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Clinic health Newsletter 28 September 2011
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Healing is simple   
Do you realize the sickness is blocked energy cause dysfunction in human body?  
Do you understand good health is fully functioned body with flow of energy?  
Do you agree when your energy charged up and free flowing, your body can heal itself naturally?   
Do you believe healing can be simple?
Dear Chinerchi's friends:
Welcome to spring newsletter. In Chinese medicine spring is time to renew energy. This will be beneficial for your whole year of health.
In my experience in healing work I believe healing is simple, because life is energy. I am sharing two latest healing stories
I also added a new part in the news letter - review of the treatment. This will help you to understand how the treatment works.
Chinerchi healing stories
Inguinal hernia pain reduce 90% after 3 treatment

I am a 42 year old mother of two and full time professional woman. I developed an inguinal hernia about a year ago that caused a fair bit of pain in my right lower abdominal as well as burning pain in the upper right leg. I also went into early menopause about 3 months ago. This led to severe hot flushes, night sweats, headache, short tempers and restless sleep. All contributed to me being totally exhausted with no energy to keep up with my busy day to day life. After only one energy therapy and two implant acupuncture I felt my hernia pain was reduced by 90%. After I was planning to have it surgically repaired in October. If the treatment continues to work for me I might cancel the surgery. My energy level is up to 80%. The headaches are gone and night sweat was greatly reduced. Emotionally I felt much happier with myself. 
Review of the treatment
Inguinal hernia is in the abdominal area and is caused by some of the inner organs and tissues having a weakness, they tear and become swollen;
When they are enlarged they can put pressure to the nerves and blood vessels. It can produce pain and tiredness. The treatment helps blood circulation and energy flow. The body can built up strength and repair itself, the swelling can go down and the pain can disappear.
Diabetes sugar level from 8 down to 5

I am a 39 years old mother and have had diabetes for the last 4 years. I need medication to manage the sugar level. When I first came to Chinerchi clinic I had a severe dry cough and was very tired and not able to have a deep relaxed sleep. Also I had a very sore right knee. When I played badminton or took a walk that could be very painful. After only 3 energy therapies and 1 implant acupuncture my sugar level is from 8 down to 5 without change of any medication. The dry cough has almost disappeared and I sleep well.  Also I am losing weight.  All my clothes now fit me well unlike before when the clothes were a little too tight.  My sore knee, after implant acupuncture, is now free from any pain.  I can play badminton or take a power walk with no problems.
Nilima .s
Review of the treatment
Diabetes is a pancreas dysfunction; the high sugar in the blood becomes toxic. The healthy pancreas is able to produce enough insulin - a special chemical in the body to break down (sugar) in the blood. When the pancreas is tired or damaged and cannot make enough insulin, there is too much glucose. Treatment has improve the whole body energy flow and the Pancreas gets strong and healthy so it can produce more insulin this why  the patient's sugar reading can go down.
Read your unhealthy sign
Are you having hay fever at spring? At Chinese medicine that indicates the lung, spleen and kidney energy weakness. The immune system doesn't handle the spring pollen attack and gets an allergic reaction. Electronic acupuncture could be helpful to build up strength of your immune system .In some of the research shows acupuncture having good rate of benefit to hay fever patients
Are you feeling lazy in the morning like heavy-headed experience, lacking in energy to get up and go?
That indicates body has water retention and not able to release it efficiently. The extra water becomes toxins for the body. 
Health tips
Keep warm.
Do not be in a hurry to take off winter clothes; the spring season is always windy.  That cold wind can cool down and slow the blood circulation and the inner organs will be lacking in blood supply.  The results in a loss of energy and strength and then it could be very easy to catch a cold which can then develop into to asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. You need to keep warm - it is the best way to prevent yourself from getting a cold.
Get up early and exercise.
The ancient Chinese culture believes that spring is the best season to exercise and to be outdoors enjoying nature and the renewed greenness and freshness which will be beneficial for the whole year. Because the spring season energy supports new life it is a new birth for the whole natural world. We are human and need to get up early in the morning energizing our own life force to move forwards.
Spring offer
Package Treatment Deal
Electronic acupuncture $ 350 for 6 plus 1 Far Infrared Oxygen Therapy for free  
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Benefits: Boosts energy and reduces chronic pain.
 Implant Acupuncture (IMP) Our usual price is $1340 for 4 treatments. Our October special is $1000 for 4 treatments, a saving of $340.
Benefits: Reduces high blood pressure, reduces sugar level in diabetic patients, helps weight loss, also reduces wrinkles and promotes anti-aging.
Spring health makes over gift
1energy therapy
1 implant acupuncture
1 detox
Plus I Far Infrared Oxygen Therapy, infrared sauna with olive oil and honey massage, foot sauna.    
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You save $230
These special offers will be available until the end of October 2011
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