often just passing though. Your bowel is empty and not blocked; also you could often feel tired and cold.
Colon cleansing could drain your energy making you feel more tried and cold.
Bowel problems indicate to having bad blood circulations in abdominal areas.. At Chinese medicine we called the cold energy take over. Because lacking heat of the body.
You need energy treatment to enable energizing of your abdominal organs, keep warmth in your body, and stay away from raw food and cold drinks. When you can see your bowel motion looks like a sausages, you are able to benefit from raw food.
Q:   What are the top three must do health care tips that you recommend?
A :  1,Go to bed at 10pm get up 530-6am.than meditate  and exercise
  2, you only eat 70% full of your stomach.
  3, always feel grateful to your life and never talk negative about yourself and others.
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